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Watched The Walking Dead last night and time simply flew and before I knew it, the show was over when the credits rolled. It felt like only 15 minutes had passed, not 40, that's how good the show was. Don't you feel like that when you're watching a really good show?

The Amazing Race: Moscow - another fun episode. The funnest was when they had to do the synchronized swimming along with the Russia olympic team, the guys omg, esp the Nelson twins lookalikes ( or how I imagine the twins look like at the age of fifty, I haven't looked up their current pics as I want them to remain as they were in my head ). As good as the Bollywood dance during last season!

SPN 805: Blood Brothers - that was a good episode but then I don't expect anything less from Ben Edlund. Though it did feel like there were two stories, spinoffs!, going on - Sam's curtainfic and Dean hunting-with-other-people story. I'm warming up to Benny now. Didn't quite like him before because I wanted ( still do! ) him to be Castiel. Speaking of, I'm dreading the day Cas is killed off, for good this time. Not a spoiler, just me thinking the worst, so that I'd be prepared. Unlike that time when they chopped off Ned Stark's head which was a total shock. Not good for the system, that, not good at all.

Revenge - I'm dreading the end. I really do. But in a good way. And I went all fuzzy and squishy and melty-heart when Nolan said that Ems was his only friend and family. Awwwwwwwww ...

And also, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, MARTIN FREEMAN omg! That guy was so good that I didn't see any single hint of John Watson there. I can't wait for The Hobbit!
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James Patrick Stuart was in Bones 8x05! It was good to see Dick Roman sans sharp teeth, and I thought it funny when Booth said he was a monster and he kept repeating I'm not a monster! Fun episode, love it when Brennan danced.

I like SPN 5x04 Bitten. But then I like Cloverfield and Blairwitch, so no surprise there. Sam ate salad again. But he probably does have his protein and carb I guess? To maintain all those muscles?

Survivor - it just occured to me that Malcolm looked a lot like Orlando Bloom. Hey [ profile] claudia603, you're still in it ;P, with Orlando Bloom as your closest ally!

The Amazing Race: Turkey - that was a very pretty episode. Love it when the first clue said Welcome to Europe, now go back to Asia. Such a lovely country, I want to go there someday.

Saw James Bond Skyfall and I enjoyed it very much - much more than the previous Craig!Bond movies. Maybe it's because then I kept comparing Bond to Bourne ( Bourne won of course ) and this year there was only that Bourne Legacy to compare it to and this time, Bond won, big time.

Anyone here have seen George Clooney's The Men Who Stare At Goats? That was HILARIOUS. What I like most about it is how serious everyone was that you could almost forget that it was actually a comedy.
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Game of Thrones 2x06: Was stoked to see David Nutter as the director of this episode. The David Nutter who used to be on SPN, the one who directed Pilot, woot! The episode didn't disappoint. And anyway, now I know to NOT think of the books when watching the show. I thought too much of them watching the first couple of episodes and while I wouldn't say that they didn't meet my sky-high expectations, they were not exactly what I was expecting. It's good now though, and I'm enjoying season 2 as much as I did season 1.

Read more... )

The Amazing Race 20 God, such a nerve-wrecking finale, almost like season 4 finale when it was Reichen and Chip all the way for me. I'm so happy that team won, they totally deserved it.

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I saw this poll on the internet - TV characters doing the Hunger Games, which was fun - and I thought, if we had TV characters doing The Amazing Race, this would be my list of teams. Do tell, who do you think would win? And who would you like to be on the race as well?

On your mark, travel safe, go! )
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The Amazing Race
It's really good to have Phil and The Amazing Race back. The teams cycling with Phil at the beginning of the show was awesome. That's new. And the first clue, and the wtf reactions that went with it, were priceless - Fly to Santa Barbara - when they were already *at* Santa Barbara lol. I'm ( for now ) rooting for the twins ( but of course, twins and brothers are my weakness, and that pair is HOT! ), the federal agents and of course, Team Brenchel. I'm happy to see that they're now engaged and they have a dog together!

Rachel is still as ditzy and shrieky and snarky as she was in Big Brother and Brendan is still cool and collected. Those two are totally polar opposites it's a wonder they're attracted to each other. But I think that underneath, Rachel is more like Brendan, that she's intelligent and cool and calm ( her BB personality is just a front, methinks ). I thought it great when she immediately got Brendan to do the easier empanadas ( cool, those are totally our karipap, eh [ profile] rieyll? ) and I like it that she speaks Spanish. But then, a quiet Rachel is probably not so interesting, so the producers probably want her to be the way she was in BB, so *sighs* )

SPN 714.
This had me squeeing a little. nothing to do with clowns )

I couldn't believe that Diane Kruger went uncredited in that season 2 episode of Fringe. I thought the girl with those horrible lesions on her face was terribly familiar so I checked at IMDB. She was Diane Kruger, I saw her in Troy, Wicker Park and National Treasure so of course she looked familiar. But why no credit to an A-list star? I googled it up and Oh. My. God. Read more... )
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I'm so proud of these two shows of mine.


Outstanding Achievement In Reality Programming : Amazing Race (CBS) - WINNER!
Outstanding Achievement In Movies, Miniseries And Specials : Sherlock (PBS/BBC) - WINNER!

And I'm also happy that Survivor and Downton Abbey made it to the top five of those two categories respectively. Twin Peaks made it to the top 4 of the Heritage Award so that's good, even if it didn't win.

Go here for the full list of winners. So, it looks like I'm going to watch the shows that're nominated there, the ones that I haven't seen already that is.

I've started watching Games Of Throne ( yes, Shari ) and I'm glad to see that it got the Outstanding New Programme award, and that Peter Dinklage was nominated in the Individual Achievement In Drama category. Now he's how I hope the dwarves in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit be like!

Speaking of The Amazing Race, I enjoyed TAR:Australia very much. The first three legs were slightly disappointing because they went to places and did tasks already shown on TAR:Asia. Lol, they probably didn't expect there'd be people watching both shows but it got better after that.

The winners )
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my TV night life is now complete.

Oh gosh, The Amazing Race:Unfinished Business last night was so much fun! I love all the teams ( with the exception of two teams but then you need them in this sort of show lol ), but oh, how I wish that they had brought back the teams from the earlier seasons. I love the brother-sister team from Season 1, and to see Reichen/Chip again ( though technically they wouldn't qualify since they had already won their million ), or Lena-Kristy ( the girls putting on lipstick before they faced Phil, I'd never forget that ), or Kelly/John and Jonathan/Victoria - their bickerings were so, so precious!

And I love it that they brought in Boston Rob and Evil Russell for Survivor:Redemption Island. I'm hoping that Russell would change his game somewhat. Surely after not winning in the finales two times running, he'd have learnt something? Yeah, I like him even if most times I felt like throttling him!

So. These are now my regular, not-to-be-missed TV shows, in the order of my level of anticipation and excitement in waiting for new eps each week :

These )
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And I'm stoked to find out what announcement Phil is going to make at the end of it. Many things are running in my head right now, first and foremost being the celebrity version of the race. Oh to have Jared and Jensen on it, or Matt and Ben!! Not very likely I know, but a girl can wish, yeah? And hey, it's Jerry Bruckheimer. Anything can happen with that man say-so!

Or maybe they'll have an All Star race with teams from the many versions of TAR. TAR original meets TAR Asia meets TAR Australia and all the rest would be all kind of awesome, too! Or maybe they'll have stars from the other reality shows doing the race. They've had that couple from Big Brother before, and Rob and Amber of course. That'd be good, too!!

I'm just hoping it's not bad news of any sort. Like, Phil being replaced by another host - NOOOOO! Anyway, whatever it is, I doubt that it's going to be anything but good. I sincerely hope so anyway.

On another note, I've got New York, I Love You downloaded and ready to watch \o/
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The Amazing Race : Ghana to Sweden )

The Amazing Race Asia : Sri Lanka )

Survivor : New alliances )

CSI:NY 703 was epically gruesome. Read more... )

House 703. A wonderful episode which I enjoyed very much. Read more... )
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Last night's The Amazing Race Asia was so awesome! This is the first time they're airing the original TAR at the same time as TARA and while both are great fun, I'm thinking that for this time around, TARA is a bit more awesome than TAR. Oh I'll always like Phil better than Alan but maybe because I can emphatize with fellow Asians much better and to a certain extent I know the way they think better than I do the Americans. Maybe.

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Brenda of Survivor continues to be amazing. Omg she's so cool and so smart *fangirls her* I don't quite like Nay but I hope she won't be voted out anytime soon as she's one of Brenda's strongest allies but how I wish she'd cool it down. And hey, [ profile] lassiterfics, Brenda kind of make me think of you :))

And I hope Chase will continue to be on Brenda's side. There's just something so strong and good and trusworthy in the name "Chase". Like Chase Edmunds of 24. And House's Chase! Read more... )
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I wasn't exactly thrilled when they first revealed the racers in The Amazing Race Asia Season 4. I mean, come on! They're mostly celebrities ( again ), young and hot and sexy and incredibly giggly, most of them anyway *grumbles* I'm thinking that those people have been invited to audition and I know that in the original American TAR, the casting crew scout for interesting people ( read pretty ) to take part but the eye candies are maybe, like, a team or two only. Beauty queens here and there, models, a few of the lesser-known actors. I undestand the need to get these people in, I do, but the teams in TARA 4? I'd say 6 out of the ten teams racing are made up of celebrities *huffs*

I'm totally rooting for the 3 teams that I think are genuine - the two best friends, the husband and wife team, and the father and daughter team. And maybe the Rebel Best Pals. The rest ... meh.

But having said that, last night first leg was totally AWESOME, and hey, they began in my country! It was fun and vibrant and colourful and I'm so glad my teams are still in. Though it was a close call for Dad/Daughter team.

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Survivor Nicaragua. It's still too early to say I guess, but this thing about dividing them by age ... IDK, but it felt kind of wrong to see the younger team flaunting their youth, vigour and vitality, sashaying in the way they did when they had their first challenge. I'm hoping that they'll reshuffle the tribes soon. But I like the girl who found the medallion, Brenda I think her name is? She reminds me of Kristin Kreuk! And Fabio omg, that guy is unbelievable lol.

The Amazing Race ( the original version ) premiers next week. I'm looking forward to see how the doctor plays the game. It's a first time I see a doctor in TAR, plenty of lawyers before but no doctor yet. I hope she'll do better than Dr McSteamy did in Survivor!
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Did anyone else see the Jimmy Kimmel Aloha To Lost? That was hilarious. And I thought I was going to die from happiness when Jimmy said that Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson could now go on The Amazing Race together. I hope that Jerry Bruckheimer heard that! *wishes long and hard*

And that Survivor spoof! I almost cracked a rib, I was laughing so hard! I thought that was going to be a genuine alternate ending and I didn't get it until Jeff walked in omgomgomg *is still laughing*

I wish I know how to do the video clip thing but there's always YouTube.

And a couple of caps, God, that was one good laugh I had there!

The tribe has spoken )

Speaking of Survivor, I saw an episode of its first season - Survivor:Borneo. The show was such a baby back then! And Jeff looked almost exactly the same then as he does now. He got better of course, and more confident, but it was such fun seeing how the show and Jeff were when the show was in its infancy.

I remember the hoopla caused by the show, so much excitement here as it was held at an island off the coast of East Malaysia. Haha, I guess calling it Survivor:Borneo sounded more exotic. Survivor:Malaysia? Meh, so tame :)
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In the seven year history of the award category, no show other than CBS' globetrotting "Amazing Race" has won. "Race" simply wears its production values on its sleeve: exotic locations, complicated logistics and cameras capturing contestants as they run, bike and tuk-tuk through far-flung villages.

From here.

That TV meme a lot of people are doing? The one show that you wish a lot more people are watching? Yup, this show :)

Oh TAR ( and Phil ), I love you so!
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The Amazing Race 16. Oh my gravy )

Survivor : Heroes v Villains. Manpile! )

The Biggest Loser : Asia. Flappy skin is ugly )

American Idol. Kara DioGuardi, down! )
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Hee, I love last night's 'The Amazing Race' so much that I just had to download it so that I could watch it again and again. They were in The Netherlands and Dean wore a dress LOL. I wish they did the dance because that would have been super hilarious. Big Easy and Flight Time ( I think I got that correct this time, [ profile] rieyll heheh ) were very funny and I think Brian deserved a 'Husband of the Year' award, he was so sweet and adorable and supportive and I love that team but omg Erica was so annoying grrrr. I'm sad that eliminated team )

And [ profile] suzy_74, the teams are going to Sweden next week and I'm looking forward to seeing your country!!

Survivor )

House 6.05 )

Btw, where *are* the new episodes of Bones,CSI:NY, House? Are they all on hiatus or something? *taps foot*
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Oh God. I wonder what Tiffany's and Maria's reactions would be like when they find out that Sam and Dean are batting for the home team. Read more... )

Survivor Samoa )

And Lancelot! Oh my, I couldn't decide, Arthur or Lancelot! Lancelot is hot, all grim and grimy, but Arthur has such pretty lips! His lips could certainly give Jensen's a run for his money!!!
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Omg, I can't believe that they didn't seem to know what/where the Persian Gulf is! And last week they didn't recognize Jackie Kennedy *head-desk*

My teams continued to be amazing. Brian and Erica, love them. Not that comfortable calling them Team Zebra but since it's what they call themselves ... And the girls, and Sam & Dean! ( Dean has yet to call his brother Sammy ). Sam's the one who appeared to be in control btw :)

And the team that got eliminated Read more... )
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TAR at Ho Chin Minh City was FUN! )

Bones 5.01 )

House 6.02 )

Survivor Samoa ep 3 )

In other news, I think they should place Dean/Castiel on its own category rather than putting it with the "Other Slash" caregory. I mean, just look at this. It's raining Dean/Castiel!
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Does anyone here has any experience using a chionizer? [ profile] lbilover's Sean swore by it I was told :DD

I couldn't find it anywhere here so I have to order that online. We have the ordinary room ionizers, also the air-conds that have built-in ionnizers, but I thought a personal ionizer would be even more useful. Anyone?

On another note, what EW said about Sam & Dan of TAR 15.

The Amazing Race casting agents usually prefer their gay players to play to the broadest stereotypes of flamboyance, bitchiness, or haplessness. Which is why this team is going to throw homophobic viewers into turmoil, and possibly a deep spiral of tough self-questioning: Wait, these guys look and act like my frat brothers! And they celebrated their mutual coming out with high-fives! But...I high five, too. In fact, I just did, when the Eagles won. Does that mean I'm gay? Or are the Eagles gay? The brothers are hiding their sexuality from the other teams, hoping to get on the good sides of female teams that want to flirt with them and don't realize how pointless it is. Damn their sister for nearly blowing their cover by giving them matching orange passport covers!

Ahaha, so some people would be thrown into turmoil, eh?

From here.


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