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At the C.O.A. (Chosen Ones Anonymous), by [ profile] tahirire.

And of course, Dean bonds with Ron, Samwise and Roran!

The office building lobby, 5 pm, no food to be seen.

Dean fidgets, restless. So he wanted Sam to talk to someone, even if it wasn’t him, and yeah, OK, this was his idea, but he never agreed to sit here (like an idiot) and wait. For one thing, he’s not sure about these other kids, and for another thing, there’s a dude with a seriously wicked looking … hammer? Yeah, a hammer – staring at him with an appraising expression.
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Well, even if these boys couldn't be teen!SamandDean on the show, they'd always be my teen!SamandDean. Because even though they're alright on their own, Colin Ford especially, and yeah, I've conceeded that Brock Kelly does look like young!Jensen ( I was going through pics of young!Jensen yesterday ), they're still wrong together IMO, and they're messing with my inner chi when I'm reading teen!Chesters, gen or Wincest, especially Wincest.

So, I begged and bugged [ profile] ala_tariel to make this for me!

teen!Winchesters )

Some of my favourite teen!fics to go with the lovely pic, all gens.

Heave Away, Boy by [ profile] essenceofmeanin. A Marine shows up at the Winchesters' household to recruit Dean. This story tells how John deals with it. Short but poignant, John cuts short any dream that Dean might have had, telling him that the family comes first.

Follower by [ profile] eloise_bright. John training his boys. The contrast between the good little soldier and the rebel son has never been more startling here.

Late Nite at the Sudzy Dudz by [ profile] se_parsons. SPN/The X-Files crossover. Scully meets the boys at a laundromat. These are her thoughts on the Winchester boys. Absolutely lovely.

Banishment by [ profile] eloise_bright. Dean doesn't usually lie to his Dad. Unless it's truly necessary. Totally heart-breaking.

Under Control by [ profile] eloise_bright. John tells Dean to watch out for Sammy. And that has been Dean's mantra since forever, even when it is at his own cost.

These are Wincest, and I cannot not rec these two, I love them so much! Rating R, light Wincest.

The Promise by [ profile] gillianinoz. Sam and Dean are kidnapped and confined in a cell to die. This is their story on how they survive the most horrific time of their young lives. Gillian writes the most wonderful of stories and this is among her best!

Burn this city down to show you the light by [ profile] lyra_wing. Supernatural AU, written to the movie 'The Outsiders'. Teenage Winchesters born on the wrong side of the track, it's them dealing with the rich kids of the town. Riveting from start to finish.
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Omg I love this so much.

It's the thoughts that count by [ profile] marinarusalka. Short, sweet and hilarous. Gen.

See if you could guess who was it that give the present to Dean. I couldn't!
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Life Before Death by [ profile] kroki_refur. Sam thinks that Dean's not quite himself but despite himself he likes this Dean who ... touches ... a lot. And no, it's not Wincest!

It's so adorable and sweet and at the same time oh-so-angsty too and why oh why Kripke doesn't have writers like Refur to write about Dean's post-breakdown in 4.10?

It’s been thirteen hours since Dean sat on the hood of the Impala and told Sam just how bad hell was, but Sam still doesn’t know how to break the silence. Sure, they’ve talked since then -- we should stop for gas and turn off here and you better not have used all the towels, bitch -- but they haven’t talked, not the way Sam knows that people are supposed to talk about these things. The problem is, for all he learned at college, for all Jess taught him about emotional availability and sharing the load, he’s never been able to do it right with Dean, no matter what he tries. Maybe it’s because I sold my soul for you and I spent decades being tortured until I cracked aren’t on the same level as I resent your flirting and I have commitment issues, but on the other hand, maybe it’s because everything is always different with Dean, easier and harder and just more.
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Title : Sever, mirror, and mend.
Author : [ profile] lyra_wing
Rating : Gen
Summary : The boys fight another soul-sucking witch. Except when they exterminate the thing in the middle of feeding, their souls get torn away.

One of my favourite authors in the Supernatural fandom, I would read anything written by Lyra_wing - gen, Wincest, crack, crossovers. And I love this. It's the story of the boys and their souls, sounds far-fetched yes, but she made it very believable. It's about them being soul-mates, and it also tells us how it'd be if Sam and Dean were to have animals, pets, travelling with them, though Soran and Danix could hardly be called pets, not at all.

Even though the summary given by the author makes it sound as if this is a dark tale, it's actually a very heart-warming, feel-good fic, I'm going to remember Dean and his wolf, and Sam and his hawk, for a long, long time.


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