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1. Many, many thanks to Shinta, Jas, Steff and Samena for the lovely blue dragons. It's certainly the Year of the Dragon, eh? ♥♥♥

2. A couple of quick recs. A Sherlock/LOTR crossover brilliantly written by [ profile] aussiepeach. Here, where Frodo first met the Consulting Ranger at the Prancing Inn and its sequel where the Consulting Ranger met the Irene Adler of Lothlorien. Much hilarity ensues and yeah, I'm surprised that none of the Fellowship hadn't punched Sherlock yet lol. Read, read, READ! ( Thank you [ profile] frodosweetstuff )

Uhm, Katikat, I don't think you'll have any objection to the casting of Watson here ;D

3. A crossover vid of sorts where House meets Sherlock meets Fortysomething. Or rather where Dr Paul Slippery had migrated to US to become the famous consulting doctor while his son, Rory grew up to be the equally famous ( or equally annoying, depending on whom you ask ) consulting detective.

Here. ( Thank you [ profile] katikat for the heads-up! )
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Something Jensen said about 5.16 at the JIB con.

cut for those who haven't seen it )

And speaking of the con in Rome, I'm loving every report and vid from it. The boys had never looked quite as beautiful as they did there! And apparently Jensen said that that con was one of the best he had ever attended?

He totally slayed me, singing this song.

And yay for The Amazing Race in Malaysia tonight!

/is excited.

This man?

Feb. 6th, 2010 11:10 am
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Is totally my man.

( As seen everywhere ).

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There's just no word to properly describe him )

And thank you [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l for pointing out this auction-vid to me. I love the way Jensen simply took over when Jared seemed to be all shy and embarrassed to begin the auction!

*smishes boys*

Credit here.
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This trailer vid made for [ profile] __tiana__'s Big Bang Do or Do Not (There is No Try) is so made of WIN! Do watch!!


Jul. 12th, 2009 08:24 am
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Just because.

Icon made by [ profile] mummy_daydream.

And the clip that launched a thousand squees. And LJ-posts.

I wonder why it took 3 years and 6 months for that to surface.

Vid rec.

Jul. 3rd, 2009 01:46 pm
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A vid made based on [ profile] felisblanco's amazing, magical, wonderful story, The Doors of Time.


The images from the story are like, imprinted, burned, into my mind, and I'm so happy that someone has made this! I'm tearing up from just watching that vid, seriously, remembering bits and pieces from that story, the walk through the park, Jensen teaching Jared playing the piano, Jensen as a teacher at Juilliard, the fight with his family. And the butterflies!! *dies*

And oh, the music that the vidder chose ... that was when Jensen called Jared just before he was taken away and he played the piano over the phone and Jared finally knew ... *dies again*

And go read that story if you hadn't already!
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How is it possible to love that man even MORE??!!??

Jensen singing with Steve Carlsson and Chris Kane.

ETA : More vids here.
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He said the word "together" at least 5 times *g*

And so serious without Jared by his side!

On another note, I've this fic from this author that I've been anticipating for quite some time and now that it's posted I'm afraid to read it! Well, not afraid afraid, it's just that with my sky-high expectations, I'm worried that I'd be disappointed with it. And also, maybe by putting it off a little bit, I still have something to look forward to, if that made any sense.

Ever feel that way before?
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Never heard of that Derby before but I presume it's a derby where actors entered a race or something?

But anyway, Jared and Jensen were there!!! Though how on earth Jared managed to fit himself into one of the cars, carts? is a mystery to me.

Hee, they looked so good together, and they were wearing Vancouver Canuck hockey jerseys with their names on the back, so cute!


More pics and report from [ profile] alaerys's here. And a short vid clip here.

There weren't up there long before they zoom off in their little RedBull Can carts. *snort* Jared had such a hard time getting his legs in the freakin' thing. He called Jensen a wiener. WHICH I ACTUALLY HAVE ON VID! IF I can just upload the bloody thing. *glares at Youtube* AND THEY'RE OFF! Dude.. it's no contest. Jared was ahead the entire way. He crosses the line and sits at the finish line laughing. Jensen comes up and looks like he's about to ram right into him, then jerks the wheel at the last minute and ends up driving around him to crash into the guard-rail hay.

ETA Even more reports and awesome pics over at [ profile] splashpink's here.
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The boys are crazy.

They. Are. NUTS.

I miss your musk )
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Seen all over but I just gotta repost this here, because it's just so damned sexy and awesome and why oh why don't we get that kind of TV promo here on AXN, eh Dev?

And Jared saying that Jensen's the sexy one OMG. He said Jensen was beautiful in another interview before. Heh, something you're trying to tell us Jared? :DD

Also, I just LOVE the way Jared easily refered to Dean as "my brother" in this interview here. Not Sam's brother or my co-star but my brother. And 'Skin' is one of his favourite episodes!!! Hee!

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I'm really, really looking forward to the next 4 episodes of Supernatural. It's been quite some time since I felt this excited about a new episode, because well, none of episodes in S3 so far was anything like those in S1 and S2. But yeah, if the promo clips and the episodic stills are anything to go by, ep 9 to 12 are going to be absolute killers.

These two stills from episode 12 for instance, they totally killed me. totally.


And the video clips from episode 9 OMG. Btw, I wish to thank [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l for pointing out something that is rather endearing and touching from the second clip which I didn't really notice before. not really spoilery but behind a cut just in case )

See the SPOILERY clips from ep 9 here.

And of course, episode 11 and omg WHAT IS GOING ON THERE????

SPOILERY episode stills from ep 11

I. Can't. Wait.
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Thank you, [ profile] causette, for pointing out this awesome, awesome rendition of the song. I'm re-posting it, because, seriously, I can't stop watching it either. Do click!

OMG I'm so in love with this song right now!!
And omg, I miss the boys so very much!!
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Watching this vid made me go all fuzzy and warm and so happy. It's a compilation of sorts of some of their earlier interviews, the Paley forum ( don't you just love it when Jared seemed to be leaning towards Jensen all the time, Jared's hand on Jensen's knee OMG, Jared making smoochie-faces at Jensen and God, that "I can't play his brother" part never fail to floor me each time I hear it.

And *flails some more* Jensen jumping into Jared's arm while filming 'Dead in the Water' - I could watch that over and over and over again.

The vidder called it a 'Friendship Video' but I'm so totally, totally wearing my tin hat while watching it. They look so good together, and their affection for each other is so very, very obvious, from the way they look at each other, the way they talk to and of each other and it all translate well to them being Sam and Dean. Uh-huh, I've got it bad, I know, and I totally blame [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l, [ profile] jdsmylover and [ profile] bloodkisses ( in a good way,of course ) for my love for anything Supernatural!

Thank you [ profile] roseganymede for the link.

ETA : Jensen riding a horse OMG

And two J2rps which I've just read recently.

One is Focus by [ profile] winterlive which is reminiscent of Abundantlyqueer's Clue!verse - sweet, awkward first time where they're not sure what to do with each other.

And the other one is Breaking Status Quo or
How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Friendship in Five Steps or Less
by [ profile] raina_at. Fantastic, spot-on characterizations - you'd think that what was written really happened. Amazing, both of them. Go read!
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I was reading this fic rec'd to me by Shinta when I heard this song, You Needed Me, sung by Anne Murray, on the radio. And I was struck by these lines

I sold my soul
You bought it back for me
And held me up and gave me dignity
Somehow you needed me
You took me home

Quite a coincidence, huh, me reading a fic where Sam brought Dean back from hell and there was Anne Murray crooning that beautiful song. Anyway, Shinta and I were exchanging weepy SamandDean-related comments on that song, and one thing lead to another, so err, we came up with this little ficlet. While it is in no way a sequel to Do Not Pass Go - which is a really wonderful fic btw, do go read if you haven't already - this little vignette took place right after Dean came back from hell.

Title : You Needed Me
Authors : [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l and [ profile] layne67
Fandom : Supernatural
Rating : Chick-flick, G
Warning : Cheese, fluff and sap
Word count : 557 words

I'm cold, Sam )
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One of the best Sam-going-darkside fics I've ever read.

Title : To The End
Author : [ profile] esohpe
Summary : The world is ending, Sam has turned, and Dean stops running.

When Dean finally gets tired of running, he stops. It’s a Thursday and outside the sky is blue, the air chill, and he’s sitting on the flimsy lid of a toilet seat in some grungy bathroom in some grungy diner in Wisconsin, staring at spidery red graffiti on the door of the stall that says “I did ur mom.” Four and a half minutes later, when he leaves the diner, doughnuts and chips tucked up under his arm and the last of his change jangling in his back pocket, the sky is still blue, the air still chill, and everything else has changed. He gets into the car he hotwired two states away and drives and drives and drives. He heads for dense forest and a place he knows.

The title says it all. Sam turns darkside and there's only one thing left that can still save him. The brothers' love for each other. Gripping right from the beginning, it terrified me at first, because it seemed that Sam was really evil. That there was no more Sam left inside. I *almost* stopped reading it. Almost. But not quite.

Because of this.

Afterwards, Sam manhandles him back into the car, and uses another piece of rope to loosely tie his wrists and ankles together. Dean can’t bring his hands up much higher than his waist, but it’s a hell of a lot comfier and he’s thankful for small mercies. He’s even more thankful when Sam brings out the contents of the carrier bag: cheese and ham bagels, two bottles of water, a bag of peanut M&Ms. “I figured you’d be hungry,” Sam says, with a shrug, and Dean has no clue what’s going on because peanut M&Ms for fuck’s sake. He stays silent.

Evil!Sam giving Dean peanut M&Ms? I knew then I that could read this story. Yup, right to the very end. And it's brilliant.

It's very dark, yes, but it's full of love, too. And I love Dean's conclusions on why Mary and Jessica just had to die.

And there's a vid to go with the fic as well!

God's Gonna Cut You Down, the vid )
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Had a crappy day yesterday. And today's gonna be long day. Tomorrow, too. And the next.

*sighs sufferingly*

So, the news and pics and vids of the Chicago Con go a long way in cheering me up. Jared and Jensen, I love you so!!! Omg the nuzzlings and the huggings, so CUTE!! Though I wish Jensen would hug Jared back :DD

Go here for the J2♥


1. Jared crashing in on Jensen's panel
2. Jensen wearing a Jared's Tshirt omg
3. Oh God, they look so good together!
4. The hugging and the sniffing *dies*
5. From [ profile] jewels667 Jared told a cute story about them all being at dinner in Vancouver and Jensen saw something on Jared's cheek and reached out to wipe it off before he realized that he was sort of in a public place invading Jared's space. Jensen looked adorable and embarrassed and said he was about half way to Jared's face when he realized he probably shouldn't be doing that in public, but he was already committed to it, so he wiped it off and then they both chugged their beers to feel more manly.


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