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Anyone here watching CSI:NY? I thought 9x04 Unspoken was very cool. I didn't know about the episode beforehand so I was wondering why no one was talking. It turned out that there was no dialogue for the whole episode! Well, there was some at the end, but on the whole it was made up of songs ( Green Day's, which made my kid's day, he's such a fan ) - not a musical mind you, though I probably wouldn't mind seeing Mac and the gang singing and dancing through an episode, though I guess that has to be a dream-episode or something lol.

It was neatly done, Greenday's new songs that were featured in that episode were great, and everyone's acting was superb, all done through a myriad of body languages and facial expressions with some help from text messages and writings on the wall. Definitely a keeper, that episode.

I love it when my shows do "special" episodes ( there's probably a term for it? ), like the black-and-white Monster Movie episode from SPN, or when Sam and Dean were plunged into TV world in the brilliant Changing Channels ( that was one of my favourite episodes ever ), or when the Fringe folks were LSD'd and they appeared as animated characters, or when Olivia and the rest appeared as 1940s noir characters, that was a musical I think omg I LOVE that episode, having them singing was totally awesome.

Speaking of CSI, I got an email from a CS Team. A genuine email, not spam. Not the CS team though and not signed by Det Mac Taylor unfortunately. And speaking of Mac Taylor, I saw Forrest Gump again the other day and it tickled me that Gary Sinise's character was called Dan Taylor. I like to think that his name in CSI:NY is a shout-out to Second Lieutenant Dan Taylor. And also, Gary Sinise doesn't change all that much after all these years. Like Kristin Kreuk. Catherine Chandler looks exactly the same as Lana Lang and it has been, how many years? Ten?

On another note, heh, there's now a US version of Primeval? Caught the first few minutes of it this morning before I went to work and I was ridiculously pleased to see Andrew Le Potts as a guest star. Who would have thought that Connor ( and Abby of course ) would be the ones who survived until the end of the series? I have a soft spot for Connor, and googling him up, I was pleasantly suprised to find out that he and Abby have hooked up for real!

I miss those anomalies ... and the different haircuts the cast had with every new season.
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I bought something online last week and I was checking their tracking site and it said at Skynet that the item had arrived and I was, like, No, it has NOT arrived when the delivery man came just at that moment with it. *Quite* freaky.

Saw Fringe 4x01 last night and it felt so wrong that ... )

Suits 2x05, 2x06. I'm not slashing them, no, no, no, I'm NOT. But Harvey bought the suit for Mike and he knew Mike's size and he must have done Mike's tie for him. The Harvey/Mike shippers must have had a field day lol.

As for Donna... )

And HARVEY. I'm more and more in love with him and I do so want to see him rumpled and without the slicked-back hair and the not-a-wrinkle-in-sight suit, so I googled him up and look at what I found.

Ooooooooooooooooh my )

*That* is how I want to see Harvey, at least once ( or thrice ). I don't care who got him to look that way - Donna or Jessica or Rachel, Mike!! - I just want to see him look like that!

Still haven't watched Downton Abbey yet. Must try to do that today now that I have the day off,except that I want to watch Fringe and Suits too! And Touch 1x13. And the Emmy awards. And there's Parade's End as well - Benedict Cumberbatch!! So many things to watch and not enough time to do it ...
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Thoroughly enjoyed Fringe season 3 finale. I had some mild trepidation about it at first after the second last episode because I thought that Peter was thrown into the other universe. But Read more... )

I can't believe that the show will be ending soon? Seriously, season 5 will be the last season? Unless they screwed up S4 really, really badly, I want the show to go on forever!

Also, I watched Bourne Legacy a while back. I wouldn't have watched it at all if Jeremy Renner were replacing Matt Damon as Bourne lol. As it was, I couldn't help but compare Aaron to Bourne. On its own, I guess it was alright. I lovelovelove Ed Norton, and Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner were good. But compared to the original Bourne trilogy, it fell way, way, way short. Heh, I guess they couldn't make Aaron cut and dye Dr Marta's hair, eh, despite her desperately needing some sort of disguise because even with the glasses, she screamed I'm Dr Marta Shearing, apprehend me!

Matt Damon, I need you back as Jason Bourne!
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I should have known better than to watch 3 episodes of Fringe back to back last night. I had trouble sleeping after that! Lol there I was, tossing and turning in my bed, thinking of Olivia and Peter and the alternate universe and what-have-you. spoilers for mid-season 3 )

Seriously, maybe I should take a step back from the show as I think I'm getting way too invested in it. But maybe not, because I can't wait to find out how things will turn out. I'm bracing myself for the worst though. The Very Worst. Aargh!

Saturday night is my Happy Night because that's usually when I watch Suits, Dallas and Fringe one after the other. And last Saturday was especially happy-making because only three persons on my flist will have any idea what I'm talking about here )

Speaking of Dallas, I'm gradually warming up to John Ross now. Oh I know he's bad and all, totally his father's son, that boy, but ... I like! I want him to get Elana but if this Dallas were anything like the original series, the chances of that happening are pretty slim. But I'm annoyed with Christopher right now so you go, John Ross!

My night life is soooo exciting.

Fringe 3x09

Jul. 2nd, 2012 04:12 pm
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Oh my heart. ... )
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Fringe 3x01 : LOVE that, very, very much. I was a bit anxious about it initially, mainly because I had mixed feelings about 2x01, and I was afraid that it was going to be like that. But nope, it delivered and it was thrilling and suspenseful from start to finish but oh, Read more... )

SPN 7x16 : That was pretty good. I enjoyed that, quite a bit of me holding my breath there, and that hasn't happened for quite some time. The opening scene was extra creepy, love that. Read more... )
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Sort of. Though the half-naked beachcomber was nothing like Lord Grantham, and the sickly James was a far, far cry from Sherlock. But it was good to see them together. Not nearly as good as Benedict Cumberbatch guest-starring in Downton Abbey of course - I WANTSSSSS!!! - but almost.

I loved The Third Star very much. But then, what's not to love? Four good friends on a walking trip together, one of them dying of cancer. Very much up my alley where angst and bromance are concerned, and it has BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!!

Saw Fringe season 2 finale last night and oh boy, what a thrilling ride that was. I was on the edge of my seat pretty much most of the time, cried here and there especially when Read more... )
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Fringe 2x20 'Brown Betty'. Oh how I love this episode. Walter and little Ella with the story-telling, I thought that was so sweet. Read more... )

Brian Cox: A Night With The Stars That was fun. Now if only my physics teacher when I was secondary school was anything like him. As it was, my teacher was the boringest of boring and the subject itself drove me nuts. I got through physics by memorising everything and regurgitating them back during the exams.

So, yeah, An Evening With Brian Cox: Night With The Stars was fun.Read more... )
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The Amazing Race
It's really good to have Phil and The Amazing Race back. The teams cycling with Phil at the beginning of the show was awesome. That's new. And the first clue, and the wtf reactions that went with it, were priceless - Fly to Santa Barbara - when they were already *at* Santa Barbara lol. I'm ( for now ) rooting for the twins ( but of course, twins and brothers are my weakness, and that pair is HOT! ), the federal agents and of course, Team Brenchel. I'm happy to see that they're now engaged and they have a dog together!

Rachel is still as ditzy and shrieky and snarky as she was in Big Brother and Brendan is still cool and collected. Those two are totally polar opposites it's a wonder they're attracted to each other. But I think that underneath, Rachel is more like Brendan, that she's intelligent and cool and calm ( her BB personality is just a front, methinks ). I thought it great when she immediately got Brendan to do the easier empanadas ( cool, those are totally our karipap, eh [ profile] rieyll? ) and I like it that she speaks Spanish. But then, a quiet Rachel is probably not so interesting, so the producers probably want her to be the way she was in BB, so *sighs* )

SPN 714.
This had me squeeing a little. nothing to do with clowns )

I couldn't believe that Diane Kruger went uncredited in that season 2 episode of Fringe. I thought the girl with those horrible lesions on her face was terribly familiar so I checked at IMDB. She was Diane Kruger, I saw her in Troy, Wicker Park and National Treasure so of course she looked familiar. But why no credit to an A-list star? I googled it up and Oh. My. God. Read more... )
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Suits 1x12 - finale. That was happy-making good. And it's now official, Donna is my favourite character in the show, she and Harvey. I wish I know what her ritual with Harvey was. There will be a season 2, won't it? And hopefully there'll be more than 12 eps per season? But I'm so very afraid for Mike. spoilers )

Fringe 2x08 - "August". The one with the observers. That episode made me think of Castiel and Dean. Ahaha, Castiel would have made a good observer, except I really don't want to see him without his messy hair. Or his rumpled trenchcoat. But the looks the Observer was giving the girl, how he protected her, yup, my mind immediately flew to the angel and his charge.

House 810. House was quite the Sherlock there. Not that he wasn't Dr. Sherlock before, just that he was noticably more Sherlockian in that episode. I need Hugh Laurie and Benedict Cumberbatch to be reunited so bad I can feel it. Guh, I need to watch another episode of Fortysomething and imagine that Dr Paul Slippery was actually young House. And look here!

And random fannish thoughts. Apparenty there'll be a SPN Burbank con soon? Hee, will the Jeffster and Chuck and the rest of the gang be there? :D


Feb. 2nd, 2012 05:27 pm
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So, I was saying that Fringe 2x01 was a bit of a disappointment. Eps 2,3 and 4 were better but it was 2x05 that finally made me sit up and heaved a sigh of relief. My Fringe is back.

Spoilery )
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Finished watching Fringe Season 1 and oh, I love it, so very much. And who would have thought that I'd like another female FBI agent as much as I like Scully?

Peter and Walter together are so adorable, that father-son relationship that is so uniquely theirs, their banters and everything. And when during that one episode Walter suddenly said "Pippin" out loud, I squeed and immediately wanted to watch Denethor's scenes with Pip. He was probably referring to another Pippin ( was he? ) but it felt like a shout-out for Pippin Took to me!

I heard that the show may get the axe soon. As far as Season One went, I thought the show was absolutely brilliant so I'm guessing that it's going to get weirder and more convoluted later on? Like Heroes and Lost or The X Files in its last couple of seasons?

Anyway, I watched the first episode of season 2 last night and ... )
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Survivor South Pacific : Omg why haven't I seen this guy before? Because apparently I had missed not one but two seasons with him in it. Read more... )

Fringe : And why oh why haven't I seen this show before??? I watched the pilot twice and I managed to get hubby to watch it with me ( he liked it, too ) with the usual "It's like The X-Files" bait lol. And I'm so happy that I got three whole seasons waiting for me and from I hear ( from Jas for one ) it's all good. And season 4 is coming soon though I'm a concerned about watching the new season without watching the previous ones first. What if any of the characters are no longer there because I like them all!

I like Olivia from the get go. She reminded me of Cate Blanchett and the girl from That 70s show, Laura Prepon. And she's just this right side of pretty too. So happy to see John Noble. That was a lovely surprise, seeing Denethor :)

Read more... )

Saw the trailer of Falling Skies on TV this morning. Noah Wyle! Aliens! I'm sold.


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