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Because I could so totally see Sam, with his bitchy face on, putting this ad in the papers. Dean probably had left his computer hanging at Again.

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Would be wonderful if someone could write a fic, ficlet, drabble, anything, on what Dean would say when he saw this ad.

And, oh, here's [ profile] oselle's 101 on why you should watch Supernatural. Or rather, Dean Winchester.
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A tongue-in-cheek "explaination" on the more perplexing aspects of the Supernatural fandom by [ profile] fatale which include Dean-worship, bad daddy!John, the Monster of the Week, the Music/Impala front and of course, the Wincest-thing. Hilarious and totally spot-on.

Read it here.
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Dean was given the letter "S" and these are the 10 things that he loves that begin with that letter.

[ profile] wynterhawk rawks!

I wonder what Sam's would be if he's given the letter D. Anyone?

Awwww ...

Aug. 22nd, 2007 07:48 am
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Wee!Sammy drove his brother crazy in this adorable drabble written by [ profile] halfshellvenus here.
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[ profile] setissma wrote this thought-provoking write-up on why she thinks the Sam/Dean incestuous relationship ( fanon if not canon, though really, there's a very fine line there ) is pretty much inevitable. And this coming from someone who do NOT think that incest in fanfics ( I'm not talking about RL here ) is okay. Until she discovered Sam/Dean, that is.

Do give it a read, even if you're not into Wincest. The discussions in the comments are pretty interesting, too.

"When you have a good relationship with your siblings, sex doesn't come into play because sex wouldn't add anything to the relationship. It's on a different level." It was also that, for personal reasons, incest hit major "no" buttons for me. (I still won't read parent/child incest. Just... no.)

ETA: And slightly out of topic, quoting [ profile] peripheralsight :

A wise friend of mine once said that the new trend of trying to defuse the homoerotic tension of the buddy genre by making the buddies brothers only leads the fangirls on to greater sins.

From here.
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You should, you know. You never know when you'll find absolute gems in them.

Thank you so very much [ profile] claudia603 for pointing out ringbearernomore's friends' pages. Unfortunately it seems that Frodo is not friending anyone else at the moment. He only has The Fellowship on his flist. And I don't have palantir ID either. :(

And if you haven't read it already, go here for a rocking great time reading ringbearernomore's friends' LJ entries. It's a laugh from start to finish. And I must say that [ profile] leggy123 is my favourite! Do you think he'll friend me back if I add him, Claudia?

(((((( [ profile] claudia603 ))))))

Thank you!!


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