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The Descendents - enjoyed that movie very, very much. Heh, and I was with the daughter when they first saw Brian Speer. The wife cheated on GEORGE CLOONEY with him???!!?? Lol I kept expecting him to call out for Scooby.

One thing that Matt King said in the movie that I can't keep out of my head - I gave enough money to my children for them to do something but not enough for them to do nothing.. Huh, very profound, that.

And [ profile] munibunny, you live THERE??????

/is jealous.


Saw Suits season 2 finale last night. Omg this show is soooo fantastically GOOD I just want to roll around in it. Excellent dialogues, wonderful acting, brilliant everything. Go watch it if you hadn't already!

Pity there're only 10 eps per season but season 3 will be in January so that's not too long to wait.

Still not slashing them. No, no, no. But it's close. Very close. Hmmmm, I wonder why I'm having a bit of a problem slashing them. Maybe because Harvey's in a position of authority with that mentor-protege thing going on. Or maybe it's because I just want Harvey for myself. Yes, I think that's it. Such a complicated, amazing character with so many sides to him. I just ADORE that man.

Tess looked a lot like Donna that I initially thought she was Donna. Pity about her character though. I wasn't a fan of the Mike-Jenny-Rachel storyline and now it looks like it's heading for a new triangle. And just when I'm starting to like Rachel too. Yup, she's more bearable now that Jenny is no longer around. I like her when she's being clever and snarky, and I like it when she's kind to Luis. I *don't* like it when she's moping for Mike. I wish she's more like Donna. Donna loves Harvey, but she can live without being in love with him and still be her amazing, awesome self. Sheeesh.

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Oh okay. I was wondering why there're only a few months before the new season begins. Heheh, obviously I haven't been joining/reading the internet/LJ discussions on the show as not only I don't want to get spoiled but I also can't bear to stumble on people bashing on my favourite characters esp Harvey! I don' mind people bashing Hardman though ( can't say the name "Daniel"! ).


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