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Looking forward to watching Gillian Anderson on BBC's Great Expectations. She seems to appear in a lot of British productions lately. She was the Duchess of Windsor in Any Human Heart and I thought she did a great job there. Then I saw her in Johnny English Reborn and while I thought she was good ( I'm probably biased since I adore Gillian Anderson ever since her Scully days ), apparently her English accent in that movie was flat?

Anyway, I was curious as to why her appearances lately were mostly ( all? ) in British productions so I looked her up on the internet. So, she has now relocated to London! And apparently she grew up in London before moving back to the US where she had to lose her British accent fast when she was made fun of by her schoolmates. And lol, in her school yearbook, she was named Class Clown and most likely to get arrested. You wouldn't have imagined that for Scully now, would you?

My kid loves The X-Files and we have been marathoning the series. Guh, how I LOVE Mulder/Scully *sighs* Pity they didn't hook up in real life. Lol, I really hated Tea Leoni at one time - still not a fan for that matter. But Gillian is now happily in relationship and has three children, so ♥

Scully/Mulder, my het otp forever and ever. Warning for much sappiness under the cut )

Any Gillian Anderson fans here?
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So, while looking for all things Kit Harrington aka Jon Snow of the Night Watch, bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell and half brother to Robb Stark, the heir to Winterfell, and if I had my way, future king to the Seven Kingdoms, the Bastard King ahaha, this Jon Snow -


Where was I? Oh yes, I was looking for pics of Kit, hoping to find one or ten of him with Richard Madden ( that's Rob Stark ), I found these.

be still my heart )
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[ profile] sisterzurda!

Happy Birthday, Anna. I hope your special day was filled with all things glorious and wonderful ::HUGS::

A bit of a picspam for you, from Agatha Christie's Murder Is easy.

Mr Fitzwilliam, you're gorgeous! )
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Which means I'll only get to download it on Saturday. And that probably means I'll only be able to watch it on Monday since I'm usually away during the weekends. Oh well, since I'm not that excited to see Dean playing house ( unless it's with Sam ), and that is NOT a spoiler btw, I know NOTHING about season 6, that's just my speculation, and oh boy, am I dreading that particular storyline ...

I felt the same way waiting for season 3 to begin, knowing nothing about Ruby and Bela back then, what they'd be to Sam and Dean, and irony of irony, it turned out that I liked both Bela and Ruby! The first Ruby that is.

Anyway, I was thinking that I really need to re-connect with the SamandDean love, it being somewhat diminished in the past two seasons. Oh I still love Supernatural, and I'm still obsessed with them, especially the SamandDean from seasons 1 to 3, and I especially miss pre-season 4 Sam, but ... I have to look long and hard to find those moments between them. Those moments that were in every episode, heck, in every scene of them together in the first three seasons but so rare and therefore so precious, in the last 2 seasons. But they were there, and these are the ones that spoke to me.

The SamandDean season 4&5 epic love )
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I love this song ( thank you [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l! ). Been listening to that quite a lot lately, been watching past episodes of Supernatural with John in it. Love them all and oh, how I miss John Winchester!! And this song, just like Shinta said, it brings back haunting images of Dean with his father.

If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him
I’d play a song that would never, ever end
‘Cause I’d love, love, love
To dance with my father again

Hence this picspam, a dance down memory lane ... dance with them? )

And lastly, John with Dean fic recs here. Eight fine stories that explore the complexities of a father-son relationship. Enjoy!

Note :
- Dean's dance with his brother coming up soon.
- Caps by [ profile] oxoniensis and also taken from here.
- Shinta, you asked me once what vid I'd like you to do. Oh hon, it'd be super lovely if you could do a vid to this song using the vid-clips from the scenes above! :))

ETA : There's a lovely, angsty vid to that song here. Thank you, Shinta! And an awesome fic here. Thank you, [ profile] tigriswolf!!

ETA : And a brand new vid by [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l here which is so made of win ( and love ).


Jul. 14th, 2009 05:19 pm
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You know those scenes when you see Sam ( or Dean ) saying/doing something, you immediately think of the other brother doing the exact same thing either in the same or different episode? So, in conjuction with [ profile] fleshflutter's Supernatural Picspam Fest ,


I hereby give you 'What My Brother Can Do I Can Do Better : A Picspam'.

You really *are* brothers, aren't you? )
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Looking at Sam flirting with the doctor in 'Sex and Violence', I can't help but think of how far he has come from the shy young man fumbling his way through with sweet Sarah Blake, to the slightly more confident but still adorably awkward young man smiling and laughing with the self-assured Madison, to the man that he is now - very sure of himself and going all out no holds barred with the equally flirtatious Cara.

Three beautiful women, and the three stages of Sam's flirtings.


A picspam, and a poll )
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These pics have been around for quite some time but I haven't seen them this huge before. I could see the word 'Taiko' on his T-shirt and that amuses me greatly, because over here, the word Taiko is slang for "big brother", as in the boss of a gangster group. I prefer to think that the word Taiko on Jensen's shirt literally means that - big brother.

In Japanese taiko means "drum" though, not sure whether the one on his shirt is Japanese or Chinese. [ profile] kishuku?

And apparently he was shopping for handbags there. Wow. I wonder who he was buying it for? His mum? Sister? Or maybe his gf? But seriously, do men really shop for women handbags? I know my hubby doesn't, and even if he did, I wouldn't want him to buy one for me. Handbag shopping is so much fun I want to do it myself!

Do the men that you know shop for women's handbags? *g*

Image Hosting by

He's HOT! )
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When I first saw David Cook singing on American Idol, he reminded me of somebody, but it wasn't until much later that I realized that it was actually Dean Winchester that he reminded me of. Not in their physical looks, no, they don't actually look similar, but in the overall attitudes and mannerisms. It hit me hard whenever David smirked and he gave his sexy sidelong glances, very much like what Dean liked to do.

And when I really sat down and thought about it, these two really do have a lot in common! I hereby, ahem, present to you how David Cook and Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles are similar to each other. Beware, I may have gone a bit overboard.

Warning : A couple of spoilery pics from SPN season 3 finale.
Note : Dean Winchester and Jensen Ackles are interchangeable here.

Okay, let's start with their names. David Roland Cook. Dean Winchester. Jensen Ross Ackles. See? David and Dean start with the letter 'D' while Roland and Ross start with the letter 'R'. Startling, isn't it? David was born in Houstan, Texas and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Jensen was born and raised in Dallas, Texas while Dean was born in Lawrence, Kansas, and Missouri Mosely was a family friend.

David is the middle of three brothers, and yes, you got it, Jensen is the middle of three siblings *rubs hands*

pics galore )
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A dear friend [ profile] arabia764 requested for some hi-res Jensen or Dean here. These are some of my absolute favourites. Go send her some Jensen / Dean love, ya? After that final scene in the finale, I think we all need some serious eye candies.

come drool with me )
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For [ profile] kels450, because it's her birthday today!!!!

*smoooches you*

Post 10 or more pictures of footballers/soccer players that you find attractive (order not needed).

State: Name/Club/Country that he plays for.

With much help from my boy, they are ... )

I'm tagging all the football fans on my flist to do this meme :)
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Because she is made of win.


more of the pretties )

And if you have anymore Jared and/or Jensen pics that just "scream" of them, that you know it's them even without looking at their faces, feel free to post them in the comments! I'd really, really appreciate that :)

ETA I've only just realized that today is Sam Winchester's birthday. So this picspam is also for you, Sam, one of the best little brother in the world!!
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A mini picspam.

I totally blame [ profile] oselle for it.
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Thank you ever, ever so much for being you. And in honour of your birthday, here's a little picspam to celebrate the beautiful boy that you were, and the even more beautiful man that you are now.

Glitter Graphics

Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics



boy to man picspam )

Jensen and his co-stars, then and now )

DOOL pics shamelessly snagged from [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l's post.

I won't be around throughout the weekend, and it'd be like, "skip=500" by the time I'm online next Monday, so can anyone please, please, please leave the links for interesting birthday posts here? Pretty please? Thank you!!
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Because it's Valentine's Day. And because there's so much love between them, I give you a picspam of Sam and Dean looking at each other, or Jensen looking at Jared, or Jared looking at Jensen. As they say, eyes don't lie ♥

I'll begin with this classic.

And the perfect quote to go with it :

Sitting side-by-side in their director’s chairs and Jared’s whole body is turned to face Jensen, script in his hands, smile on his face, and Jensen’s got his hand curled at his mouth, Dean’s thick band of silver on his finger, and he’s looking at Jared like he’s the whole goddamn world.

From the equally classic The Jared Padalecki Untitled Project by [ profile] esohpe

Uhm, you might want to listen to this song while looking at the pics. Hey, it's Valentine's. Everything's supposed to be cheesy. Dean himself sang that song anyway, so it's ... bona fide :DD

More here : *inserts cheesy love song* )

So. Any other they-look-at-each-other-like-there's-no-one-else pics? And favourite quotes from your favourite fics perhaps? I'd love to see them!

Note : Sorry, I'm quite unable to quote the sources of the pics. Forgive me?
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Woo hoo. I'm going to watch 'The Bourne Ultimatum'. Today. I'M SO EXCITED OMG!!!

And in celebration of fi-nal-ly getting to watch Bourne, here's a picspam of Matt and Ben, my OTP since forever.

They're childhood buddies and I love it that they remain best buddies all these years.

Love it that Matt would always mention Ben in interviews. And vice versa.

Love it that they go on vacations together. They went to Tanzania recently, without Jen and Luciana. Hee!

Love it that keep on having projects together. And that they almost always go to each other's premiers.

Love it that Matt likes to reminiscence about their Harvard days and the days when they were both struggling actors.

So, without further ado, here's Matt and his hetero life partner, Ben. His words, not mine. And oh yeah, how awesome is it that they once made the cover of 'The Advocate'? And that they were seen sharing cigarettes during their Project Greenlight days?

Pics that are made of love )

Any Matt/Ben shippers on my flist? :DD
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Oh boy, these two really like to touch each other. I mean, A LOT!!

Go here for the best, slashiest picspam ever.

Plus one of the gayest interview I've ever read.

The most famous celebrity you have made out with...
- That has to be Jensen [laughs]
- You wish
Jared thinks for a second
- Hm, that's probably one of the questions I shouldn't answer.
- I've never 'made out', says Jensen and looks at us.

Who was your first celebrity crush
- You're probably going to laugh your ass off when I tell you who it is, but it was actually Jennifer Love Hewitt. I was obsessed with her when I was 16, says Jared.
- Weren't we all, says Jensen with a grin.
- I don't really remember, says Jensen.
Was it Pamela Anderson?
- No way, not Pamela. Can I get back to you?
- Jensen's gay. I've noticed it on set, says Jared with a grin.

Thank you [ profile] anny_h for the link!
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[ profile] theartoffic posted a Thanksgiving Casey/Zeke which makes my heart hurts. Not that it's angsty or anything ( though it does have some of those ) but it's just so sweet and real and it's a first time for both of them and that is very much one of my kinks. Thank you, sweetie, for that lovely fic.

For fans of The Zekester, here are some screencaps of Zeke from the movie 'O'. The movie is alright, I enjoyed it!

And as usual, it was Casey whom I see Zeke kissing or hugging.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More pics under the cut, quite a lot of them because I could not not choose any one of them! Then do tell me whether you agree that it was Casey you see with him in the last two pics :DD

ZekeZekeZeke )
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I saw 'The Bumblebee Flies Anyway' the other day. The movie itself was rather slow. I'm afraid I dozed off here and there. Bit of a disappointment, that movie, especially when it was said that it was produced by the same people who came up with 'Dead Poets Society' and that was one of my favourite movie of all time.

But Elijah more than made up for everything. I've seen the screencaps for that movie all over LJ and some people have said that Elijah was at his most beautiful in that movie ( other than LOTR ). I agree with that statement wholeheartedly. Elijah will always be beautiful of course, but as Barney Snow - he was simply and absolutely breathtaking. I fall in love with him all over again, watching that movie.

Here are some of my favourite shots of Elijah. Every shot was beautiful and I had a hard time choosing the ones that I like best.

I give you ... Elijah Wood as Barney Snow.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More pics )

And [ profile] grievous_angel, I would have swooned if I hear Elijah saying my name the way he said yours in that movie ... Cassie...


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