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1. Anyone here watching the new TV series Touch? [ profile] suzy_74 perhaps? I downloaded it mainly because it's Keifer Sutherland. I didn't know much about it initially other than it's about a single father raising an autistic son. I thought it was going to be a family drama, maybe something like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time but oh my, it was that and so much more. A thrilling ( and angsty! ) storyline, it gripped me right from the beginning. Heheh, I kept expecting Keifer to put his hand around the other person's neck and slam him/her against the wall, especially that CPS person, which I happened to like, thank goodness. It'd be a bummer if you start hating a character so early on. And yes, I kept expecting him to say "You have my word" as well. Welcome back, Jack Bauer.

2. Chuck finale. PERFECT in every which way. I'm going to miss that show.
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I'm currently halfway through season 6 of 24 and I must admit that seeing Ricky Schroder was somewhat of a shock. The Ricky Schroder that I remember was little Ricky from Silver Spoons, and the little boy from The Champ. Haven't seen him in anything since then ( though from IMDB, apparently he had been in lots and lots of shows ), so yeah, Agent Doyle made me think that young Ricky had been made-up to look old, I just can't get rid of his wee self from my head!

Speaking of 24, which of these CTU field agents were your favourites?

[Poll #1672665]

I'm not sure whether Tony was a proper agent or not. I'm thinking that he was more of an analyst? But if he were considered an agent, then he was definitely my favourite!

To jog your memory )
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I saw Gulliver's Travels last weekend. It was an extremely enjoyable one and a half hour, I laughed my head off the whole time. Yay for slapsticks!! And I love Emily Blunt in it. So cute! I've never heard of her before The Wolfman but now she seems to be everywhere. Not that I'm complaining of course, I'm so fangirling her now, along with Olivia Wilde. Cant wait to see her in Wild Target and Empire ( thanks [ profile] ckll! ). And when oh when can I see her in The Adjustment Bureau?? Emily Blunt and Matt Damon *dies*

Speaking of Matt Damon. I watched The Bourne Supremacy and a few eps of 24 season 6 on the same day. And it got me thinking, long and deep ( lol ) on who would win if one were asked to take the other down. Hubby said Bourne and I agreed. But if they were working together and someone needed to be in charge, we thought that Bourne would be the one following orders.

If you knew both guys, what do *you* think?

[Poll #1661525]
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I'm about three-quarter way through the first season of 24, waiting and wondering when Misha was going to make his appearance, when he finally, finally did. I must have burst an eardrum or two, I squeed so loud! He was not listed in the guest list so I totally didn't expect it when he appeared in the end scene, all long-haired and badassed. And nekkid!Misha! I prefer his Castiel/Jimmy look to Alexis but still cute! And too, too adorable to be an assasin. I kept expecting him to zap Jack lol.

And speaking of Castiel, I've been dipping into the Castiel fandom ( yup, it feels a bit like a whole new fandom since, except for a few familiar names here and there, the good people there are total strangers ) and have been enjoying the fics written by new writers ( new to me that is ).

Three fics that I've enjoyed ( two gens, one Sam/Dean sans Castiel ):

In God's Country by [ profile] lassiterfics. Gen, PG13. What Mary said.
Read it because it's beautiful and amazing and breath-taking and perfect. I like to think that *is* how it was - the story of Dean and his guardian angel.

Redux by [ profile] baylorsr. Gen, PG. SPN/ Criminal Minds crossover. Agent Hotchner has been wanting to meet the Winchester family for a long time.
This fic is disturbing ( in a good way! ). Hotchner's conversation with Sam and what he eventually made Sam do made me want to hit the back button several times. And his matter-of-fact analysis of the Winchesters' sent chills up my spine because it sounded like everything did happen exactly like he said. And the ending - totally mind-blowing.

And lastly. That’s not a cross look, it’s a sign of life by [ profile] de_nugis. Sam/Dean NC17, 2250 words. A perfect antidote to Redux because it's ridiculously adorable and funny and hot and boys being snarky with each other, just the way I love them. A feel good fic!
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Wow, they damaged him up pretty bad, didn't they? He looked almost as grotesque ( but still pretty ) as Dean in Swansong.

ouch )

What an exciting finale that was. My heart went out to the First Lady. Imagine having to do what she had to do. And now I just have to watch season 6. And season 1 too, because I just found out that Misha Collins was in that!

In other family-related 24 news, hubby has taken to wearing his shoulder bag the way Jack Bauer did. With that CTU ringtone now on his phone, he proclaimed himself as the new Bauer. [ profile] suzy_74 is totally to blame for that.
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On the advice of [ profile] suzy_74 *waves*, I'm currently watching 24 season 5. One, because Sean Astin was in it, and two, Suzy said it was one of the best seasons and yes, I agree with her, it has been very thrilling so far!

And also, Mark Sheppard! That was a very pleasant surprise indeed, seeing him playing a different kind of demon.

Sean Astin made me think of CEO!Sean in [ profile] lbilover's Woodjin verse. You know, before he became a doctor and went off to stay at the Pines.

See? :))

More CEO!Sean under the cut for the Sean!girls on my flist )
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I might have cried a little bit more for Bauer than I did Shephard. And with that ending? They just have to make a movie out of 24. With Arlo in it I hope. I like him!


Almost 1 am here. Watching two 2-hour finales is taxing. Good night ...
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It's good to see Dana Walsh again since I thought that we had already seen the last of her. I admit to giving this little squeak of delight, seeing the name Katee Sackhoff appearing on the list of stars. Though I still can't say whether it's just the character or the actress that I like as I've never seen Katee anywhere else before ( I don't watch BSG! ).

Oh my, she really is deliciously evil, isn't she? She'd make a marvellous demon on SPN. Heck, I think I'd even like Ruby 2 if she was played by Katee. That smouldering look, the panther-like grace and the swagger to her walk, her lips! I've said this before but I'll say it again, I totally agree with Katee being the female Dean, as said by [ profile] lassiterfics here.

Yes, Katee Sackhoff has now officially joined the ranks of my celebrity girl-crushes. Which is slightly different than my celebrity boyfriends as the list hasn't changed much over the years, unlike the BFs. Understandbly so since I don't crush on the girls the same way as I do the guys!

Here be my girls : Gillian Anderson, Annette Bening, Helen Hunt, Ashley Judd and now Katee Sackoff. And oh, Victoria Principal too because you know, Pamela Barnes-Ewing is love.

What about you? Any celebrity girlfriends that you've loved over the years?

Edit : Oh I just remembered, Emily Deschanel aka Temperance Brennan aka Bones!

TV squee

Mar. 25th, 2010 05:29 pm
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[ profile] lisabellex! *waves* have you seen Flash Foward 11 and 12? I don't ship Dom/Lij, or Frodo/Merry but there were a couple of scenes that would have made me squee big time if I were a shipper! cut for spoiler, not the why or how or when, just the what )

24. 4am to 5am )

The Amazing Race : France. Are you alright, sir? )

24 in '94.

Feb. 16th, 2010 12:17 am
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[ profile] suzy_74, have you seen this? It's hilarious, a must-see even if you're not a fan of 24! God, how on earth did we survive those days??

Thank you, [ profile] justforspite!

And on another note, thank you so, so much to [ profile] janissa11, [ profile] pixel_0, [ profile] munibunny and [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l for the lovely v-gifts! ♥♥♥
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Yes, another one of those familiar, has-been-on-SPN-before, faces. This is Renee from 24. And yes, I'm into 24 now in which I totally blame [ profile] suzy_74


another pic if you couldn't tell from the one above )


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