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The angel and his man )

American Idol : Top 4 result.

The man and his angel )
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Haven't seen the result show yet but I'd be very upset if Haley got voted off. I got goosebumps all over, listening to her second song. That song got me the way Adam Lambert's Mad World did, and the way David Cook did with all of his performances.

And Haley's not even my Top Three. Heck, she wasn't even my Top Five. But now I want her to be in the finals and I want her to sing that song again. Go Haley!

Sherlock will be on tonight on AXN Beyond. I'm looking forward to watching it, him, in all its, his, high-def glory. The episodes that I downloaded were in HD too, but it'll be even shinier and prettier watching it direct on TV. Oh Benedict ...

Speaking of Benedict, there's a nice article on him here. And also, Frankestein on DVD may become a reality after all *hopes-prays-wishes*
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I'm crying right now. Why, why, why?

AI top 24.

Feb. 18th, 2010 09:06 pm
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Any early favourites? Mine are Didi Benami ( the waitress ), Crystal Bowersox ( the single mum ) and Casey James. He's a little bit bland but I'm rooting for him all the same!


Jan. 28th, 2010 09:05 pm
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I didn't really follow the American Idol auditions, just watched bits of it here and there. But today I watched the whole thing, and oh my, Neil Patrick Harris was awesome! I haven't really seen him in anything since he was this wee doctor,


but watching him on AI just now made me want to start watching 'How I Met Your Mother'!

Anyway, I saw this pic of him walking the dogs with his bf.

pic )

Now WHERE are the pics of Jared and Jensen walking Harley and Sadie?? Annwyn!!

You know, I really think that Neil Patrick Harris will make a good replacement for Simon if he left the show.
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Whenever Arthur calls Gwen "Guenevere", my heart races and I get these goosebumps on my skin ( the good ones ).

Can anyone here rec me some good Arthur/Guenevere fics? Nothing NC17 please, het smut doesn't do anything for me nowadays, but good old-fashioned romance that makes you sigh and go all dewy-eyed.

ION, this season finale of American Idol will be the first time that I'll be rooting for both contestants. If Kris sang the way he did here and here, then he'll certainly give Adam a run for his money! As for Adam, to borrow [ profile] jameserin's word, that man is fierce, he always gives 200% in whatever he does, and I do so hope that he'll sing this.

Can't wait for the show tonight.

I love Kris but I'll probably scream a bit louder if Adam won.
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American Idol last night )

And OMG, I love that song! I especially love it because it's part of the soundtrack for [ profile] felisblanco's Doors of Time ( and if you haven't read that one you should! ), and that song was when Jared and Chris were worried that Jensen was losing his magic when Jensen stopped dreaming and the piano stopped playing by itself and I was freaking out that that was the end of Jensen's magic. The one sang by Eve Cassidy is gorgeous but I think he managed to top even that!
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I want him and her to be my two finalists!!

and him to be the winner )
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Is it just my imagination but are Paula and Simon getting more and more chummy each week? Almost lovey-dovey even. Even their bickerings don't seem to have the usual bite. I like!

spoilery for those who haven't seen )
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cut for AI spoiler )

On another note, I found out that I couldn't play any of the YouTube vids when I went to that site just now. It said - Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player.

Why did that happen? I could play the vids if they're embedded elsewhere but not from the site itself. The site seems to be okay on my hubby's laptop.

Do I really have to download the latest Flash Player? Can anyone help me please?
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I'd be rooting for these two people. Anyone with me? :)

Last Idols Standing )


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