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Survivor: That has GOT to be one of the most delicious moments in Survivor, right up there with JT passing that note to Russell. Read more... )

SPN: The Girl with the tattoos and whatnots. That was fun. I really enjoyed Charlie and the story as a whole. Read more... )

The Amazing Race: Finale coming up soooon and I do hope my team will win!
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[Poll #1836114]

On another note, I'm so rooting for Mark and Bopper to be in the final three of the race. And Rachel ( Mrs Combat Pilot, not green!Rachel ) looked so pretty doing the Bollywood dance! And awww ... Dave looked so very proud of her.

TAR spoilers )
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Revenge: If Nolan weren't gay, I'd totally ship him with Emily. The way he tried to get her to just let go, that just made me go awww .... wild speculations on whodunit, with spoilers to the latest episode )

Survivor season twenty-four ( omg isn't that awesome? ) premier was a wonderful surprise because I was not expecting it to air this early. I thought it'd be some time in September! And if there's Survivor there'll be The Amazing Race and sure enough TAR S20 will premier this Sunday! And I totally hyperventilated when I found out that Brandon and Rachel from The Big Brother will be one of the teams racing. I said it here and oh, I'm so glad because it means they're still together, unless they're racing as friends of course, but I think not. Needless to say, I'll be rooting for Team Branchel!

ION, thank you [ profile] tariana for the lovely v-gift, I need that little bit of cold here. It's 32C here and it's getting hotter by the hour. And thank you to the kind soul who has gifted me with the extra LJ paid time. MUCH appreciated *loves* ( Or was that from LJ? )
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Saw New Year's Eve and I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite its poor rating ( which I found out after I watched the movie ). Loved all the Jensens in it ( Jensen this and Jensen that lol ), and omg I didn't know Ingrid was actually Michelle Peiffer until later. And Josh Duhamel! That was the first time I saw him in anything.

I think I've a new-found love for movies of this sort, you know, stories ala Love Actually ( a HUGE favourite! ) which are made up of several vignettes loosely intertwined, stories that leave you guessing on how the characters connect to each other, the epitome of chick-flicks, but chick-flicks or not, hubby and the boys loved that movie, too. Ahaha, and apparently the boys had seen Valentine's Day as well, which I haven't seen yet. And I need to find Paris, Je T'Aime, the sister movie to New York, I Love You.

Survivor:South Pacific Finale. Read more... )

The Amazing Race 19 Finale Read more... )
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Really enjoyed the last episode of The Amazing Race. Body-building omg rofl. Now I wish that the father and son team hasn't been eliminated yet. What I wouldn't give to see sweet Zac in that little ... thing. And wasn't Ernie such a patient, good man? I have yet to see him raise his voice. Lucky Cindy.

Ozzy! I really can't see him winning the million but I'm so rooting for him now, I didn't before, but now I just want him to win so very badly. And when he stood on top of that coconut tree ::HEART-DROPS:: How on earth was that even possible????

And the next day when we watched James Franco's The Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Caesar was standing on top of that tree, we were like (((((( OZZY ))))))

Anyone here has watched that movie? I didn't enjoy Wahlberg's Apes so I wasn't expecting much with this, but oh my, what a pleasant surprise! I thought it was good from the get go. Eeeeep, Caesar was totally eerie when he went through his transformation, his eyes. And I was thinking that this movie would have been awesome as the prequel to the original 1968 Planet of the Apes.
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Finally got to watch TAR18 finale last night and lolol I don't think I've ever laughed so much in any of the season finales before. I completely cracked up especially during the first half of the show and what a fine, feel-good finale that was. But then, all of TAR episodes gave me that feel-good upper!

Poor Zev and Justin. It certainly wasn't their day, was it? Read more... )

TAR Australia has started. I'm hoping to find the episodes on the internet but so far no luck yet. It'll tide me over until the next season of TAR. Haven't heard anything of TAR:Asia yet but I hope they're continuing with it!

Survivor. You know what would be the perfect twist to it? To have the Redemption Island castaways go against the Murolinos. Hahah, I can just imagine what Rob's expression would be like lol. Yeah, not much of a fan here. I feel very much like Dave when he wrote Rob Rob Rob Rob on his voting paper. Totally rooting for Mike and I hope he'll be the one who stays. Last night episode I was hoping that spoilers )
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I enjoyed that last episode of Chuck so very much. Omg Morgan!! I literally fell out of the chair laughing that was so funny! Read more... )

I'm enjoying Sela Ward's character in CSI:NY more and more, and dare I say it ... yes, I think I like Jo even better than Stella, and I like Stella a LOT. No wonder she was said to be the favourite Sister!

My favourite people from Survivor and The Amazing Race Asia had been voted out / eliminated. In a way, it's kind of good in the sense that it took the tension out of watching the shows. I can now watch them without my heart in my mouth and my toes all curled up, thinking, oh no, please please please don't vote her out, or oh boys, why on *earth* did you choose *that* detour????. So yeah, I'll be all relaxed and smiling and not be frustrated at all watching the remaining teams battle it out in TARA finale and the rest of the tribe trying to outplay outwit outlast each other.

But having said that, I'm so happy that my favourite team is still in the running for the top three in The Amazing Race. GO DOCTORS!!!
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The Amazing Race : Singapore
I thought that was a very nice touch, Read more... )
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American Idol Top 9.
Result show tonight, that's 8 hours away! Performances that made me sit up last night : Read more... )

The Amazing Race : Malaysian leg. You're Jason Bourne )

Survivor Read more... )
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Lost. just when I thought there's light at the end of the tunnel )

The Amazing Race : Seychelles
I'm kind of amazed that quite a number of people didn't seem to know where Seychelles was. Love that episode and Dan&Jordan continued to be extremely entertaining. I hope they'll be around right to the end. And the trailer for next week's episode made me squee like anything because they're going to *drum rolls* ... my country! They're going to do this and that takes lots and lots of training and I'm expecting temper to fly right, left and center ::GLEE::

Do, do watch it if you can!

TV squee

Mar. 25th, 2010 05:29 pm
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[ profile] lisabellex! *waves* have you seen Flash Foward 11 and 12? I don't ship Dom/Lij, or Frodo/Merry but there were a couple of scenes that would have made me squee big time if I were a shipper! cut for spoiler, not the why or how or when, just the what )

24. 4am to 5am )

The Amazing Race : France. Are you alright, sir? )
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The Amazing Race Asia just now was really exciting. At this point in time, I think TARA's much more exciting than TAR 13, which I'm afraid is kind of dull so far. Quite unbefitting for a show which has won the Emmy five times in a row. The only highlight so far is Phil's Dad appearing with Phil at the last pit-stop. Now that's really adorable. Really love that. And I love the way Phil seemed to be so proud of his father, and how both of them were so proud of their country, New Zealand. And I've only just known that Phil's a New Zealander!

Phil and Dad )

The other highlight is Nick of the Donny & Marie team. I keep thinking of Nick as young John Winchester, he looks so much like him, don't you think so [ profile] goodbyetoyou?

Nick and Starr )

And I see [ profile] surgicalsteel every time I look at Sarah!

But other than that, The Amazing Race Asia 3 is way more exciting. And it's not only because of the The beauty queens, who btw had been eliminated in round 2. Omg she and her partner, Miss Earth something, some of the best moments were from them. Like that moment when they had to wash a bus, this was how she ended up looking as.

Miss Universe 2005 )

Prisonbreak and his girlfriend are their usual annoying selves, especially him, but hey, it's usually the annoying ones who provide most of the excitement. And I'm so happy that both the teams from my country are still in. Bernie & Henry are smart and strong, if anyone deserved to win, it's them. Tania & Ida, too. They're surprisingly very clever players, especially Tania whom I initially thought as some pampered, spoiled rich girl.

Guh, I hope Prisonbreak would be eliminated next. He is so annoying!
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Omg, House flew on Malaysian Pacific Airlines! How awesome was that, seeing House leaning back on the airplane seat that said Malaysian Pacific Airlines. The only thing that would be more awesome than having House leaning back on an airplane seat that said Malaysian Pacific Airlines is having Wilson leaning back on an airplane seat that said Malaysian Pacific Airlines :DD

Flirty!Cameron takes some getting use to. Cameron the heartbreaker even more so. Poor Chase. He's not my favourite character, he irritates me most of the time, but still.

And I approve heartily of the three teams that made it to the finale of The Amazing Race 12. under the cut in case surgicalsteel havent seen it yet )
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I'm in TAR heaven. Because, not only The Amazing Race Season 12 is coming back soon, The Amazing Race Asia Season 2 will be aired simultaneously.

And [ profile] surgicalsteel, they're going to Ireland this season!

Shinta, you will be watching with me, right? Right? :D

Is there anyone else here who'll be squeeing with me after Phil said the magic words "Travel Safely. GO!"?

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