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Four months away. That's doable. But I'm totally dreading what I know is coming in season 3. Unless they totally change the story of course. NOT reading the spoilers *sits on hands*

I've been googling up everything Malukah ( and it's all [ profile] xwacky's fault ). So haunting, her voice, and now I just can't get it out of my head. Listen to her singing a cover of Rains of Castamere and tell me that her voice is not beautiful. I just wish there's more of her songs out there!

And also, I found this! A GoT nod from The Simpsons, this is absolutely hilarious.

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Game of Thrones 2x06: Was stoked to see David Nutter as the director of this episode. The David Nutter who used to be on SPN, the one who directed Pilot, woot! The episode didn't disappoint. And anyway, now I know to NOT think of the books when watching the show. I thought too much of them watching the first couple of episodes and while I wouldn't say that they didn't meet my sky-high expectations, they were not exactly what I was expecting. It's good now though, and I'm enjoying season 2 as much as I did season 1.

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The Amazing Race 20 God, such a nerve-wrecking finale, almost like season 4 finale when it was Reichen and Chip all the way for me. I'm so happy that team won, they totally deserved it.

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Just finished Book Three Part 2 - A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold - of the ASoIaF series and I'm still reeling from the twists and turns and shocking turn-of-events. Though I have to say that Part 1 was a bit slow, but Part 2 more than made up to it, it's fast-paced and thrilling with its punch-to-the-gut revealations at each chapter.

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And also, I'm so happy that the scissors are gone \o/
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This gave me the giggles.


Been reading a couple of Kit/Richard fics and I need MORE. Because Richard Madden said Ghost was pretty. Yeah, yeah, Richard, Ghost is pretty lol. From here. Thanks [ profile] shadowc44! And he said it again, in a roundabout way, here, that Kit was a cutie.


And also, apparently there're Renly/Robb ships going on? Lol, how on earth did that come about? Though I have to admit, after having seen Renly in 2xo3, he's quite pretty, prettier than last season.

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I've started on Book 3 part 2.

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I raced through the last third of Games of Throne book 2.

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And a rec - Dragonheat by [ profile] tweedle, a LoTR/GoT crossover, Jon Snow meets an elf and a hobbit. A wonderful read indeed. And now I have a hankering for Lord Jon Snow and his fellow rangers of the north meeting the other rangers of the north, the Middle Earth kind. [ profile] claudia603? :D
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I laughed out loud ( in absolute delight and total agreement ) when I saw someone at one of the Downton Abbey comms saying that those who like Sir Richard Carlisle do so because of Ser Jorah Mormont. Yes, yes and YES! I still ship Matthew/Mary but Sir Richard has been growing on me ( partly because I kept thinking of him as the gallant Ser Jorah whom I adore ) and what with the relationship between Matthew and Mary seemingly going nowhere, I think Sir Richard could be good for Mary.

And oh, I almost cracked a rib laughing when someone asked whether Sir Richard had ever confused Lady Sybil with Kit Harrington lolol.

I'm not really into the fandom per se but I peeked in at the comms now and then, just a peek because I can't bear to read any of the character bashings that all fandoms inevitably have.

And I daren't even do that at the Game of Thrones comms because I really, really don't want to see people saying that they hate, say, Jon Snow. And I don't want to know about Jon vs Robb, if any. I hope there aren't any but you never know!

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