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Squee number one: Seriously? Like, seriously seriously???

If Martin weren't yanking chains, I wonder very much in what role he'll be cast as. An elf? Oh he'd be perfect as one, tall and moody and broody, all aloof and elegant. I'm not into the RPFs ( yet ), or the FPSs either ( yet ) but I imagine there'll be lots of plotbunnies floating around, namely Martin wanting Benedict by his side for the movie!

Squee number two: This pic which was posted a while back made me melt into a puddle of goo.
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Squee number three: This is just so very lovely. My favourite man with my favourite woman )

And squee number four: A story that really, really made me happy, my heart was practically singing while reading it! Blindness by [ profile] glassyskies, Dean/Cas PG-13, 10,500 words.

With that title, I initially thought it was about either Dean or Cas going blind, but it it isn't. Not the physical kind anyway. It's Cas wearing his heart on his sleeves with everyone but Dean noticing it. It kind of made me think of that meta by Cupidsbow but where Dean isn't actually an asshat, just oblivious. Sweet yet heartbreaking with awesome Sam, awesome Balthazar and awesome Bobby!
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I saw Gulliver's Travels last weekend. It was an extremely enjoyable one and a half hour, I laughed my head off the whole time. Yay for slapsticks!! And I love Emily Blunt in it. So cute! I've never heard of her before The Wolfman but now she seems to be everywhere. Not that I'm complaining of course, I'm so fangirling her now, along with Olivia Wilde. Cant wait to see her in Wild Target and Empire ( thanks [ profile] ckll! ). And when oh when can I see her in The Adjustment Bureau?? Emily Blunt and Matt Damon *dies*

Speaking of Matt Damon. I watched The Bourne Supremacy and a few eps of 24 season 6 on the same day. And it got me thinking, long and deep ( lol ) on who would win if one were asked to take the other down. Hubby said Bourne and I agreed. But if they were working together and someone needed to be in charge, we thought that Bourne would be the one following orders.

If you knew both guys, what do *you* think?

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Jennifer Garner apparently said this about Matt Damon : "My darling husband's darling husband. LOL. Woot!

And Matt on Ben : "Ben, my hetero-lifemate," .

Matt being presented the 24th American Cinematheque Award ( yayyy!! ) by none other than Ben himself, his best buddy since chilhood. From here and here.


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Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana announced the arrival of their second daughter together, Gia Zavala, yesterday. And on the same day, Matt's BFF, Ben, announced that he and Jen are expecting their second baby.

It's so, so endearing that Matt and Ben seem to be continuing their childhood tradition of doing things together ( or almost together ). Ben married Jen in June 2005. Matt married Luciana 6 months later. Ben's daughter, Violet Anne was born in December 2005. Matt's first, Isabella, was born 6 months after the birth of Violet. And now it looks like Ben second child would come, probably 6 months after Matt's second!

According to Matt, Ben gave him parenting advise when Isabella was born. To quote Matt : "He marched into our house one day, plopped this toy down and said, 'This works.'"

The beautiful Isabella.

more of Matt and Ben and their girls )

Jared and Jensen and err, their babies *coughs* )
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I had just been watching 'Bourne Ultimatum' extras on the dvd and I was ooh-ing and aah-ing over Matt doing his own stunts when this came up on my flist.

Omg. I know he can be funny and goofy at times, but this? This takes the cake. I almost cracked a rib laughing watching him singing and jigging around. Oh Matt, I do adore you ♥

And I do so want there to be a Bourne 4. I want to know who David Webb was. I want to know who and what Nicky was to you. I want to see kickass!Pam Landy in action. I just want more Bourne!

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Woo hoo. I'm going to watch 'The Bourne Ultimatum'. Today. I'M SO EXCITED OMG!!!

And in celebration of fi-nal-ly getting to watch Bourne, here's a picspam of Matt and Ben, my OTP since forever.

They're childhood buddies and I love it that they remain best buddies all these years.

Love it that Matt would always mention Ben in interviews. And vice versa.

Love it that they go on vacations together. They went to Tanzania recently, without Jen and Luciana. Hee!

Love it that keep on having projects together. And that they almost always go to each other's premiers.

Love it that Matt likes to reminiscence about their Harvard days and the days when they were both struggling actors.

So, without further ado, here's Matt and his hetero life partner, Ben. His words, not mine. And oh yeah, how awesome is it that they once made the cover of 'The Advocate'? And that they were seen sharing cigarettes during their Project Greenlight days?

Pics that are made of love )

Any Matt/Ben shippers on my flist? :DD
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I was shrieking, yes, shamelessly shrieking with delight and was literally jumping up and down my chair, when Dean said "Is that Matt Damon?" in 'Hollywood Babylon'. And yeah, 'Good Will Hunting' is Jared's favourite movie, too. So. Matt Damon love all around there :DD


Dean Winchester vs Jason Bourne.

I love my Dean. I really do. And if it comes to anything Supernatural, Dean is The Man. But what if there's nothing Supernatural about it. And for some reason Dean and Bourne are in a hand-to-hand combat ( maybe Dean thought that Bourne is after Sam or something, NO, not *that* way, but maybe Bourne thought that Sam is an undercover from the CIA assigned to bring him in ). Who would you think would win?

Go here for the poll. Julia? Dee? Louise? Anybody. Our favourite assasin needs your vote!!

11 more days to Bourne's Ultimatum.

Btw, I love my new wallpaper, [ profile] lisabellex
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I can't wait for this movie to come out. So much so that I'm kinda afraid that I'd be disappointed with it. You know, the kind of feeling that you get when you have very high expectation towards something. But so far, most of the trade reviews have been very good.

An excerpt from Variety:

If they could bottle what gives "The Bourne Ultimatum" its rush, it would probably be illegal. The third and purportedly final installment in the mountingly exciting series is a pounding, pulsating thriller that provides an almost constant adrenaline surge for nearly two hours. Worldwide B.O. will be terrific and likely surpass that for each of the previous two pictures, which combined pulled down more than $500 million.

Read more... )

Matt and his buddy Ben at the world premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum in Los Angeles SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

pics )

And hey, Matt now has his own star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

"Ben and I lived in a really crappy apartment about five blocks away from here and we used to walk up and down here. It'll probably sink in when I've walked down the street in about six months and see someone peeing on my star," he laughed.

Here's the congratulatory ad from Jimmy Kimmel LOL.

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Pics and articles nicked from [ profile] mattdamoncolumn

I love that man *sighs*
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Just came back from watching 'Ocean 13'.

Heh, I wish I could say I just came back from watching Jensen in AFGM

It was pretty good! I enjoyed it and not only because Matt Damon's in it.

The beginning was pretty incomprehensible but I guess that's the trademark of all the Ocean's movies, the planning for the heist and stuff but you get what's going on pretty soon. Plenty of laughter, too. At one point I laughed so hard and long that my husband had to shush me!

Matt is WONDERFUL. God, he's great as the earnest and slightly bumbling Linus, a far, far cry from Jason Bourne, so mush so that it crossed my mind that they purposely made him that way. That scene when he was "seducing" Ellen Barkin was absolutely priceless. And oh, Barkin was great as Al Pacino's right hand woman.

Speaking of Al Pacino, I don't know, I thought he was rather blah as Bank. A bit disappointing because somehow I expected more from him. George Clooney and Brad Pitt were okay. Not a big fan of Clooney but I like Brad Pitt since 'Babel'.

I miss Julia Roberts. I do not miss Zeta-Jones, though.

Love Casey Affleck. I kept thinking of Ben whenever I saw him on screen. Gosh, it would be beyond awesome if Ben's in, say, 'Ocean 14'.

And I can't wait for 'Bourne Ultimatum'!


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