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1. Many, many thanks to Shinta, Jas, Steff and Samena for the lovely blue dragons. It's certainly the Year of the Dragon, eh? ♥♥♥

2. A couple of quick recs. A Sherlock/LOTR crossover brilliantly written by [ profile] aussiepeach. Here, where Frodo first met the Consulting Ranger at the Prancing Inn and its sequel where the Consulting Ranger met the Irene Adler of Lothlorien. Much hilarity ensues and yeah, I'm surprised that none of the Fellowship hadn't punched Sherlock yet lol. Read, read, READ! ( Thank you [ profile] frodosweetstuff )

Uhm, Katikat, I don't think you'll have any objection to the casting of Watson here ;D

3. A crossover vid of sorts where House meets Sherlock meets Fortysomething. Or rather where Dr Paul Slippery had migrated to US to become the famous consulting doctor while his son, Rory grew up to be the equally famous ( or equally annoying, depending on whom you ask ) consulting detective.

Here. ( Thank you [ profile] katikat for the heads-up! )
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Suits 1x12 - finale. That was happy-making good. And it's now official, Donna is my favourite character in the show, she and Harvey. I wish I know what her ritual with Harvey was. There will be a season 2, won't it? And hopefully there'll be more than 12 eps per season? But I'm so very afraid for Mike. spoilers )

Fringe 2x08 - "August". The one with the observers. That episode made me think of Castiel and Dean. Ahaha, Castiel would have made a good observer, except I really don't want to see him without his messy hair. Or his rumpled trenchcoat. But the looks the Observer was giving the girl, how he protected her, yup, my mind immediately flew to the angel and his charge.

House 810. House was quite the Sherlock there. Not that he wasn't Dr. Sherlock before, just that he was noticably more Sherlockian in that episode. I need Hugh Laurie and Benedict Cumberbatch to be reunited so bad I can feel it. Guh, I need to watch another episode of Fortysomething and imagine that Dr Paul Slippery was actually young House. And look here!

And random fannish thoughts. Apparenty there'll be a SPN Burbank con soon? Hee, will the Jeffster and Chuck and the rest of the gang be there? :D
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And these are wonderful.

Bones 621 :The Signs In The Silence. Really enjoyed that one. Cried buckets at the end when ... )

Bones 622 : The Hole In The Heart : I wept and I wept and I wept. He was my favourite, too.

House 722 : After Hours. Now that's one totally intense episode. I thought House was ( good ) crazy before but with what he did there, he amped his craziness a thousand fold! I didn't really think that ... )

And now for the finales!!

Btw, that guitar thingy at Google is very distracting.
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House 7.09 : I totally approve of ... )

V 203 : I probably should have seen that one coming but I didn't. ... )

Bones 610 : I'm so going to latch on to whoever takes a romantic interest in Brennan. In a way, it's somewhat a bit the way I took to Castiel.... )

CSI:NY Wot? No show last week? I was really looking forward to the new episode as I'm really into Jo now. ... )

And I've just seen the first episode of S1 NCIS. It was such a wonderful surprise seeing lots of people that I like there, other than Mark Harmon that is. I didn't know that Michael Weatherly's in it, or Sasha Alexander. Or David MacCallum. WIN!

SPN this Friday. Aargh, and I've been accidentally spoiled. I thought the episode that has everyone up in arms ( yes, that ) was going to be the next one, so I clicked on a link and it turned out that *that* ep is 615 so I was totally spoiled with a completely different ep *bangs head*

[ profile] chloe_amethyst, so that's the episode you had been hinting to me!! I thought it was the X-Files one. Eeeeeee, I'm so totally looking forward to that now ( which is not necessarily a good thing because I always seemed to be disappointed with the anticipated ones ) but still, it's *BLEEEEP* OMG! )
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I enjoyed House's Unplanned Parenthood very much. And omg, the mother was actually Jennifer Grey of Dirty Dancing! I didn't realize it was her until I saw her name on IMDB, looking for the name of the girl who plays Cuddy's daughter. Jennifer's still very pretty, she has aged gracefully IMO.

Speaking of little Rachel, awwwwwwwwwww ... so much cuteness! Watching House with her, I could just picture what House must be like with little Jack. That's Jack in [ profile] deelaundry's My Father's Son, one of the best kid!fic ever, which you should read, even if you had never read a House fic before!
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The Amazing Race : Ghana to Sweden )

The Amazing Race Asia : Sri Lanka )

Survivor : New alliances )

CSI:NY 703 was epically gruesome. Read more... )

House 703. A wonderful episode which I enjoyed very much. Read more... )

House 6.10

Jan. 14th, 2010 12:52 pm
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Omg I can't believe that they actually went there!!! Rieyll, Katikat, did you see????
And did House no actual spoilers but under a cut just in case )

House 6.07

Nov. 26th, 2009 12:30 am
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I really love it when a story takes them away from the hospital. Because the outdoor shots in House are simply breathtaking.

This one, for instance )

Does anyone here know where can I get hi-res screencaps of House? Deelaundry? Anyone?

And also, I know that each episode comes with a title but it's not shown on the show itself, is it? Or did I miss it?
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Hee, I love last night's 'The Amazing Race' so much that I just had to download it so that I could watch it again and again. They were in The Netherlands and Dean wore a dress LOL. I wish they did the dance because that would have been super hilarious. Big Easy and Flight Time ( I think I got that correct this time, [ profile] rieyll heheh ) were very funny and I think Brian deserved a 'Husband of the Year' award, he was so sweet and adorable and supportive and I love that team but omg Erica was so annoying grrrr. I'm sad that eliminated team )

And [ profile] suzy_74, the teams are going to Sweden next week and I'm looking forward to seeing your country!!

Survivor )

House 6.05 )

Btw, where *are* the new episodes of Bones,CSI:NY, House? Are they all on hiatus or something? *taps foot*
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TAR at Ho Chin Minh City was FUN! )

Bones 5.01 )

House 6.02 )

Survivor Samoa ep 3 )

In other news, I think they should place Dean/Castiel on its own category rather than putting it with the "Other Slash" caregory. I mean, just look at this. It's raining Dean/Castiel!

House omg.

Sep. 28th, 2009 05:26 pm
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House season 6 started off awesomely. It wasn't what I expected though. At all. Thank God for Wilson.

Read more... )

And The Amazing Race season 15 premiers tonight. Thank goodness for at least one show which I don't have to ( painstakingly ) download to be able to squee with the rest of the fans as the show airs. Not that there're many to squee with on my LJ ( maybe three? ) and yeah, I wish there're more of you ( Janet? Shinta and Dian? Suzy maybe? *pokes* ). Because it's just not the same to squee with strangers at the comms. And also, I tend to have this absurd worry that the people there might check out my LJ if I made a post there ( or any non-spn/lotr/faculty comm for that matter ), and run off screaming. Heh.

But yeah, I wish more on my flist would watch The Amazing Race!


Jun. 16th, 2009 12:12 am
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Thirteen is actually a very beautiful woman. I didn't really notice that before. Maybe because she hardly ever smiled in season 4, and she does now, a lot. Her face lights up when she smiled, and yes, she's terrifyingly beautiful, that woman.

I'm kinda bothered with Cuddy's bangs. I thought she looked authoritative before but I don't know, she just looked ... frivolous with her bangs all over her face like that.

And scruffy!Chase? Is extremely HOT!! I've never thought of him as hot before! And Cameron really should have her dark hair back.
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LOL Wilson's ringtone on House's phone is 'Dancing Queen'! Now how awesome is that?!? One of the slashiest episode ever, I didn't get the title but it was the one where Wilson forced House to go to his Dad's funeral and they looked so much like a couple omg.

I didn't quite follow season 4 because Wilson/Amber? So much wrong with it. And I wasn't really into the new team and can someone tell me why Thirteen was called thus?

Anyway, I'm getting my House-love back with this new season, and I'm slowly warming up to the new doctors ( well, new to me anyway since I missed a whole lot of season 4 ). I've always loved the case-of-the-week, it's the doctors' personal lives that I didn't quite get into last season.

But I still miss Cameron, Foreman and Chase working together like before!
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Privacy by [ profile] deelaundry. Mpreg with a difference. Way, way different than your usual mpregs. Sequel to Family Way, and even though the author said read Part One first, I say read this first. It works just as well, if not better.
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Omg, House flew on Malaysian Pacific Airlines! How awesome was that, seeing House leaning back on the airplane seat that said Malaysian Pacific Airlines. The only thing that would be more awesome than having House leaning back on an airplane seat that said Malaysian Pacific Airlines is having Wilson leaning back on an airplane seat that said Malaysian Pacific Airlines :DD

Flirty!Cameron takes some getting use to. Cameron the heartbreaker even more so. Poor Chase. He's not my favourite character, he irritates me most of the time, but still.

And I approve heartily of the three teams that made it to the finale of The Amazing Race 12. under the cut in case surgicalsteel havent seen it yet )
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Cut for spoileries )

And the girl who couldn't feel pain in 'House'? They just *had* to call one of the doctors "Bennett". Heheh.
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House Season 3 starts in 2 minutes time.



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