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On another note, I'm so rooting for Mark and Bopper to be in the final three of the race. And Rachel ( Mrs Combat Pilot, not green!Rachel ) looked so pretty doing the Bollywood dance! And awww ... Dave looked so very proud of her.

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I'm stoked to see 4 of my favourite couples being listed here. Jack/Emily and Dean/Cas are leading ( so far ) but not Mary/Matthew and Peter/Olivia ( yet ). Which is kind of ironic, since Mary/Matthew and Peter/Olivia are bona-fide couples. Well, I'm assuming that Peter/Olivia would become a real couple later on. I haven't come to that part yet.

And also, I'm glad they aren't pitting my OTP against another of mine. I wouldn't know which one to choose if they were to put, say, Mary/Matthew v Peter/Olivia!

Now when are they going to put Sherlock/John in there?
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I'm currently halfway through season 6 of 24 and I must admit that seeing Ricky Schroder was somewhat of a shock. The Ricky Schroder that I remember was little Ricky from Silver Spoons, and the little boy from The Champ. Haven't seen him in anything since then ( though from IMDB, apparently he had been in lots and lots of shows ), so yeah, Agent Doyle made me think that young Ricky had been made-up to look old, I just can't get rid of his wee self from my head!

Speaking of 24, which of these CTU field agents were your favourites?

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I'm not sure whether Tony was a proper agent or not. I'm thinking that he was more of an analyst? But if he were considered an agent, then he was definitely my favourite!

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I saw Gulliver's Travels last weekend. It was an extremely enjoyable one and a half hour, I laughed my head off the whole time. Yay for slapsticks!! And I love Emily Blunt in it. So cute! I've never heard of her before The Wolfman but now she seems to be everywhere. Not that I'm complaining of course, I'm so fangirling her now, along with Olivia Wilde. Cant wait to see her in Wild Target and Empire ( thanks [ profile] ckll! ). And when oh when can I see her in The Adjustment Bureau?? Emily Blunt and Matt Damon *dies*

Speaking of Matt Damon. I watched The Bourne Supremacy and a few eps of 24 season 6 on the same day. And it got me thinking, long and deep ( lol ) on who would win if one were asked to take the other down. Hubby said Bourne and I agreed. But if they were working together and someone needed to be in charge, we thought that Bourne would be the one following orders.

If you knew both guys, what do *you* think?

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Bones 609 : The Doctor In The Photo. That is so, so tragic. God, I'm so glad they didn't go that path with Mulder and Scully. If they had done that, I'd have given up on The X-Files even before the plot started to get weirder and weirder, before David Duchovny quit the show even.

*hugs Mulder/Scully close*

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I saw Narnia last weekend. And I think Caspian's hair is very, very pretty.

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I think there're a few people on my flist who wear scrubs/medical uniforms to work. A poll for you, dear friends, here.

I saw two movies last week. One is The Most Awful Movie Ever. The other One Of The Best Movies Of The Year. The script, the acting, the everything, it's like WORLDS apart. One left me completely flat, and I really, really wanted to get out after 5 minutes, while the other made me sit up and hang on to every single word.

Skyline and Unstoppable. Care to guess which is which? :)
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Just finished season 3 last night. I missed out on the first two seasons, started to watch season 3 because my kids wouldn't shut up about it, and I was hooked. Now I can't wait to start on season 4!

And you know, one of the best things I like about Chuck is that there is no unlikeable character in it, for me that is. I like them all. Well, I do have my favourites but I generally like them all. And if you're watching Chuck, which one is your favourite character(s)?

[Poll #1640980]

OMG I've just been spoiled on who's playing Chuck's mother aaaargghhhh!
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What do you call these things?

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The last part of the poll. Well, until season 5 ends that is. Hope you enjoyed the polls!

[Poll #1474077]

The beautiful women of season 4.
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Season 1
Season 2
Season 3

Caps by [ profile] oxoniensis.
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Here they are, the women of season 2 SPN, breaking hearts and wreaking havoc with the boys ( and the fangirls ). Who are your favourites and your least favourites?

[Poll #1468025]

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Season One.

Season 3 and Season 4 coming up next week!

ETA : I've unintentionally left out three people ( at least ) from seasons 1 and 2 and will undoubtedly will forget some more for seasons 3 and 4. Feel free to point them out to me as I'll probably do an extra poll after season 4 for them.

Pics from Striped Wall, Oxoniensis Screencaps and Screencap Paradise.
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Mother, girlfriends, old friends, women they met on their cases, demons - some we love, some we hate. So, a poll! With 1 being "hate their guts" to 10 being "fangirl them like crazy", tell me which one(s) of them you like the most!!

[Poll #1467608]

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Women of SPN Season Two.
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While talking to [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l, it suddenly occured to me that the perfect ending to the saga of the Winchester brothers would be Sam going back to college, this time with Dean along for the ride, though not necessarily with Dean going to college, too. It would be, what's the term, a bookend (?), a symmetery, closing of a circle.

Sam : I can't do it alone, Dean.
Dean : Yes you can.
Sam : Well, I don't want to.

Do you think they'd ever have their happy ending?

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So many exciting movies to look forward to this month and the next. And I really can't wait to see Transformers since I've only just seen the first one on DVD and it's AWESOME! What about you? Looking forward to any of these?

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Looking at Sam flirting with the doctor in 'Sex and Violence', I can't help but think of how far he has come from the shy young man fumbling his way through with sweet Sarah Blake, to the slightly more confident but still adorably awkward young man smiling and laughing with the self-assured Madison, to the man that he is now - very sure of himself and going all out no holds barred with the equally flirtatious Cara.

Three beautiful women, and the three stages of Sam's flirtings.


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*That* scene in 'Playthings'? I never really noticed Jared's eyes ( or the direction they were looking at to be exact ) and Jensen's ears, yes, ears, until I read this post. So of course, the moment I had some free time when I got home from work, I re-watched that scene, in slow-mo, and by God, Sam really looked at Dean, and Dean's ears ( or Jensen's, I guess ) really did turn red!

Now why would his ears turn red I wonder?

cut for poll, silly and pointless but hey, it *is* the hiatus )
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I watched 'The Kids Are Alright' over the weekend and wow. It was super-scary! I had goosebumps all over and that had not happened for quite some time already. It's right up there with 'Pilot', 'Bloody Mary', 'Provenance' and 'The Long Distance Call' in its chill quotient. And to think that I only watch it now!! I blame 'The Magnificent 7' for that. I was so disappointed with that ep that I didn't bother to dl the ep that came right after it. But it was real GOOD!!! [ profile] vshendria, your choice for your presentation is absolutely spot-on.

Anyways. Ruby. Katie Cassidy to be more precise. God, I really do miss her as the snarky, sneering, kick-ass she-demon. Anyone else here miss KC I wonder? Or do you prefer GC as Ruby?

Cut for slight 4.09 spoilers.

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Yes, Rii, our premier comes a day earlier than yours ;D

I'm kind of excited over this movie. I'm not really into any of the Bond movies actually, pre-Craig, I mean. But the last one's good, and I think I'm going to enjoy this one. Still am a Bourne girl, though. And I'm tickled that the Bourne vs Bond argument is up again. Here's one such link, excerpts of the comments under a cut to spare the Bond girls on my flist.

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And my own thoughts on Bond v Bourne here

Plenty of those for Bond as well, but for me, it'll always be Bourne, both the book version ( whom I used to imagine looking like McGyver ) and the movie version ( Matt Damon omg!! ). But Craig is not bad, really. One a spy in a fantasy world, and the other in the gritty, "real" world. I guess you can't really compare these two, eh?

What about you? Are you a Bond or Bourne girl?

[Poll #1292365]

And speaking of spies, go read [ profile] fleshflutter's Someone You Might Have Been if you haven't already. It's a totally awesome Jared/Jensen AU in whuch Jared's a secret agent and Jensen's his handler. Full of twisted plots and angst and dramas and hot sex and a love-story that's to die for!
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I saw 'Iron Man' and 'Hancock' back-to-back the other day. And while I enjoyed 'Iron Man', it was really 'Hancock' that I really love. I thought it has more "soul" than Iron Man. Or maybe it was just Will Smith. Man, he is great! I missed seeing both at the theaters because despite the good reviews and all, I didn't think I'd enjoy watching them. Was I wrong, especially about Hancock! Charlize Theron was wonderful, and I love the idea of angels as superheroes. It was so good seeing one without the obligatory suits for once. Just that goggles and he's set.

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