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I got a sweet, sweet surprise in the mail yesterday. It was Benedict Cumberbatch's To The End Of The Earth DVD, from Amazon, and I have no idea who it's from. Okay, I think I know who the kind and generous person is, but I'm thinking it'd be a bit awkward to thank that person and it turns out that I'm wrong. So can the lovely, wonderful person fess up pretty, pretty please so I can thank you properly and snog you senseless because it's BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH OMG. I've watched a few minutes of the DVD and Benedict looked mighty fine in it :)) *dances*

Someone posted this pic over at [ profile] dean_sam and my heart ached at the pure happiness on their faces.

*wants* )
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Thank you [ profile] arabia764 ( and Yoshi ), [ profile] chloe_amethyst, [ profile] mews1945 and [ profile] snuggledown for the lovely cards ( and the thoughts! ). Love you *smishes*

I'm kind of looking forward to watching BBC's Young Herriot. "Kind of", because I'm not sure whether or not I'm going to like it. The James Herriot that I love is the well-meaning, bumbling young vet who went traipsing all over Yorkshire treating creatures great and small, so yeah, James Herriot during his college years? We'll see.

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Thank you thank you thank you to [ profile] suzy_74, [ profile] chloe_amethyst, [ profile] frodosweetstuff, [ profile] verangel ( the sweet bracelet!! ) and [ profile] munibunny. The cards arrived!


And a much belated thank yous for the v-gifts from [ profile] dev_earl, [ profile] justforspite and [ profile] alchemie!


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Four Horsemen Walk Into A Bar by [ profile] destina. SPN, gen PG, 4000 words.

Summary : Death has some unfinished business.

I love this. A reunion of sorts between the four horsemen and Dean with Castiel in the background, quietly looking after his charge. The voice of Death is quietly elegant and authentic, and I love what Death think of Dean, and War of Sam. And I like to think that's how Sam comes back.

A very good read and there's just something hypnotising in the way the author wrote it. Lovely!

ION, thank you [ profile] lisabellex for the peek at Le Touquet. You lucky girl, you! *SQUISHES*

And [ profile] xwacky, thank you so much for the absolutely adorable Yorkie ♥ Hee hee, I wonder whether it was the same one as the one in Yellow Fever :))
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Annwyn, Cecilia, Dale, Julia, Liz and Tru


You made my day!

*blows kisses*

Thank you!

Mar. 24th, 2009 08:29 am
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Thank you so much for all the lovely wishes, cards, pictures, v-gifts, messages, emails, fics and paid accounts you awesome people have showered upon me on my birthday. I had a fun LJ-birthday thanks to you my lovely friends!!

[ profile] annwyn55, I love my shiny new icon so much ♥

For the gorgeous cards, pretty pics and beautiful messages : [ profile] suzy_74, [ profile] melyanna_65, [ profile] claudia603, [ profile] punkkitten10, [ profile] chloe_amethyst, [ profile] daisychain1957, [ profile] honeyandvinegar, [ profile] surgicalsteel, [ profile] ninjamidget66, [ profile] ala_tariel, [ profile] shirebound, [ profile] frodosweetstuff, [ profile] lbilover, [ profile] summershobbit, [ profile] ckll, [ profile] aredhelebenesse, [ profile] lilybaggins, [ profile] willoweese, [ profile] mews1945, [ profile] trueshellz, [ profile] pixel_0, [ profile] fleshflutter, [ profile] prism2me, [ profile] mochness, [ profile] not_refined.

For the pretty v-gifts : [ profile] munibunny, [ profile] katikat, [ profile] shadowc44, [ profile] ala_tariel, [ profile] ckll, [ profile] lbilover, [ profile] verangel, [ profile] cyndrarae, [ profile] faeriebambi and [ profile] alchemie.

[ profile] suzy_74, thank you so much for the extended paid account *hugshugshugs*. And to the anon who gifted me for more extended paid account, please tell me who you are so I can thank you properly!!

And for the lovely, lovely fics :

[ profile] arabia764, for the adorable J2, You Bought Me Flowers.
[ profile] dev_earl, for the heart-wrenching J2, Until You Set Free.
[ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l, for what Misha saw in Sleep Over.
[ profile] tigriswolf, for Sam's thoughts when he buries Dean at the end of NRFTW ( I asked for that! ), Because of my brother I stray through the wilderness and cannot rest.


And I do hope that I haven't left out anybody ...


Feb. 20th, 2009 08:13 am
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(((((((((((( [ profile] mochness )))))))))))))))

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I got the mag yesterday, and my God, it's so beautiful. And the pin is so very pretty, I'm wearing it to work now. Love the bag it was in, too, love the feel of velvet so much!

THank you again, dearest Nora.

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To my lovely flist


This gorgeous card is made by [ profile] random_fandom. Thank you, Nora, for the card and the wish ♥

Annwyn and Hina, your gifts disappear within minutes of me showing them to the kids. They ( and me ) love them! And Annwyn, my dearest Annwyn, your Jensen, and SamandDean, are absolutely stunning. I love them, all the more so because I know you're not into those guys ( I fail ). THANK YOU ♥

Trudy, my neck is *ahem* even more beautiful now, and Mely, my *coughs* my dainty little wrist looks even daintier now. And my phone has a lovely, snug new home. THANK YOU ♥

Julia, Liz, Toni, Dale and Lynn, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU my darlings ♥
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Dearest [ profile] serai1,

Thank you so very, very much. What a marvellous, sweet surprise! I just got the package just now and I'm thrilled to bits. I'm listening to it now, am currently at 'Roast Mutton 2'.

It has been quite some time since I last read 'The Hobbit' and listening to it, it feels a bit like coming home ...

Thank you, love. You made my day.


Thank you!

Sep. 20th, 2007 01:37 pm
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{{{{{{ [ profile] munibunny }}}}}}

I got IT! I GOT it! Thank you so much, sweetie. I love it. Hawaii is such a beautiful, gorgoeus place. How I'd love to go visit it, and you, some day!

Love you, baby ♥

And thank you again!


Feb. 14th, 2007 03:47 pm
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Thank you dearest [ profile] annwyn55, for this beautiful message and the heart. And it certainly goes with the lovely Orlijah icon that you made!

A crying Elijah always turned him into mush, damnit, even if they were tears of joy. Orli gathered his lover close and rocked him gently. And let fall a few tears of his own.

Love you much ♥


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