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Survivor:Phillipines is back yayyy!! I haven't seen it yet - [ profile] shirebound, have you? - but I just found out that Lisa Whelchel is in it. The Lisa from The New Mickey Mouse Club of '77-'78 ( I think ) and the actress who played Blair from The Facts Of LIfe. Not that I'm much of a fan of her - Allison was my favourite mouseketeer -, but I did watch Facts of Life regularly, so it brings back lots of fond memories. I remember very well watching the Mickey Mouse Club on TV, waiting avidly for Allison especially!

Did you watch that show when you were a kid? Other than Lisa and Allison, I remember Kelly very well, and it seems that she went on to become a beauty queen? Though I guess nobody made it as big as Britney and Justin. I didn't watch the one with Britney and Justin though and I only just knew that Justin Timberlake used to be in the club when I was googling for Lisa and his pics kept turning up lol.

I've downloaded Downton Abbey 301 but haven't watched it yet. I'm so afraid that Mary and Matthew *still* won't get married. I wouldn't mind Mary getting back with Ser Jorah Sir Richard but Mary/Matthew is still my OTP!
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I laughed out loud ( in absolute delight and total agreement ) when I saw someone at one of the Downton Abbey comms saying that those who like Sir Richard Carlisle do so because of Ser Jorah Mormont. Yes, yes and YES! I still ship Matthew/Mary but Sir Richard has been growing on me ( partly because I kept thinking of him as the gallant Ser Jorah whom I adore ) and what with the relationship between Matthew and Mary seemingly going nowhere, I think Sir Richard could be good for Mary.

And oh, I almost cracked a rib laughing when someone asked whether Sir Richard had ever confused Lady Sybil with Kit Harrington lolol.

I'm not really into the fandom per se but I peeked in at the comms now and then, just a peek because I can't bear to read any of the character bashings that all fandoms inevitably have.

And I daren't even do that at the Game of Thrones comms because I really, really don't want to see people saying that they hate, say, Jon Snow. And I don't want to know about Jon vs Robb, if any. I hope there aren't any but you never know!

Anyway, back to Downton Abbey. Read more... )
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I don't think I've ever cried this much from a single episode of a TV series before.
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Five more days to the second series! That is, if I got to download it on the same day that it's supposed to air in the UK. I haven't been reading any of the spoilers but the fans seem to be excited so I'm excited, too!!

The only thing that would spoil the story for me is Mary and Matthew going their separate ways because that would HURT. So very much. That's the downside of getting too invested in a pairing/story, you'd get crushed if things didn't go your way. But then, the payoff is AWESOME if it did! I love the other would-be couples too but I don't think I'd be too upset if things didn't work out between, say, Sybil and Branson, or Anna and Bates. Okay, maybe a little for Anna and Bates.

I wish they'd give Thomas a boyfriend though, a decent person, not someone like that Duke, and that he's not so mean and bitter all the time.

The book that I'm currently reading, Sally Beauman's The Landscape of Love, reminds me a bit of Downton Abbey, but maybe that's because I can't get DA out of my mind lately lol. Different period of time ( 1967 instead of 1912, the Vietnam war instead of WW1 ) but there were three sisters in the book, their house is called Wyken Abbey and Finn & Dan made me think of Sybil & Branson!

Jayne and Monty and anyone else on my flist who have watched the show, aren't you excited? :DD
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I love Downton Abbey. Really, really love it. It's one of those shows that make you want to roll around in and hug close to your heart. If I could, I'd have watched all seven episodes in one go but I had to make do with watching two eps back-to-back at one time. And oh, how I wish I had watched it earlier when there were still people on my flist squeeing about it!

I got hooked to it right from the get-go. I love everyone in it - Sybil that minx of a girl, Mary, so idealistic and so stubborn just say yes to Matthew won't you?? *is exasperated* And Kemal Pamuk made me do a double-take, he looked a lot like of Orlando Bloom!

Maggie Smith was pure brilliance. I didn't quite know where I was with that Dowager initially - I started with disliking her and I ended up loving her! Pity that Thomas was such a mean character because I'd have enjoyed his gay escapades but him being the way he was ... what a nasty man.

Can't wait for the next series!!

Speaking of shows that make you want to roll around in and hug close to your heart, shows that make you count the days ( when I was younger, hours! ) until the next episode, any such shows for you?

For me, it used to be The X-Files, the first three seasons of Supernatural, BBC!Sherlock ( !!!! ), 24, Twin Peaks and when I was much younger Dallas and Starsky & Hutch and of course, my sweetheart The Amazing Race. There're shows that I love, and there're shows that I love, and Downton Abbey has now joined the realm of those shows!


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