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I have no idea what TRON Evolution is all about, or who Gibson is, but having Olivia Wilde and Jensen Ackles doing the voices in it is almost like having a Thirteen/Dean Winchester crossover! \o/

From here.

Heheh, looks like what I've been wishing for here is coming true! Well, almost ...

And yeah, sick!Dean in my icon is waiting for Dr Thirteen :D

The Coach.

Jul. 10th, 2009 04:51 pm
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Coach Teague sure has come a long, long way :)


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SPN S4.10

Nov. 21st, 2008 09:21 pm
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Dean Winchester.

Is a Beautiful Man. That is all.

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Watched a couple of clips from 'Days of Our Lives' ( thank you [ profile] ckll! ) and I'm reminded why I'm not really into daytime soaps. Nothing to do with Jensen, he was adorable, but it's the type of show itself, and I'm not talking about DOOL specifically but soap operas in general.

It's the way they talk, so stilted and so -- structured, and the studioish-ness of everything. And now I realize what some of Shymalan's movies remind me of - daytime soaps! But I guess that's what defined soap operas. And why on earth are they called "soaps" in the first place? Any idea?

But having said that, I did watch and enjoy 'The Bold and the Beautiful', way back when I was a student and still have the time to watch daytime programmes, and that's about the only soap that I followed faithfully. Mainly because of Caroline and Thorne, LOVE those two. I was devastated when they killed off Caroline, and changed the actor who played Thorne. I lost interest after that. Caught a couple of episodes here and there recently, and the only people that I recognized are Brooke and Ridge and omg they have changed! All those wrinkles and the grey hairs ( though Stephanie has remained unremarkably unchanged ) and in a way I'm glad that Caroline and Thorne are no longer around.

Anyway, back to DOOL. Heard Eric Brady saying the name "Sami" and it sounded very different from the way he said "Sammy". Dean mostly called Sam "Sammy" when he's panicking, or when he's teasing him. Eric's "Sami" was much softer sounding than "Sammy", and Eric's voice is sweeter than Dean's ( of course, Jensen was 10 years younger back then ) which is deeper and more gravelly and much, much sexier!

Eric drove much the same way as Dean, though. The way he glanced at the sideway mirror, the way he looked at his sister sitting beside him, not much different from the way Dean looked at Sam. No Metalicca blasting from the radio then, of course.

I don't have pics of Eric driving, but I do have pics of them sleeping ...

Eric, Dean sleeping )
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When I first saw David Cook singing on American Idol, he reminded me of somebody, but it wasn't until much later that I realized that it was actually Dean Winchester that he reminded me of. Not in their physical looks, no, they don't actually look similar, but in the overall attitudes and mannerisms. It hit me hard whenever David smirked and he gave his sexy sidelong glances, very much like what Dean liked to do.

And when I really sat down and thought about it, these two really do have a lot in common! I hereby, ahem, present to you how David Cook and Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles are similar to each other. Beware, I may have gone a bit overboard.

Warning : A couple of spoilery pics from SPN season 3 finale.
Note : Dean Winchester and Jensen Ackles are interchangeable here.

Okay, let's start with their names. David Roland Cook. Dean Winchester. Jensen Ross Ackles. See? David and Dean start with the letter 'D' while Roland and Ross start with the letter 'R'. Startling, isn't it? David was born in Houstan, Texas and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Jensen was born and raised in Dallas, Texas while Dean was born in Lawrence, Kansas, and Missouri Mosely was a family friend.

David is the middle of three brothers, and yes, you got it, Jensen is the middle of three siblings *rubs hands*

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Read this, Misogyny 101, written by [ profile] oselle.

And this, A Modest Proposal : Dean Winchester is a very bad man, yo by [ profile] kimonkey7


I offer it to public consideration, that Dean Winchester is made of hate. Born into a family - that on surface seemed loving and normal; his father was a hardened Marine, his mother a possible fraternizer with demons - Dean Winchester suffered great trauma early on. At four he witnessed the arson/murder of his home and mother: at this time the charge of his infant brother, Sam, put in his hands. Subsequent years saw the deterioration of normalcy as his father raised both sons to be monster-killing, demon-hunting warriors; eschewing the relative safety of normal society and embarking on transient and dangerous forays into supernatural experience: three lone men traveling in their own company, passengers in a penis cum muscle car, living ragtag from motel to motel to ill-kept male-run households, much like a very dark Disney feature, minus princesses.

Thus was born and bred a single-minded soldier, schooled in the hatred of demons and all things girly.

I feel cleansed. Now I can wallow in my Dean-grief without feeling that I should be guilty of not being feminist enough :)
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Oh [ profile] oselle.

I could almost forgive you for not wanting to write that Sam and Dean if you keep writing reviews like this. Almost. But not quite.

Jensen Ackles knocked this scene so far out of the park that it must be a satellite of Earth by now. Yes, this scene will forever be circling our planet in the void of space. Millions of years from now, after we're all gone, this scene will be spinning in our orbit. Alien life forms will come upon it and say, what a people these "humans" must have been! So pretty! So angsty! DEAN!!!

From here.

Oh Dean!
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one of the coolest big brothers in the world
we you

Here's hoping that Sammy would get you these, and more!!

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I was shrieking, yes, shamelessly shrieking with delight and was literally jumping up and down my chair, when Dean said "Is that Matt Damon?" in 'Hollywood Babylon'. And yeah, 'Good Will Hunting' is Jared's favourite movie, too. So. Matt Damon love all around there :DD


Dean Winchester vs Jason Bourne.

I love my Dean. I really do. And if it comes to anything Supernatural, Dean is The Man. But what if there's nothing Supernatural about it. And for some reason Dean and Bourne are in a hand-to-hand combat ( maybe Dean thought that Bourne is after Sam or something, NO, not *that* way, but maybe Bourne thought that Sam is an undercover from the CIA assigned to bring him in ). Who would you think would win?

Go here for the poll. Julia? Dee? Louise? Anybody. Our favourite assasin needs your vote!!

11 more days to Bourne's Ultimatum.

Btw, I love my new wallpaper, [ profile] lisabellex
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Dean was given the letter "S" and these are the 10 things that he loves that begin with that letter.

[ profile] wynterhawk rawks!

I wonder what Sam's would be if he's given the letter D. Anyone?
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My husband would say some of the most unexpected things sometimes. Like the other day, when he, out of the blue, said that if Dean were a car, he would be this Jeep or Landrover and Sam would be a VW Beetle. I was like, What the. Because firstly it's kind of wierd to have your husband thinking of the two guys as cars, and secondly, well, it's just wierd that he's thinking of them at all! Those two are, like in my head all the time so it freaked me out a little that he's thinking of them, too. Hopefully not all the time, though. Eeeps. That would be seven kind of wierd.

Anyway, it's quite funny and I rather think it's spot-on in a way. What do you think?

Landrover!Dean and Beetle!Sam )

Sexy much?

Jun. 19th, 2007 01:44 am
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[ profile] allysonsedai made me this! Thank you, love. You made my day ♥

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Dean and his sinfully hot come hither look. That is also how I imagine Jensen looked like in 'Chicagoland' *whimpers*
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Inevitable, since the persons they love most are both called Sam :)

Inspired by [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l's post here.

Frodo in Lorien : "I cannot do this alone."
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