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James Patrick Stuart was in Bones 8x05! It was good to see Dick Roman sans sharp teeth, and I thought it funny when Booth said he was a monster and he kept repeating I'm not a monster! Fun episode, love it when Brennan danced.

I like SPN 5x04 Bitten. But then I like Cloverfield and Blairwitch, so no surprise there. Sam ate salad again. But he probably does have his protein and carb I guess? To maintain all those muscles?

Survivor - it just occured to me that Malcolm looked a lot like Orlando Bloom. Hey [ profile] claudia603, you're still in it ;P, with Orlando Bloom as your closest ally!

The Amazing Race: Turkey - that was a very pretty episode. Love it when the first clue said Welcome to Europe, now go back to Asia. Such a lovely country, I want to go there someday.

Saw James Bond Skyfall and I enjoyed it very much - much more than the previous Craig!Bond movies. Maybe it's because then I kept comparing Bond to Bourne ( Bourne won of course ) and this year there was only that Bourne Legacy to compare it to and this time, Bond won, big time.

Anyone here have seen George Clooney's The Men Who Stare At Goats? That was HILARIOUS. What I like most about it is how serious everyone was that you could almost forget that it was actually a comedy.
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This fic has made me so happy today I can't stop smiling!!

The Dead Man In The Lab by [ profile] sameuspegasus, SPN/Bones crossover, gen, rating PG, word count approx 50K++

Summary : There's a dead man in Booth's interrogation room and he's having an argument with an angel of the Lord. Also Sam Winchester is back from hell and a little unstable.

A wonderful, profoundly satisfying story with perfect characterizations all around from both fandoms. It's hilarious and suspenseful and immensely thrilling, it made me cheer and root for everyone, from Sam to Dean, to Bones and Booth, Cas, Angela and Hodgins and Daisy but if I had to choose only one, than I have to say that it's Sweets!

It started a little like Bellatemple's The Righteous Man In The Shallow Grave ( which I love too! ), with Dean wreaking havoc and causing overall destruction in Bones' lab and I had a fleeting thought that the story was going to be similar to Bellatemple's but then it veered off into its own, the team from the Jeffersonian teaming up with the Winchesters and Cas to stop a group of satanist cult from raising the Light-Bringer and can you just imagine the different reactions of Bones and Booth meeting the angel of the lord for the first time? Daisy approaching Dean when he was at his most angry ( read Impala-crashing fury )? Sweets trying to get not only Sam and Dean but Cas as well into therapy with him? ( angels do not need therapy omg )

And what I like most about this story is how the author handled all the characters with utmost respect and care even when they annoy the hell out of you ( and by you, I meant me of course ) in the show. Lol Daisy, anyone?

A perfect blend of comedy and suspense with a little bit of romance thrown in, just a little, there were demons to put down and an apacalypse to avert after all, I'm highly, highly recommending it to fans of both shows!!
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And oh boy, am I rec'ing this.

The Righteous Man in the Shallow Grave by [ profile] bellatemple. SPN/Bones crossover, gen, rating R, 27,030 words.

Summary: When an unidentified body is found in an illegal grave in a field in Pontiac, Illinois, the body gets shipped to the Medico-Legal Lab at the Jeffersonian for identification, and Death calls Tessa in with a warning: "The righteous man has broken, and the angels have breached Hell's gates."

Written for the [ profile] sncross_bigbang, I was absolutely delighted when I first knew that the author was writing a Bones/SPN crossover and was thrilled when it was posted a few days ago. But I kept my excitement in check ( or tried to ) because you know, high expectatations and all that jazz. But [ profile] bellatemple delivered, and beyond. It was awesome and amazing from start to finish. She gave a very credible crossover with the characters from both fandoms sounding true to what we know of them. A Must Read, especially to fans of both shows!
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And these are wonderful.

Bones 621 :The Signs In The Silence. Really enjoyed that one. Cried buckets at the end when ... )

Bones 622 : The Hole In The Heart : I wept and I wept and I wept. He was my favourite, too.

House 722 : After Hours. Now that's one totally intense episode. I thought House was ( good ) crazy before but with what he did there, he amped his craziness a thousand fold! I didn't really think that ... )

And now for the finales!!

Btw, that guitar thingy at Google is very distracting.
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Bones : The Killer in the Crosshairs. Does anyone know what Angela's given name was? Has it been mentioned before? Also, I'm so happy that the old Booth is back and that my old Brennan/Booth love is still strong.

Chuck vs The A-Team. Boy, I'm glad that that particular storyline was for that one episode only. Watching Chuck with a sinking feeling is so alien for me.

And guess who this little cutie was!


ETA : Angela's middle name is "Pearly Gates". Many thanks to my own Angela here!
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Bones 611 'The Bullet In The Brain'.

♥♥♥ )

SPN 612 'The Sword In The Stone' aka Like A Virgin.

♥♥♥ )
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Bones 609 : The Doctor In The Photo. That is so, so tragic. God, I'm so glad they didn't go that path with Mulder and Scully. If they had done that, I'd have given up on The X-Files even before the plot started to get weirder and weirder, before David Duchovny quit the show even.

*hugs Mulder/Scully close*

Read more... )

I saw Narnia last weekend. And I think Caspian's hair is very, very pretty.

[Poll #1656712]

I wonder what type of shampoos they're using )
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Watching Brennan interacting with Booth this season is somewhat akin to watching Sam and Dean - there's a Hannah and there's a Lisa in the background omg. I've always loved Brennan's easy relationship with Booth, am still hoping that those two will get together someday, and I think Sam and Dean's relationship has gotten better in the last two episodes, despite the something-is-wrong-with-Sam cloud hanging over them. But. There's a Hannah and there's a Lisa in the background. Omg.

It'd be interesting to see how they're going to further work the two women into the story ( or out of, as the case may be ). My money is on Bones for a better storyline but SPN has a way of surprising you when you least expect it, so we'll see.

On the book front, I've just finished The First Casualty by Ben Elton. I enjoyed that though it didn't make me laugh hysterically the way his other books did. His first "serious" work, I believe, and I guess it's hard to be funny when the subject matter is WW1. But then, his books are all ( well, mostly ) about serious stuff and yet he always managed to make me laugh non-stop.

Going on to my fourth book this year ( go me, I'm on a roll. Heheh, [ profile] katikat is probably rolling her eyes now ) - Brisingr by Christopher Paolini. The third book in the Eragon series. I've quite forgotten what the story is all about, or the movie, it has been so long since I last read the first two books. I do remember that Rachel Weisz was the voice of Shapira, and John Malkovic played Galbatorix.

Survivor and The Amazing Race Asia tonight!
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Bones S3. I finally found out what happened to Zack ( [ profile] dev_earl! ) What a shitty, shitty way to get rid of a character. I'd rather have a character killed off than that. Ugh.

Leverage S2. I haven't been following that for quite some time but I caught an episode last week, and I was like, Where's Sophie???? What happened to her? I like her! But she was there in the finale last night so I presume she's back in season 3? I hope so anyway!

And TWIN PEAKS!!! I love that show. I used to be obsessed by it the way I'm obsessed with Supernatural now. Watching it again brought back fond memories of those days of counting the days until Thursday. I was in uni back then, and we'd crowd into my friend's room, watching it from her small TV, or down at the lounge, ooh-ing and aah-ing as the story unfolded.

Good times ... *is nostalgic*

And even after all these years, Twin Peaks still manages to impress me. That haunting theme music omg!

Here )

Any fans of Twin Peaks here? Who were your favourite characters? What scene(s) would always be embedded in your mind?

I adored Donna Heyward. I shipped her and James like crazy. And I had a thing for Donna/Agent Cooper as well, but I think that was more because of Lara Fynn Boyle having a RL relationship with Kyle McLachlan then. But Donna/James omg!! Even now I still go weak-kneed to see them together.

And the one image that would always be crystal clear in my mind.

This )

If you haven't watch the series, WATCH IT!!
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TAR at Ho Chin Minh City was FUN! )

Bones 5.01 )

House 6.02 )

Survivor Samoa ep 3 )

In other news, I think they should place Dean/Castiel on its own category rather than putting it with the "Other Slash" caregory. I mean, just look at this. It's raining Dean/Castiel!


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