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I got a sweet, sweet surprise in the mail yesterday. It was Benedict Cumberbatch's To The End Of The Earth DVD, from Amazon, and I have no idea who it's from. Okay, I think I know who the kind and generous person is, but I'm thinking it'd be a bit awkward to thank that person and it turns out that I'm wrong. So can the lovely, wonderful person fess up pretty, pretty please so I can thank you properly and snog you senseless because it's BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH OMG. I've watched a few minutes of the DVD and Benedict looked mighty fine in it :)) *dances*

Someone posted this pic over at [ profile] dean_sam and my heart ached at the pure happiness on their faces.

*wants* )


Jan. 11th, 2012 05:10 pm
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I enjoyed Sherlock's The Hound of Baskerville very, very much. Still having problem with following what he said but I love it nevertheless. My favourite moment just have to be ... )
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I enjoyed the book Children of Men very much. Didn't like the character Julian very much but I still love the book. And now I find myself wishing that I had seen the movie. So many amazing, macabre scenes from the book which I wonder how they looked like translated into the big screen - tha dance of the Painted Faces for one, the Quietus, Julian in labour, Miriam when Theo found her at the end ...

And it was directed by Alfonso CuarĂ³n! Read more... )

I'm re-reading this now.

Smaug certainly looked fast asleep, when Bilbo peeped once more from the entrance. He was just about to step out on to the floor when he caught a sudden thin and piercing red fom under the drooping lid of Smaug's left eye. He was only pretending to sleep! He was watching the tunnel entrance ... ( Oh my, I could already hear the rich timbre of Benedict Cumberbatch's voice in my head!! )Read more... )
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[ profile] sisterzurda!

Happy Birthday, Anna. I hope your special day was filled with all things glorious and wonderful ::HUGS::

A bit of a picspam for you, from Agatha Christie's Murder Is easy.

Mr Fitzwilliam, you're gorgeous! )
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I didn't really dare hope that what Martin Freeman said about Benedict Cumberbatch being cast in The Hobbit might be true ( my, that line sounds rather uhm, cumbersome, doesn't it? ) but with what Ian McKellen said in his blog here, I'm starting to feel hopeful at last.

And what he said about Benedict's screen test really made me happy - It was electrifying, vocally and facially.


Ahem. But of course.

Now I really must go reread The Hobbit, it's been years since I last read it, and try to guess which character he's going to play!

Unless he fails his screen test of course ( unlikely but it's possible that they might not find him suitable for whatever part they're planning for him ), in which case I'm going to be one very sad camper. Which is why I still dare not hope too much for him to be in that movie.
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Squee number one: Seriously? Like, seriously seriously???

If Martin weren't yanking chains, I wonder very much in what role he'll be cast as. An elf? Oh he'd be perfect as one, tall and moody and broody, all aloof and elegant. I'm not into the RPFs ( yet ), or the FPSs either ( yet ) but I imagine there'll be lots of plotbunnies floating around, namely Martin wanting Benedict by his side for the movie!

Squee number two: This pic which was posted a while back made me melt into a puddle of goo.
awwwww ...  )

Squee number three: This is just so very lovely. My favourite man with my favourite woman )

And squee number four: A story that really, really made me happy, my heart was practically singing while reading it! Blindness by [ profile] glassyskies, Dean/Cas PG-13, 10,500 words.

With that title, I initially thought it was about either Dean or Cas going blind, but it it isn't. Not the physical kind anyway. It's Cas wearing his heart on his sleeves with everyone but Dean noticing it. It kind of made me think of that meta by Cupidsbow but where Dean isn't actually an asshat, just oblivious. Sweet yet heartbreaking with awesome Sam, awesome Balthazar and awesome Bobby!
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Haven't seen the result show yet but I'd be very upset if Haley got voted off. I got goosebumps all over, listening to her second song. That song got me the way Adam Lambert's Mad World did, and the way David Cook did with all of his performances.

And Haley's not even my Top Three. Heck, she wasn't even my Top Five. But now I want her to be in the finals and I want her to sing that song again. Go Haley!

Sherlock will be on tonight on AXN Beyond. I'm looking forward to watching it, him, in all its, his, high-def glory. The episodes that I downloaded were in HD too, but it'll be even shinier and prettier watching it direct on TV. Oh Benedict ...

Speaking of Benedict, there's a nice article on him here. And also, Frankestein on DVD may become a reality after all *hopes-prays-wishes*
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How I wish that they're broadcasting Frankestein at the cinemas here. I've checked but no such luck. I do hope that they'll show it on TV later. And also, how awesome it is that you get to see live broadcasts of a play at the cinemas!

I'm having some serious crush on Benedict Cumberbatch right now. Like, really serious, Jensen-Ackles-serious kind of crush. It began with Sherlock and it escalated into Van Gogh : Painted With Words, Hawking and last night it was Stuart, A Life Backwards. Lol, now I know more about Van Gogh and Hawking than I ever did before. Such a brilliant, amazing actor. And oh, he was gorgeous as Luke Fitzwilliam in Miss Marple's Murder Is Easy. I swear Julia Mackenzie was blushing when she told Luke that he was gorgoeus. Lol, I don't think it was something that canon!Miss Marple would have said.

So looking forward to watching The Last Enemy, Small Island, Amazing Grace etc etc. Haha, I've been downloading and watching lots of shows that I've never heard of before. I even downloaded his readings and oh, his voice when he narrated the BBC documentary South Pacific ::DIES::

Benedict Cumberbatch ... quite a mouthful there. I'm not quite sure what to refer him as. Just Benedict doesn't sound quite right and refering to him as Cumberbatch sounds like I'm talking about his father. I've seen him refered to as Benny here and there but ... Benny? Hmmmm ...

A little trivia on him. He's a six-footer, born on July 19, 1976 - same birthday as Jared, two years older than Jensen. Speaking of Jensen, ahh, what I wouldn't give to read a BC/JA fic!!! But sadly, I don't think there's any around. Not yet anyway but I'm still hopeful. Are there any Sherlock/SPN crossovers written yet I wonder? I'd love to see Sherlock analyzing Dean!

He studied drama at Manchester University and he once taught English in Tibet. And also, he just split with his long time girlfriend of ten years. Now if I had known him for a long time, I'd probably be sad to hear that ( honest! ) but as it is ...

Any fellow Benedict Cumberbatch fans here? I think there's probably one or two, or maybe none at all. Oh well, I guess I'll have to squee alone then. But if you *are* a fan, do make yourself known here, please please!
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I've just finished watching the 1957 Agatha Christie's Witness For The Prosecution. Loved it. I don't remember watching the movie before but I was hit by this deja-vu feeling, that I had seen it and I knew exactly how it was going to turn out ( and I was right! ). I thought the movie was made from her stage-play and I know with certainty that I've never seen any of AC's plays before.

It turned out that it was originally a short story from her Hound of Death collection which I had read. Haha, and I thought that I was so well-versed with her stories that not only had I guessed the conclusion of the story correctly but had also accurately guessed how the story was going to play out lol.

Anyway, googling the movie up, I wasn't surprised to see that it had several nominations for that year's Oscar including Charles Laughton who played Sir Wilfrid. I thought he was the best thing in the movie!

Coming up next - Murder Is Easy. I was planning to watch The Murder of Roger Ackroyd first but I just found out that BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH was in it OMGOMG be still my heart!! I love Agatha Christie and I adore Benedict Cumberbatch ( at least, I adore Sherlock, I haven't seen the actor in anything else. Yet. ) and Murder Is Easy is one of my favourite AC's. I'm a happy girl.

Also, I've just found out that Emily Blunt was in Death In The Nile! I've seen the Peter Ustinov's one but not the Suchet's version yet. I'm so looking forward to watching that and Emily Blunt even though I don't remember Lynnet Doyle being one of my favourite characters from the book. And David Soul ( HUTCH!! ) was in it too. I'm a happy girl.


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