Nov. 7th, 2012

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Still loving every minute of Revenge. Though there *have* been, maybe a couple of episodes earlier on, when I felt that S2 wasn't as good as S1, when Emily's revenge-y schemes changed from avenging her father to avenging her mother, and that felt to me like the writers not knowing how to continue with the David Clarke storyline. But all is good now!

*What* is it about Emily I wonder, that made four grown men and one woman eating out of her hands like that? She could ask any of them to do anything and they *would* do it. I might have hated her for using them the way she did if not for the fact that she has me wrapped around her little finger as well. I am so rooting for her and I'd be devastated if any of them were to betray her, especially Nolan. At one point, I thought fake!Amanda had turned against her but that was not so ( she's the one that I thought most likely to do so ).

Any thoughts?

Jennifer Jason Leigh totally creeped me out. I remember her from the movie Single White Female and I kept thinking of her as an older Hedy. Look out Victoria *inserts creepy slasher movie soundtrack* you're number one on her hit list!!

And also, Emily Thorne = Oliver Queen ( well, sort of ), with Victoria = Moira, Charlotte = Thea. While Revenge is all about the subtlety, Arrow is all bangbangbang. Oliver crosses out names from a list, Emily crosses out faces from a pic. Heheh, Oliver even has a big box to Emily's tiny one! Those two should totally compare notes!


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