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Elementary: I was curious on what Johnny Lee Miller's take on Sherlock would be like and I ended up being more intrigued by Lucy Liu's Watson instead. You can't help but compare Sherlock to the many, many Sherlocks before him, notably Benedict Cumberbatch's ( but of course! ), but Lucy Liu's female version of Watson is the first in a long line of illustrious John Watsons. I thought the pilot was rather boring and Sherlock's OTT manic is a bit too much for me but I'll give it another chance, just to see what Lucy Liu would/could do with her character.

Revolution: It's Kripke's so I just *had* to watch it. It was alright I guess. I'm not bouncing with excitement or anything but I like it well enough to continue watching. Miles, not Charlie, is very much Dean to me and it's good to see names associated with SPN from its good old days. As for the story itself, until we're told why the power went out in the first place, I still find it hard to believe that after 15 years, not 15 days or 15 weeks or 15 months but fifteen years, they still couldn't find a solution to their problem. Source of energy? They have the sun for goodness sake, and water in abundance, and most important of all, the people themselves. It's not that they have to start inventing new stuff to get the power back, right? Yup, they should really start telling us why the blackout happened and why they couldn't get the power back up.

Looper the movie: I went to see this mostly to watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt play the young Bruce Willis and kudos to him, he was good. He got all of Bruce Willis mannerisms and quirks and face expressions down pat! The most exciting part for me was when the young Rainmaker had his terrible telekinetic thing going on and I finally realized why Emily Blunt hid inside the safe earlier on. I was wondering about that, thinking that she did it out of sheer frustrations with her kid!

I'm now contemplating watching Arrow and The New Normal. Anyone here watching/planning to watch those two shows?
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