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Title : Wet ( For prompt no.9, Orlijah in the shower, written for [ profile] orlijah_month )
Pairing : Orlijah from my Orlijah AU here. This took place during the weekend that Orli and Elijah had to babysit Orli's 4-month-old-niece, here.
Rating : R
Word count : 310
Disclaimer : Fiction.

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A Very Happy Birthday to a wonderful friend, [ profile] theartoffic. Here's a little something for you, dear one.

Title : Touch
Pairing : Orlijah, LOTR RPS AU
Rating : Adult
Disclaimer : Total fiction, written for fun and because it's [ profile] theartoffic's birthday.

A few days after this.

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For [ profile] arabia764, so that she wont brood too much, I hope *hugs* And also to those on my flist who for some reasons or other, have been feeling down.

Title : Taking Turns

Pairing : OB/EW

Rating : Slash, R

Disclaimer : Fiction ( duh )

Summary : Orli's sister Sam went on vacation to Vegas and the boys agreed ( at least Elijah did, Orli just went along ) to take care of her baby for the weekend. No sex. Fluffy.

Unbeta'ed, because I don't want to distract [ profile] absolutefiction from her drabbles/ficlets *grins*

My other fics are here.

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Title : Just To Hold Him Close

Pairing : EW/OB

Rating : NC-17

LotRPS fic, AU, all made-up

Beta : [ profile] absolutefiction who has made this fic so much better. Thank you dearest Cindi for being with these two guys right from the very beginning. Love you much ♥

And many thanks to [ profile] surgicalsteel too, for the surgical info. Love you too!

My other fics in this universe : 101 Ways To Make Love, The First Time and Ties That Bind.

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Title : Ties That Bind

Another day in the lives of Orli and Elijah. It is Orli's birthday. Elijah dresses, and undresses for him. No cake. The cake's still at [ profile] absolutefiction's.

*pokes at abfic*

AU. Total fiction. NC- 17. Fluffy. Their other stories are :

The First Time
101 Ways To Make Love

This fic is not beta'd. Feel free to point out any bad grammars or bad lines.

((( ETA : Big hugs to [ profile] absolutefiction. You're an angel *mwah* )))

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Title: The First Time

Pairing: EW/OB

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Total fiction.

Beta: The absolutely fabulous [ profile] absolutefiction. You are an absolute darling. ( Note: I’ve added a few lines here and there after this fic has been beta’d. Any grammatical errors or odd-sounding lines remaining are totally mine )

My other Orlijah AUs from this universe.

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Title : 101 Ways to Make Love

Rating : NC-17

Pairing : EW/OB

Disclaimer : Total Fiction

Summary : The morning after. Elijah was feeling a little bit…sore.

A big thank you *kiss kiss* to my wonderful beta, the lovely [ profile] lij_girl, you’re simply the best. A big thank you too to the talented [ profile] aranel80 for the song lyrics. That one is for you.

AU. Elijah and Orlando were in a relationship. They had been together for two years. Elijah worked in a bookstore. Orli worked in his father’s company. He’s rich. Not stinking rich, but fairly well-off nevertheless. And they were very much in love *sigh*

This story started with this drabble here and was continued by [ profile] suzy_74 here. This one began exactly where Suzy’s ended.

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Gosh, I just wrote my first porn! No plot whatsoever, It's porn pure and simple, written because [ profile] faeriebambi sort of urged me to it. Warning: unbeta'd and cliches abundant!

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