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Saw this over at [ profile] casey28 and I cannot not post it here as well, Jensen you tease, you!!


Did he even realize what he was doing?????
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Because of this fic, aptly titled Hold. But while [ profile] oselle seems to be more fixated on Jared's ginormous hand cradling Jensen's pretty head, I'm more obsessed with the way Jensen was looking at Jared.

Dean was supposed to be dead in that scene so what was that still all about I wonder? Jared rehearsing his cry? A blooper shot when Dean was not supposed to be looking at Sam that way? Heck, he wasn't supposed to be looking at Sam at all! That look ... guh, it was just so ... laden ... was he crying inside along with Jared? Or was he planning on mocking Jared later on his crying technique? Or was he just thinking on what they're going to have for dinner later?

I can look at that pic forever!
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This is probably all over LJ already but I don't care I'm re-posting it because this is just too precious and too beautiful for words!!!!!


Thanks, Arabia, for the heads-up :DD
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I've been good and I didn't click on any of the spoilery pics for S4 but IT'S SO HARD OMG *bangs head several times*

But then I stumbled upon an icon by accident and I'm dead dead dead. And [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l has it on her LJ and *diiiiiiiiies*

Because *bleep* it's spoilery )
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Saw this pic at [ profile] mata090680's and I just have to re-post it because she and her son are so cute!!!

Liv Tyler and Milo.
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Image Hosting by

Thank you [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l! You're so good to me ♥

ETA : And the icon is from [ profile] ala_tariel. Thank you, sweetie!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] tj_smartz!
May your birthday be the happiest and greatest day of all!
And may all your wishes come true

So, I guess you'd want to be the rattan mat here ... )
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Among the many pics that have been surfacing from this site lately, this one simply takes the cake. Because, seriously?

That's exactly how I stand holding on to hubby when I was pregnant. Hee!


Cut for some J2 shipping )
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When I first saw this pic a little while back, I thought it was a manip. I mean, I know that Jensen used to model when he was young but I thought it was for clothes and stuff. I had no idea that his face was once used for a skincare product! So yeah, from what I read here, young Jensen was once the face for Dr. Semel face products! Cool. And he was so pretty, too.

dr semel

I've never heard of this brand btw. Is it good?
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I was thinking of posting this at the comm but then I thought maybe the person who put up this pic might think that I'm laughing at her but I'm not! I swear I'm not. I'm laughing ( hysterically ) but in a good way. And I love the person who put up the pic, whoever she is.

Read the title.

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So, to borrow from the good Professor.

One Look To Rule Them All.

My Men )
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Give me one word. And one word only.

click )
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Because J&J are made of love ♥

Jared's interview with TV Guide :

...or Jensen and I will go out to a movie or play a game of golf. But for the most part I'm just not into that, I'd much rather play guitar and go to a bar — I rhymed! Don't you see enough of Jensen on set?

Padalecki: Not at all. We're really good buddies and that's been probably the best thing about Supernatural. In the last three years of my life, I've spent more time with Jensen Ackles than with any other human being and vice versa. Luckily, we get along really well and we are very similar guys. We're both from Texas, we both love our families, the same kind of music, and the Dallas Cowboys. It's been a huge blessing to work with somebody who is easygoing on set and who I'm friends with.

*melts sighs flails*

And I really, really love their shoes )
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Because I could so totally see Sam, with his bitchy face on, putting this ad in the papers. Dean probably had left his computer hanging at Again.

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Originally posted by [ profile] jadeadore at [ profile] dean_sam

Would be wonderful if someone could write a fic, ficlet, drabble, anything, on what Dean would say when he saw this ad.

And, oh, here's [ profile] oselle's 101 on why you should watch Supernatural. Or rather, Dean Winchester.
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Oh yeah ♥

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In other news, 'The Amazing Race' has again won the Emmy for best reality programme, for the 5th time running! ♥ Phil

*throws confetti*
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I love this pic. There's so much there. Sam's filing up the water bottle with - holy water? Or just plain drinking water. It looks like they're in some sort of an abandoned building. Dean's cleaning the guns, looking at Sam ( but of course ). I haven't been reading any of the spoilers so I have no idea what's actually going on there. Are they in the middle of a job? Or are they hiding - from someone? Or something? Sam looks tired. Dean just looks, while not exactly happy, but maybe just thankful because Sam is still alive and with him. And as watchful as ever. Forever the protective big brother, doing the job that has been imprinted on him since he was four.

Watch out for Sam.

Sam and Dean )

From here.
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I shall dream about this tonight. I shall. I shall. I shall.

Uploaded by [ profile] caramel_maddy, here's the short vid of the ass-smacking deliciousness.

From [ profile] missy_jack, here's the full-length version of the S2 blooper reels, it's about 9 minutes long and it's absolutely PRICELESS.

the blooper vid )

And doesn't he look utterly adorable in this pic? Jared's a lion mommy!
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pic from [ profile] twistedlaletz's LJ


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