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1. The Amazing Race, Survivor, Revenge, yup same old same old but wait. What do what we have here? It's Arrow! A testosterone-charged Revenge - he and Emily should compare notes - I was hooked from the get-go, and best of all, I managed to get hubby hooked as well! Not an easy thing to do when his staple TV is sports, sports and more sports. Anyway, I do hope that the second episode won't disappoint. And also, seeing Oliver Queen for the first time, that was exactly how I had hoped Dean would look like, coming out from his Purgatory. Yeah yeah, still a sore point with me, that.

2. Downton Abbey. Finally. Took them long enough *grumbles*

3. Bones, CSI:NY, Once Upon A Time. Anyone watching Bones here? Did anyone else think that FBI Special Agent Olivia Sparling was very much like Daisy? I'm actually quite glad that Lance broke up with Daisy, she's grating, though it *was* kind of sad. Funnily enough, I won't mind if Lance were to hook up with that FBI agent. Even though she's a lot like Daisy, I don't think she'd have the kind of hero-worship that Daisy had on him and I like that.

4. Merlin, Beauty And The Beast, Two And A Half Men.

5. Supernatural. Still very much my regular show even though it has fallen down the list. It's not so much me not being excited about it as much as me dreading each new episode, wondering what else the writers are going to put them through. I like episode 2 well enough, especially *those* scenes. Still waiting for the other shoe to drop though, like Cas being dead, maybe even at the hands of Dean omg *horrors* And that's not a spoiler, I know absolutely nothing about the next episodes. And also, I'm so afraid that Dean is now the Big Bad or something, though I have to say I wouldn't really mind that, because I have absolute faith in Jensen Ackles, that he can carry that off with aplomb and much finesse.

6. Revolution. Not much excitement there anymore but I'm still watching. Anyone slashing Miles/Munroe already? :)

I'm also watching Fringe regularly but since I haven't catched up with the current season ( still somewhere in season 4 ), I'm not including that in my list, but if I were to do so, Fringe would certainly be there at Number One!

I'll be watching Walking Dead as well. My kid insists that I should. Though I've got a good mind not to, the way he's harrasing me to watch it lol.

And just to put it there, if these shows are airing right now, they'd ALL be at the #1 spot - Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Dallas and Suits.

I'm dropping Elementary btw. I'm afraid the second episode is a bit too slow for me. I'll probably pick it up again once Joan Watson shows real interest in Sherlock, platonic or otherwise.

What are you watching?
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