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The Women of SPN poll I did a while back. Here's the consensus from the people who took part in them, and they differ from polls 1 to 4, so this is just a general, rough consensus, and I'm no statistician, so the accountants/mathematicians reading this, please don't be too annoyed!

Season 1 : The most popular female character is, predictably, Mary with a score of 8.55 followed by Missouri ( 7.94 ) and Meg ( 7.69 )

Season 2 : Ellen is the most popular lady this season with a whopping score of 8.6. Tessa came in second with a score of 7.61, Ava third with 7.30.

Season 3 : The most well-liked woman turns out to be a demon! Ruby in her first blonde meat-suit scores 7.42, followed by another demon, Casey ( 6.72 ) and Ben's mum, Lisa ( 6.49 ).

Season 4 : Pamela scores high with SPN fans - 8.62, Young Mary comes in second ( 8.44 ) and Deanna ( 7.12 ).

And the overall top 3 most popular women of SPN result from all 4 seasons :

1. Pamela the hot psychic - 8.62
2. Ellen - 8.6
3. Mary - 8.5

So, how did your favourite gals do? My girls - Ruby the first is the favourite in season 3, Bela, not surprisingly, doesn't fare well, though she's not the last! And Madison comes somewhere in the middle in season 3.

I had fun doing those polls, and a big thank you to those who took the time to take part!

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The last part of the poll. Well, until season 5 ends that is. Hope you enjoyed the polls!

[Poll #1474077]

The beautiful women of season 4.
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Season 1
Season 2
Season 3

Caps by [ profile] oxoniensis.
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Season 3 has quite a number of women which I really like, and ironically two of them made me *this* close to quitting SPN altogether when it was first announced that they would be series regulars!

Tickity-tick )
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Here they are, the women of season 2 SPN, breaking hearts and wreaking havoc with the boys ( and the fangirls ). Who are your favourites and your least favourites?

[Poll #1468025]

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Season One.

Season 3 and Season 4 coming up next week!

ETA : I've unintentionally left out three people ( at least ) from seasons 1 and 2 and will undoubtedly will forget some more for seasons 3 and 4. Feel free to point them out to me as I'll probably do an extra poll after season 4 for them.

Pics from Striped Wall, Oxoniensis Screencaps and Screencap Paradise.
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Mother, girlfriends, old friends, women they met on their cases, demons - some we love, some we hate. So, a poll! With 1 being "hate their guts" to 10 being "fangirl them like crazy", tell me which one(s) of them you like the most!!

[Poll #1467608]

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Women of SPN Season Two.
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Or rather, should I be disturbed that I'm not disturbed by the fact that out of 10, I could only understand one thing, that is

8. Crying can be fun.

From [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l's post here.

I just don't get the rest. Well, maybe the fat clothes, but five pairs of black shoes?

Hmmm, good thing I have kids so my womanly bits must be working because otherwise I'd be seriously considering doing a sex chromosome check or something, XYY anomaly perhaps?

But, I'm definitely feeling very fan-girlish tonight as I was squeeing away when I realized that Jensen was wearing The Watch ( that Jared gave him ) at the Comic Con recently.

*sighs happily*


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