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Hitching Post by [ profile] destina

Oh My God.

Go read. Right now.
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A schmoopily adorable love written by [ profile] memphis86.

Five Kisses Jared and Jensen Never Talked About Before.

Jared and Jensen grew up together, they go to school together, they do everything together, they tell each other everything. They're Best Friends Forever. And Jensen just has to go and fall in love with his best friend. And that's the one thing that he could never tell Jared. Unless Jared falls in love with him, too. Unfortunately, Jared is, as per usual, completely clueless. Despite him being the one that actually kissed Jensen first.

The first one is on the playground, they're only about four. According to Mrs. Padalecki, Jared is going through "a phase" and plants one on everybody's cheek. But Jensen turns at the wrong moment and gets a big wet one on his mouth and he grabs Jared in a headlock and doesn't forgive him until he eats a handful of sand.
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Jared/Jensen RPS NC17 14,000 words

Written by [ profile] setissma and [ profile] balefully, Don't Fight With Your Pillow is, according to the authors, schmooptastic and features lots of insanity.

Jensen breaks his arm and Jared looks after him. Love ensues.

First time, hurt/comfort, Jared being a mother-hen, fumblings and uncertainties, lots of hilarious moments and LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Jared sits gingerly on the edge of Jensen's bed. "Are you delirious? Is that normal? I just left to bully someone into giving you a room," Jared says in a rush. He looks worried and maybe guilty and Jensen isn't sure when he got so good at reading Jared's face, but the guy's like a freaking book. A very large, very upset book.
"Seriously. I had Vicodin. You didn't need to." Not that Jensen isn't grateful for the opportunity to nap, but it would be much easier to sleep without Jared hovering.
"Maybe I should call someone," Jared says, and Jensen gives up and grabs his sleeve with his free hand.
"I'm fine," he says, for what feels like the five hundred and seventh time. He nudges Jared toward the magazine rack. "There's Time."
"Okay," Jared says, getting entirely the wrong idea, "do you want me to read to you?"
"Uh," Jensen says. Jesus, his costar is even more of a girl than Sam Winchester, and that's really saying something.
"There's an article on the globalization of Japan," Jared says.
At least it'll put him to sleep.

And I better stop here before I end up copying and pasting everything. *g*
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I really, really love this fic.

Jensen Ackles: Bigger, boned. [or Go Downstairs and Get Me Some More Sugar For My Coffee.], written by [ profile] mijmeraar

It's fun, it's funny and there's so much love in it. Written in a casual and easy way, this is very much a feel-good fic. And yes, this fic is about Jensen putting on weight while filming Supernatural. Everybody notices it, everyone is worried about it, everyone except Jared, that is. Nobody dares tell Jensen about it, though, so they try to get Jared to do it. And Jared, bless him, honestly doesn't notice anything wrong with Jensen.

Pedal to the metal. Foot to the floor. Chris Kane cuts to the chase.
“Have you told Jenny Craig he’s gotta slow down on those cheesy poofs?”
“Jesus Christ.”
“Not today, sunshine.”
Jared collapses on the steps to his trailer. “I can’t believe you people.”
“Who? Rednecks?”
“Bastards.” Jared’s frustrated. If they’re not going to face Jensen so that he can stand up for himself; then Jared will have to do it. It’s not Jensen’s fault he’s God’s gift to the red-blooded. It’s not Jensen’s fault he’s Brad Pitt without the wife and kids. “He’s not fat.”

Oh my ...

Aug. 11th, 2007 07:18 am
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Business and Pleasure by [ profile] belyste

I'm totally and utterly fried.

Written for the [ profile] spn_harlequin, it's unabashedly sappy and romantic and practically dripping with cliches of the harlequin-romance kind.


Summary: Jared’s a philandering CEO and Jensen’s his overworked assistant – that is, until Jared decides he needs to improve his image by having a serious relationship and chooses Jensen to be his fake boyfriend. But Jensen’s a little in love with Jared and Jared has ideas of his own, and pretty soon no one is certain what’s fake and what’s real anymore. Featuring dancing, denial, a lot of inappropriate work behavior, and an infamous office holiday party.

Hey, this is a harlequin-romance! But believe me, this one is a definite keeper.

But even if Jensen is a little more than half in love with Jared, he doesn’t let himself even consider the possibility of anything more between them than a working relationship. For one thing, Jensen likes his job – he’s good at it, he enjoys it most of the time, and the pay is good enough to make up for the rest of the time – and he’s not going to jeopardize it for a one night stand. And that’s the other reason that it won’t ever happen, because one night stands are kind of Jared’s specialty. It’s not malicious on his part – Jared grew up with everything a kid could want and probably shouldn’t have, and his privileged upbringing instilled in him the idea that nothing (and no one) are off-limits, and since very few people turn down a wealthy, handsome CEO of a lucrative business, Jared’s gotten used to seducing every attractive body that crosses his path. He’s kind of like the Paris Hilton of the business world, Jensen has thought more than once, although smarter and a lot less sketchy and without the stupid catchphrases, reality TV shows, and the crappy CD. Jared probably has the STDs and the sex tapes, though, which is sort of reason number three Jensen isn’t going to sleep with him.
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Faint Stars and Bright Satellite Skies written by [ profile] marishna.

This is a Jensen/Jared RPS AU, in which Jensen is a big time movie star and Jared is a regular joe at a small town in Texas. Jensen is there filming for a movie and meets Jared in a bar where Jared saves him from being beaten up by some drunken locals. They get to know each other and Jared, who initially dislikes Jensen, gradually respects Jensen and they subsequently fall in love with each other. But things are far from smooth sailing for them. Jared is straight ( until he meets Jensen that is ) and is engaged to be married while Jensen is a closet gay and has issues of his own with regard to coming out.

A beautiful story, once you start reading it you won't be able to stop. Fantastic characterizations - shy, insecure Jensen, despite being a famous movie star, with his oh-so-subtle courtship of Jared. The honourable Jared, determined not to hide his newly-found gayness but forced to do so at Jensen's insistence.

They lay in silence for a long time. Jensen half thought that Jared had fallen asleep but when he glanced over he noticed Jared's eyes were open and clear as they stared up at the night sky. Jensen got the feeling that this was the most still that Jared ever got outside of sleep and realized with a start that this was probably the first time that he could remember that he'd been able to do absolutely nothing. He sighed and felt some of the pent-up tension he'd been carrying relax from his body.


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