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It was fun, watching the movie Willow again. I remember watching it seven times at the theaters and I remember my ( short-lived ) crush on Val Kilmer. I mean, Madmartigan! Who wouldn't fall in love with him?


And the baby! )

Next in line : Sherlock Holmes ( *must* watch that before the second movie comes out ), Children of Men and Rebecca ( finally managed to get that ).
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Anyone here has watched New York, I Love You ? Watching it was a wonderful surprise, I thought it was excellent and very, very entertaining. Directed and written by some of the most respected directors ( if not entirely known to me ) from all over the world, it was made up of 10 short stories. I kept waiting to find out how the stories intertwined with each other, thinking that it was another Love Actually ( another huge favourite ) but except in a very loose way, the stories pretty much stand on their own.

I watched it without knowing much about it and the star-studded cast was a lovely surprise and we had fun ( I watched it with my SIL ) trying to recognize the actors in it. Our conversation pretty much went like this omg that's so and so!! followed by much squeeing and pinching of each other lol. My favourite was the one written and directed by Natalie Portman ( another surprise, that ).

And now I really want to watch its sister movie Paris Je T'aime!

Adjusment Bureau was a huge disappointment though. I was so looking forward to watching Matt Damon and Emily Blunt in it but I didn't quite like it. Maybe if it was just the usual cloak-and-dagger, action movie thriller stuff, I'd have enjoyed it but ... the storyline just wasn't my thing. And the fedoras omg why???
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I think there're a few people on my flist who wear scrubs/medical uniforms to work. A poll for you, dear friends, here.

I saw two movies last week. One is The Most Awful Movie Ever. The other One Of The Best Movies Of The Year. The script, the acting, the everything, it's like WORLDS apart. One left me completely flat, and I really, really wanted to get out after 5 minutes, while the other made me sit up and hang on to every single word.

Skyline and Unstoppable. Care to guess which is which? :)
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I have these two movies - one Brazilian and the other German - and I had resigned myself to watching them without understanding a word. Then I discovered that loading the subtitles was very easy and yay, go me!

*is ridiculously excited*
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I enjoyed Batman : Under The Red Hood very much. Jensen ( Dean : "I'm Batman!" ) didn't get to be Batman himself but it was close enough! I like it that the Red Hood has green eyes. No freckles though, and no bow-legs lol. But oh my, that character suits Jensen to a T, and he screams of Dean when spoilery )

As for Predators - saw that last weekend - what a waste of time. I should have known that nothing could beat the original. The first movie had all the thrill and suspense of not knowing what the alien was, how to escape its infra-red eyes, the build-in nuclear thingy, its ability to be invisible ... The subsequent movies lacked all those that made Schwarzenegger's Predator a fascinating watch, and as result, they were like extremely diluted versions of it, and the last one was no exception, Brody or no Brody.

I kept expecting the female lead to say "I've seen this in a movie before." LOL. And guess what. She did! Well, she didn't exactly say "movie" of course but it was almost the same thing.
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Going to the movies this evening. I want to watch Clash Of The Titans while hubby wants Date Night and how ironic is that? We couldn't decide so we're not booking the tickets, just go there and see what's available/convenient. The reviews for Clash over here isn't so good but oh, Sam Worthington!

On another note, I'm glad that I watched Survivor after SPN last night. I laughed so hard at the mud race that I quite forgot to be depressed.

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'The Wolfman' - Amazing, A++++ performance by everyone in it - from Benicio Del Toro to Anthony Hopkins to Hugo Weaving, and Emily Blunt too. I want to watch it again, not so much for the story per se, which is dark and gory ( very! ) but for the very fine acting that made me go guh. Edge-of-the-seat suspense!

The same can't be said for 'Percy Jackson' though. I was bored senseless throughout the whole movie though the kids enjoyed it well enough. The soul highlight for me was finding out that Jake Abel was in it. That kid was tall! He looked small in 'Jump The Shark' but I guess everyone would look small standing beside Jared and Jensen!


Dec. 22nd, 2009 11:01 pm
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2012. And I watched it on December 20th, too!

I enjoyed it, despite all the mind-boggling improbabilities and impossibilities. Because he was the hero, you can't expect him to die within the first twenty minutes of the story, right? And he should have, many times over. But yeah, I enjoyed it, it lived up to expectations and more, the special effects were fantastic. I want to watch it again!

And also, I really want to watch Avatar. Sam Worthington omg! He's totally the person to replace Jensen when and if I lost interest in the latter. But, but, I'm not really into that kind of movie. Should I or should I not? Watch Avatar, I mean.
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So many exciting movies to look forward to this month and the next. And I really can't wait to see Transformers since I've only just seen the first one on DVD and it's AWESOME! What about you? Looking forward to any of these?

[Poll #1394949]
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Saw Slumdog Millionaire last week and Wolverine yesterday.

And I'm thinking, Sam and Dean wouldn't have any new lines to say come the finale since Salim & Jamal and Victor & Logan seemed to have said them all - I love you, I hate you, I've got your back, You left, How could you? *g*

Minor spoileries for Wolverine )
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[ profile] dev_earl, [ profile] rieyll

omg *THIS* )

Saw 'Dragonball' yesterday. Mainly because there was nothing else to watch, not that I'm a fan of the comic book or graphic novel or whatever. God, it was BAD. The dialogue was absolutely atrocious. Can't say much about the acting because with that script I don't think anybody not even Brad Pitt could save that movie for me. 10 minutes in and I was already bored out of my mind. And to think that Chow Yuen-Fatt was in it *weeps*

Such a contrast to 'The International' which I saw on Saturday. Now that's one thrilling action flick, with edge-of-the-chair suspense and all. Clive Owen and Naomi Watts were excellent in it. Couldn't help comparing it to the Bourne trilogy but 'The International' held its own. Great movie which I wouldn't mind watching again because I didn't quite get what the bank conspirancy was all about. Go watch if you haven't already!
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'Vantage Point' or 'Jumper'?

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Really, really made my day when I saw that Josh and Elijah are coming, and soon too, together, one on top of the other ;)

clickity click )

In other news, I got two complimentary 'Happy Feet' tickets when I bought some Happy Feet stuff for myself my kid. I can't wait!!!


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