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So, I've finished watching the finales of my regular shows and in the order of the ones which gave me the most joy and excitement and edge-of-the-seat suspense:

1. The Amazing Race - happy happy joy joy all the way. 'Nuff said!

2. Survivor - a very satisfying finale where not only the one whom I wanted to win, won, but all three finalists were my favourites!

3. Revenge - it had all the stuff that a great season finale is made of. Every scene was excellent and the cliffhanger was simply magnificent, leaving the audience, me!, with many, many questions. I can't wait for season 2 to begin!

4. Game of Thrones - that was awesome, even if it was, IMO, slightly overshadowed by the second last episode, just like in season 1 ......SPOILERS! ......The birth of Dany's dragons was heart-stopping but nothing could beat the shock of Ed being beheaded. And this time in season 2, the events of Blackwater ... I have no words for the thrill and suspense of that episode, and that's coming from someone who had read that part in the books!

5. House - the finale and the Swan Song episode, they left me all nostalgic and maudlin. Oh House, I'm so going to miss you and the rest of your team, and Wilson, too, of course. That image of you and Wilson riding off into the sunset, that was PERFECT and I couldn't ask for more. A lovely ending to a wonderful show. ( And I was stoked to see Jo from CSI:NY and Emma from OuaT in it! )

6. Once Upon A Time - I'm glad that Emma finally believed! Took her long enough, but to be fair, if I were in her place, I'd be like her, too. And I'm glad that I took the chance with this show, which I tentatively watched mainly because of Jennifer Morrison ( Cameron!! ), but I grew to love it on its own merit. And now for season 2!

7. CSI:NY - Mac getting shot had been done before and I didn't download the finale until much later because I thought the wrong episode had been uploaded! But Mac was shot, but ..... SPOILERS! ..... oh, how I wish that we were left with a cliffhanger instead, one in which we do not know whether Mac will live or die. As it was, it felt a bit like an anti-climax to me. But IDK, maybe they didn't know whether they were going to be renewed or not when they made that episode? But anyhow, I'm so glad that there will be another season to look forward to.

8. Supernatural - *sighs* Not a very good finale, I'm afraid. I'm mostly ... bored by it, but having said that, there had been some moments for me. Two to be exact. One was when Dean found Cas in the car listening to that song, I think it was Vincent? I laughed out long and loud at that, so cute! And the other was when Dean woke up in purgatory. WITH CAS. My squee would have been louder if I hadn't been spoiled for it but as it was, it was slightly low-key but a squee nevertheless.

9. American Idol - the last AI finale I enjoyed was the one with Adam Lambert. I still watched AI but the zing is no longer there. Poor Jessica. I liked her but IMO, the finale would have been more exciting if Joshua had been there instead of her.

I haven't watched Touch and Fringe finales yet but I have no doubt that the finales of these 2 shows would have been somewhere among the Top 5.
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