Fic recs.

Oct. 18th, 2011 05:05 pm
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A couple of fics that I've enjoyed tremendously. Two stories in which Dean was trying to find his way home, Dean the protector in one, the other the protected.

Other Worlds Than These by [ profile] mollyamory. Sam/Dean, adult, 15,500 words.
Summary : Dean is lost in a barren desert landscape, his past and his identity stripped from him in the transition between worlds. Guided by a deep internal pull toward a man he only sees in his dreams, Dean crosses the desert alone, on foot, until he finds a strange boy named Sam living in the ruins of an ancient city...

Adult!Dean meets young!Sam!! If you loved that special moment Dean had when he met young Sam in Dark Side Of The Moon, you're going to love this. With whiffs of the Gunslinger and the boy Jake from Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, this is a magnificent story that'll pull you in, in and in.

The Land Of Unlikeness by [ profile] aesc. Dean/Castiel, PG-13/R, 11,176 words.
Summary : Once his brain stops turning circles in his skull, he tries to take stock. His gun is gone, and so is Ruby's knife. His body's a cacophony of aches and pains, small, stinging cuts where the sand has worked in. Give him twelve hours and he'll be a walking bruise and muscles that won't work right. Narrowing his eyes, Dean chances a look down the slope and figures, give him twenty-four and he'll be dead.

And oh, what can I say about this lovely, lovely story except I love the love Cas had for Dean, one in which he was ready to give up everything to save the person he was given charge of.


Oct. 13th, 2011 05:14 pm
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You know how LJ has been wonky quite a lot lately? It was during one of those times, I was adding to my ( ever-growing ) To Read List fics, I clicked "save" and what do you know, LJ truncated almost half of my list. And the ones Frank ate were my J2s and Sam/Deans leaving my SPN gens, LotR, Downton Abbey and Dean/Cas fics intact. Lol was Frank trying to tell me something?

Speaking of Downton Abbey, here's a couple of fics that I've read recently, and enjoyed :
Precipice by [ profile] schubertiana, a 2000+ words of Thomas/William UST and an insight into what made Thomas Thomas ( PG ).
Bandaging by [ profile] ariadnes_string, 1.8K, PG13Thomas/Edward in which Thomas made bandaging an art, and a sensual one at that!.

And I read this absolutely adorable and cute Dean/Cas, The Owl and the Pussycat by [ profile] lupinus67, PG. Not sure where and how the owl came into the story, it was probably, metaphorically, Cas, but anyways, Dean was turned into a kitten and he was the epitome of cute but - he hated Cas. And Chuck said Cas needed to be taught a lesson, and Sam tried to cope. A total howl!

Dean, it turns out, is disgustingly adorable as a cat. Not that Sam would ever say as much to Dean in human or cat form, but it’s true. The crux of it is Dean’s not just a cat: he’s a kitten. Sam’s not sure how (Dean is over thirty), but when he got turned from man to feline, he became a kitten.

An adorable strawberry blonde tabby kitten with bright green eyes, a short tail, and a chubby middle. And bowed back legs. Sam will take it to his grave, but the bowlegged waddle of a chubby kitten is probably the cutest thing he has ever seen.

ETA : More Owl and the Pussycat here.

Fic recs.

Apr. 11th, 2011 05:17 pm
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Losing Your Appeal by [ profile] pavonine. J2 AU, R, 9000 words.
Summary : What happens to a dream deferred? A road trip, a kidney thief, a little too much glamour, and the realization that being brave isn't easy.

I have so much love for this charming, quirky little story. Jared and Jensen in an established relationship, so in tune with each other and so secure in their relationship that they can casually exchange insults and bodily injuries - real insults, real injuries! There really is no specific storyline here, it's just them being them, written in such a way that it fills me with much happiness.

The Men Who Stare at Croats by [ profile] twoskeletons, supernatural. Zachariah, Michael. Gen. 1400 words.
Summary Set between 5x03 and 5x04. How the zombie apocalypse was born.

A rib-cracking hilarious look at how the events in The End came about. It had me laughing and laughing from start to finish. That Micheal was a devious angel indeed!

And lastly, a totally delightful, 679 words of Dean/Cas PG-15 which immediately had me going back to watch Free To Be You And Me.

Off The Menu by [ profile] cupidsbow. Now wouldn't you like to know what the title is all about? *g*
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Four J2 fics that I've read, and thoroughly enjoyed, over the last couple of weeks, three of them from last year's [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang challenge. I'm still working my way through them and the only reason that I'm so late ( this year's Big Bangs are already around the corner! ) is that I"m not familiar with the authors hence the delay. But oh my, these are all so good, the Big Bangs plus the non-BB one written just recently. Atmospheric, engaging writings, lyrical and dream-like, they all made me smile and laugh and cry and weep.

Thespis by [ profile] nicslash. J2 AU, NC-17, 36,414 words.
Summary : Jared is a makeup artist and is hired for a new movie based in Vancouver. Jensen plays the part of a hardcore, punk-rock star, but he has a real-life attitude problem. Unfortunately, Jared can’t figure out why and still finds Jensen attractive. They have to work alone together; long hours and long days, in small quarters of the makeup trailer. During that time, Jared discovers the actor’s secret and wants nothing more than to break away the protective mask Jensen hides behind.

Here Burns A Candle Out by [ profile] erufic. J2 AU, R, 24,600 words.
Summary : WWI steampunk AU. Aeronaut and part-time spy Jensen Ackles has every intention of leaving the spy service after his last job in Europe during the Great War ends poorly. Instead, he finds himself sent to a resort outside the city to recuperate, where he meets Jared, an eccentric ghost hunter who is determined to unlock the secrets of a nearby haunted house. Unfortunately for Jensen, things at the resort aren't quite what they seem, and when matters take a sinister turn, Jensen discovers just how impossible it is for anyone to truly ever leave the world of espionage.

On the long and weary road by [ profile] pigeongirl99. Jensen-centric with Jensen/Jared, Jensen/Kane, Jensen/Jeff, rating 18.
Summary : Set between circa 1919 - 1924. Takes place in Texas, Arkansas, New Orleans, New York, and Chicago. It's the jazz era, and Jensen is traveling the road from place to place, discovering the music of the era as he travels.

Olive Tree Bay by [ profile] arabia764. J2 CWRPS, NC-17, 16,325 words.
Summary : They met on the set of Supernatural, everyone knows that. This is the story of the rest of their lives.

On another note, I'm absolutely dreading this. The End Of All Ends. Someone hold my hand, please.
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I'm about three-quarter way through the first season of 24, waiting and wondering when Misha was going to make his appearance, when he finally, finally did. I must have burst an eardrum or two, I squeed so loud! He was not listed in the guest list so I totally didn't expect it when he appeared in the end scene, all long-haired and badassed. And nekkid!Misha! I prefer his Castiel/Jimmy look to Alexis but still cute! And too, too adorable to be an assasin. I kept expecting him to zap Jack lol.

And speaking of Castiel, I've been dipping into the Castiel fandom ( yup, it feels a bit like a whole new fandom since, except for a few familiar names here and there, the good people there are total strangers ) and have been enjoying the fics written by new writers ( new to me that is ).

Three fics that I've enjoyed ( two gens, one Sam/Dean sans Castiel ):

In God's Country by [ profile] lassiterfics. Gen, PG13. What Mary said.
Read it because it's beautiful and amazing and breath-taking and perfect. I like to think that *is* how it was - the story of Dean and his guardian angel.

Redux by [ profile] baylorsr. Gen, PG. SPN/ Criminal Minds crossover. Agent Hotchner has been wanting to meet the Winchester family for a long time.
This fic is disturbing ( in a good way! ). Hotchner's conversation with Sam and what he eventually made Sam do made me want to hit the back button several times. And his matter-of-fact analysis of the Winchesters' sent chills up my spine because it sounded like everything did happen exactly like he said. And the ending - totally mind-blowing.

And lastly. That’s not a cross look, it’s a sign of life by [ profile] de_nugis. Sam/Dean NC17, 2250 words. A perfect antidote to Redux because it's ridiculously adorable and funny and hot and boys being snarky with each other, just the way I love them. A feel good fic!
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Four similarly-titled fics, which kind of tickled me a little, but then, what title could be more appropriate for the boys but that? They're all awesome, and to quote EFW, they're all about Dean in pain, Dean in agony, Dean in pain and agony in his boxers, and Protective Introspective Sam. ::GLEE::


1. He Ain't Heavy by [ profile] pdragon76. Gen, rating M ( for general potty mouthedness ), 6500 words.
Summary : A bronchial Dean stumbles across a job that brings up more between the boys than your average lugey.
Just read this one last night, and I'm totally floored by the author's sheer brilliance with words. With reference to what happened in Duluth when Sam shot Dean, this is them on a case that's eerily similar to what happened to them when Sam wasn't himself. Guilt-ridden!Sam and snarky! ( and hurty of course ) Dean at their best.

2. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Idiot Brother by [ profile] felisblanco. Gen, PG13, 1846 words.
Summary : Dean gets roofied. Sam saves him.
Absolutely hilarious, this will make you laugh from start to finish. A must-read, if you hadn't already!

3. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother by [ profile] elohvee. Sam/Dean, R, 1701 words.
Summary : Sam gets Dean out of hell and takes care of a broken!Dean.
Angst with a capital A.

4. He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother by EFW. What the author said above *points*

And of course, this post won't be complete with *this* vid clip. How I miss those SamandDean precious, precious moments together. Will we ever get to see them like that again?
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Signs and Portents by [ profile] aesc. D/C, what happens when Castiel, instead of Sam, gets mistaken for Dean's boyfriend.
Once by [ profile] oselle. It's 2014, the world's gone to hell, Dean's gotten shafted and Castiel was an angel once.
Feast of all saints by [ profile] oselle. D/C. It's 2015 and the world's gone to hell in the Croatoan apocalypse.
In country by [ profile] oselle. Prequel to FoaS.
Two kinds of light by [ profile] eighth_horizon. Dean sees the light. Gen.
I'd Rather Play at Hug o' War by [ profile] roque_clasique. Gen, Dean and Cas, two professors at war with each other.
The angel came by night by [ profile] tabaqui. Dean is Castiel's charge. Gen.
One Thing I Don't Believe In by [ profile] essenceofmeanin. D/C. Dean Winchester and Castiel don't manage to stop the apocalypse, but they do find God. In reward, God gives Dean a new beginning, a new life.
Untitled by [ profile] nyoka. Dean shows Cas how it's done.
In God's Country by [ profile] lassiterfics. Castiel is Dean's imaginary friend. Gen.
90 Proofs by [ profile] eighth_horizon. Dean and Castiel bickers. Gen.
The flip side of the coin by [ profile] eighth_horizon. Frickin’ angel has to be good for something, right? Gen.
Full of sparks by [ profile] glassyskies. Castiel falls and Jimmy Novak’s body begins to reject him like a bad organ transplant.
The Hieroglyphs of Angels by [ profile] destina. Dean's been wondering some things about Castiel.
This and that of you by [ profile] dotfic. Cas, his newly owned body, a tie. And Dean.
The Seven Virtues of Dean Winchester: The Strategic Enabling of Sloth by [ profile] cupidsbow. Seven times Dean derailed an angel before he sinned.
Jars of earth by [ profile] glassyskies. Set in 2013. Castiel’s behaviour is increasingly bizarre and Dean can’t decide which one of them is failing to grasp reality.
Supernatural Romance by [ profile] cupidsbow. Announcing the release of the twenty-fifth book in the Supernatural Romance series by Carver Edlund.
Off The Menu by [ profile] cupidsbow. A post-den-of-iniquity ficlet.
Blindness by [ profile] glassyskies. Castiel is heartbroken.
Dialect of the everlasting by [ profile] glassyskies. Cas takes Dean's soul on an adventure in love.
Signal to noise by [ profile] twoskeletons. Dean remembers Cas. Gen.
Lay Me Down by [ profile] glassyskies. Cas is hurting and Sam can't sleep. If only Dean would just be quiet.
The Owl and the Pussycat by [ profile] lupinus67. In which Cas is taught a lesson by God, Sam loses all his socks and Dean gets turned into a kitten.
The land of unlikeness by [ profile] aesc. Dean and Cas making their way back to earth.
The Distance of the Setting Sun by [ profile] murron. Sam and Dean and Cas seeing the world together.
Follows Through Space as a Function of Time by Roque_classique. From the Walk verse.
300 things by [ profile] cautionzombies. Student!Dean with professor!Castiel. AU.
Life's coming attractions by [ profile] teh_helenables. Four ways they could have fallen in love, and one way they did.
Paused on the way home by [ profile] cloudy_fic. Jensen found his acute angle.
Sheer Coincidence by [ profile] skara_brae. Dean meets Sam's boss. AU with lawyer!Cas.
Asunder by Rageprufrock. Cas accompanies Dean to Sam's wedding.
So here's the bright end of nowhere by [ profile] sullymygoodname. Dean being affectionate to hungover Cas.
This is not convenient by Cloudyjenn. Dean's soul merges with Cas's grace.
Blow on the spirit with the body's breath by [ profile] tinfoiltennis. Dean wonders of certain things.
Push, pull, stay by Laceymcbain. Castiel sits at Dean's bedside through a long night. Coda to OTHOAP.
Into the mystics by [ profile] murron. Part of the [ profile] spn_redemption series, Dean goes into purgatory to save Castiel.
The weight of stones by [ profile] teh_helenables. John goes to great length to not let Castiel gets Dean. AU.
Halosexual by [ profile] pagiel. Dean accidentally discovers that not only does Cas have a halo, it's a solid part of him.
Spilt Milk by [ profile] sparky77. Sam tried the whole reverse psychology thing on Dean when he was seven. It didn’t end well for Sam or his stuffed elephant.
The day the world went away by [ profile] pyjamagurl. Dean gets thrown 5 years into the future and he sees how it is between him and Cas.
New Heaven Over a Brand New Sky by [ profile] sullymygoodname. Reconnecting with the brother you haven't seen or spoken to in almost four years is awkward. And its prequel.
Long Nights in Cold Months by [ profile] pyrebi. AU. Dean is an insomniac who meets Cas in his night shift at the Walmart.
The Violin House by [ profile] teh_helenables. Dean and Cas are getting to their apple pie life, until Cas gets called back to heaven and Dean is forced to wait.
Mortal Angel by [ profile] cloudy_fic. Dean chooses a librarian as his new roomate.
The Summer Holds A Song by [ profile] annundriel. AU. Summer of love. Castiel meets a seventeen-year-old boy and falls in love. And its sequel.
The first year by [ profile] cloudy_fic. Deanw waits for Castiel.
O Perpetual Revolution of Configured Stars by [ profile] teh_helenables. Dean always hoped Cas might stick around and learn how to be human. It turns out to be the other way around.
The Overflow by [ profile] murron. Dean finds Jonah.
Flames of the sun by [ profile] peroxide_fic. The one where Dean doesn’t have to defend his honor because Sam does it for him.
Like a Thrift Store Jacket, Still Good But Used by [ profile] triedunture. Castiel gives Dean what he wants.
Walk a mile by [ profile] cloudy_fic. Genderswap.
Tomorrow by [ profile] twoskeletons. Cas and Dean search for Camp Chitaqua.
Fate or something better by [ profile] carpe_verba. Dean likes it rough.
Where the world begins by [ profile] the_ninth_bow. Cas and Dean and Faith, before and after the apocalypse.
Like a thrift store jacket, used but loved by [ profile] triedunture. Cas gives Dean what he wants.
Titanium. AU, post war PTSD soldier!Dean
In the weeds by [ profile] nanoochka. AU, waiter!Dean working under chef!Castiel.
Come morning light by [ profile] carpe_verba. Dean dreams, Castiel reassures him. The red glow keeps appearing.
Chrysler almighty by [ profile] zatnikatel. Angry wall-slamming Dean/Cas.
This is not convenient by [ profile] cloudy_fic. The council assigns Castiel a mate.
Desolation in greenish eyes by [ profile] sameuspegasus. They write poetry. Bad poetry.
The soul piece by [ profile] cloudy_fic. Dean is Cas's soul mate.
From our invincible heights by Lomanegra. It starts with a funeral and ends with Cas finally getting it.
Bring it on home by [ profile] obstinatrix. Cas beginning to show human traits, all of them centering on an oblivious Dean.
Second Childhood by [ profile] cloudy_fic. De-aged Sam plays matchmaker.
So Glad We Made It by Scaramouche. At twelve years old, Dean makes a friend, who becomes his best friend, who will eventually become the love of his life.
This story needs more power ballads by Pyrebi. Dean/Cas from Sam's POV.

Whisky Lullaby by [ profile] ze_pink_lady. College student Jensen meets bartender Misha.


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