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Squee number one: Seriously? Like, seriously seriously???

If Martin weren't yanking chains, I wonder very much in what role he'll be cast as. An elf? Oh he'd be perfect as one, tall and moody and broody, all aloof and elegant. I'm not into the RPFs ( yet ), or the FPSs either ( yet ) but I imagine there'll be lots of plotbunnies floating around, namely Martin wanting Benedict by his side for the movie!

Squee number two: This pic which was posted a while back made me melt into a puddle of goo.
awwwww ...  )

Squee number three: This is just so very lovely. My favourite man with my favourite woman )

And squee number four: A story that really, really made me happy, my heart was practically singing while reading it! Blindness by [ profile] glassyskies, Dean/Cas PG-13, 10,500 words.

With that title, I initially thought it was about either Dean or Cas going blind, but it it isn't. Not the physical kind anyway. It's Cas wearing his heart on his sleeves with everyone but Dean noticing it. It kind of made me think of that meta by Cupidsbow but where Dean isn't actually an asshat, just oblivious. Sweet yet heartbreaking with awesome Sam, awesome Balthazar and awesome Bobby!
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Watching Oprah's 'Old Hearthrobs' a while back ( Shaun Cassidy anyone? ) made me think of my own, my Jensens of yore so to speak. They were the ones that I used to picture in my mind as my favourite characters in the books that I read ( ha, I used to imagine Ludlum's Bourne looking like Richard Dean Anderson! ), the ones that I thought of just before I dropped off to sleep. Lol some things never change ...

Anyways. These are the guys that used to make my tween heart race, the ones whose pics I meticulously cut out from mags and newspapers and lovingly paste on scrapbooks.

Yes, them )

Old OTP.

Aug. 5th, 2009 11:59 pm
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From US Weekly, snagged from [ profile] mattdamoncolumn.

Matt and Ben's double date

Bon appetit! Old pals Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and wives Jennifer Garner and Luciana Damon caught up during dinner at Beverly Hills' Polo Lounge on June 29. On the menu: salads, red wine - and an onslaught of fans. According to a witness, whenever someone approached their table, Affleck was extra-friendly, even asking fans where they were from, while Garner, 37, appeared lukewarm at best.

In fact, it was only when one admirer requested a photo with Garner alone that the actress lit up. (Garner's rep couldn't be reached for comment.) By contrast, Luciana, 33, gladly stayed out of a lot of snapshots, and when one diner asked Luciana to take a picture of him with the three A-listers, Luciana happily obliged!

Now if that had been Jared and Jensen with their dates, I wouldn't have been able to sleep tonight. Heheh.

Ben & Jen with Violet & Seraphina, Matt with Isabella & Gia.

The Coach.

Jul. 10th, 2009 04:51 pm
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Coach Teague sure has come a long, long way :)


Mmmm, balls )

Boy to man.

Jul. 8th, 2009 08:17 am
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He started as a toddler-model, and what I wouldn't give to have a look at those pics of the moddler, as Kimmel called him. Coming soon I hope, since these catalogues have come up on e-bay.

So cute!

Twenty-odd years later, still modelling, and still so cute!!

a few more )
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I saw these pics of the boys with their stunt doubles posted here. I've never seen them before and I just have to re-post. Because Jensen looked so adorable in the pics, and Jared too, of course! :)

doublemint twins )
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'Kay, i've just been re-watching this episode, and I LOVE the whole thing. One of the best episodes around without a doubt. And I myself tearing up all over again.

At number 9 )

Het OTPs!

Sep. 1st, 2008 11:05 am
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All that Caroline / Thorne talk in my last post? Made me think with fondness of my het OTPs from way back when I was a teen until now. Het smut no longer does anything for me, not much anyway, but a good old-fashioned het romance still could get me all sigh-ey and squee-ey.

Do you have any het OTPs of your own? Fictional couples whom you rooted for, either in books or on TV / movies?

mine )
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Watched a couple of clips from 'Days of Our Lives' ( thank you [ profile] ckll! ) and I'm reminded why I'm not really into daytime soaps. Nothing to do with Jensen, he was adorable, but it's the type of show itself, and I'm not talking about DOOL specifically but soap operas in general.

It's the way they talk, so stilted and so -- structured, and the studioish-ness of everything. And now I realize what some of Shymalan's movies remind me of - daytime soaps! But I guess that's what defined soap operas. And why on earth are they called "soaps" in the first place? Any idea?

But having said that, I did watch and enjoy 'The Bold and the Beautiful', way back when I was a student and still have the time to watch daytime programmes, and that's about the only soap that I followed faithfully. Mainly because of Caroline and Thorne, LOVE those two. I was devastated when they killed off Caroline, and changed the actor who played Thorne. I lost interest after that. Caught a couple of episodes here and there recently, and the only people that I recognized are Brooke and Ridge and omg they have changed! All those wrinkles and the grey hairs ( though Stephanie has remained unremarkably unchanged ) and in a way I'm glad that Caroline and Thorne are no longer around.

Anyway, back to DOOL. Heard Eric Brady saying the name "Sami" and it sounded very different from the way he said "Sammy". Dean mostly called Sam "Sammy" when he's panicking, or when he's teasing him. Eric's "Sami" was much softer sounding than "Sammy", and Eric's voice is sweeter than Dean's ( of course, Jensen was 10 years younger back then ) which is deeper and more gravelly and much, much sexier!

Eric drove much the same way as Dean, though. The way he glanced at the sideway mirror, the way he looked at his sister sitting beside him, not much different from the way Dean looked at Sam. No Metalicca blasting from the radio then, of course.

I don't have pics of Eric driving, but I do have pics of them sleeping ...

Eric, Dean sleeping )
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Does anyone know where I can download 'Days of Our Lives'? Looking at these pics ( man, he was a twink ), I have this sudden hankering to see Eric Brady in action. Twink aside, he was such a cutie *is in love*

Would would have ever thought that this boy -

would morph into this man?

A pic which I haven't seen before, Jensen with his parents and his sister on the set of DOOL.
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Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana announced the arrival of their second daughter together, Gia Zavala, yesterday. And on the same day, Matt's BFF, Ben, announced that he and Jen are expecting their second baby.

It's so, so endearing that Matt and Ben seem to be continuing their childhood tradition of doing things together ( or almost together ). Ben married Jen in June 2005. Matt married Luciana 6 months later. Ben's daughter, Violet Anne was born in December 2005. Matt's first, Isabella, was born 6 months after the birth of Violet. And now it looks like Ben second child would come, probably 6 months after Matt's second!

According to Matt, Ben gave him parenting advise when Isabella was born. To quote Matt : "He marched into our house one day, plopped this toy down and said, 'This works.'"

The beautiful Isabella.

more of Matt and Ben and their girls )

Jared and Jensen and err, their babies *coughs* )
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According to Jensen, Kim Manners ( he's one of the directors on Supernatural ) said that if Jared were a dog, he would be Pluto. I thought that was absolutely spot-on, because goofy!Jared as Pluto - totally adorable.

Pluto )

But with the latest Jared's pics that have been flooding my flist today? Guh, Pluto the dog is the furthest thing on my mind, further then err, well, Pluto *g*

Adonis!Jared )

As for Jensen, it tickled me when apparently Kim had likened him to Rin Tin Tin. You know those quizzes that tell you what type of dog you are. I did two of those and I'm a German Shepherd in both of the quizzes. So yeah, Jensen and I, we're both German Shepherds! *glee*

Rin Tin TIn )

And Kim Manners himself? Jensen said Kim's a Benji.

Benji )
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And no, it has nothing to do with Jensen himself saying that DitW is his favourite episode. Not at all. *g*

For one thing, the stills for that particular episode are absolutely breathtaking. This one for example, is my favourite. The beautiful scenery, the lake, the overall atmosphere, Sam and Dean sitting there all loose-limbed and guh, looking just so very gorgeous.


Two new, and some old pics )
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I'm really, really looking forward to the next 4 episodes of Supernatural. It's been quite some time since I felt this excited about a new episode, because well, none of episodes in S3 so far was anything like those in S1 and S2. But yeah, if the promo clips and the episodic stills are anything to go by, ep 9 to 12 are going to be absolute killers.

These two stills from episode 12 for instance, they totally killed me. totally.


And the video clips from episode 9 OMG. Btw, I wish to thank [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l for pointing out something that is rather endearing and touching from the second clip which I didn't really notice before. not really spoilery but behind a cut just in case )

See the SPOILERY clips from ep 9 here.

And of course, episode 11 and omg WHAT IS GOING ON THERE????

SPOILERY episode stills from ep 11

I. Can't. Wait.
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These have been popping up all over my flist in the past few but I didn't click on them. Not that I mind the spoileries, well, unless they're the 'The Village'-type of spoileries. Or 'The Others'. Or 'The Sixth Sense'. Or 'The Murder of Roger Ackroyd'-type of spoileries. Have you read that book? Man, knowing who the murderer was before you get to the end would be a real bummer. Anyway, I digress.

So, I pretty much ignored the pics, until [ profile] chloe_amethyst convinced me that I really should do so. Click to see the pics I mean. Episodic stills of S3.11.

And boy oh boy, am I glad that I did.

Because Sam with a *bleep*. And Dean with a *bleep* as well. And Dean *bleep *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* OMG every fangirl wetdreams come true!!!

click for spoilery pics of S3.11 )
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I finally got to watch S3/07.

*** Spoilery pics under the cut ***

That final scene, it tore at my heart. It's even more heart-wrenching than

this )

this )

and this )

No tears, none *seen* anyway, unlike in this scene.
here )

Even more moving than
this )

and this )

Oh Dean, you made me cry like a baby when you gave him
this )


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