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Jun. 18th, 2012 05:08 pm
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A couple of delightful fics which I've thoroughly enjoyed. Completely different from each other, like, well, ponies and movie stars, but both equally satisfying and happy-making.

Gone With The Wendigo by [ profile] bellatemple. SPN, gen, crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, PG-13, 26000 words.

Summary: Sam and Dean go into the New Hampshire wilderness to investigate a new case: whole groups of hikers are getting trapped in freak blizzards and then encased in solid ice. When a blizzard hits them on the trail, they take shelter in a nearby cave for the night, only to awake to find themselves transformed into brightly colored ponies and trapped in a whole new world where zebras speak in rhyme, ponies run apple orchards, good times and positive thinking are encouraged, and friendship? Friendship is magic.

This is crack, but if you've read the author's epic Dimensions and Veticals, you'd know that [ profile] bellatemple's cracks are not just cracks. They're cracks with substance and they make you feel and think just as much as they make you laugh. You don't need any prior knowledge of MLP to get this story. I didn't. Knew of MLP I mean. So go on, do read this. You know you want to!


Moonshine Lullaby by [ profile] akadougal and [ profile] tiptoe39. SPN AU, Dean/Cas, NC17, 38788 words.

Summary: Dean Winchester sweeps up after the stars in 1920s Hollywood. He and the actors on the set are worlds apart -- and that includes his brother, the famous Samuel C. Winchester. But when an accident brings Dean face to face with a matinee idol going by the name of Jimmy Novak, he's caught up in a love story right out of a movie script... until his estranged brother comes back into the picture, bringing drama of his own.

Set in the golden era of Hollywood, this swept me off my feet, totally and completely. Written with parallels to canon cleverly and seamlessly woven into the story - I was enthralled right from the very first paragraph. And it felt like I was holding my breath the entire time I was reading it - for fear of missing a word or a thought - I know, totally silly, but it felt like it, that was how immersed I was in the story. A keeper, this story, one which I'm going to read over and over again.
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The Way Back by [ profile] rainylemons, SPN, gen rating R, 35971 words, post apocalyspe-that-never-happens, AU after season five.
Summary: Sam and Dean and Cas settling down together. Dean is injured and Sam is not all there after his time in the cage and Cas is no longer an angel. They make it work.

I don't have the words to adequately describe this story. Suffice to say that it has more Moments in it than all of season 6 put together and that I had to pull myself together several times while reading it.

Read omg read!


The Natalie verse by [ profile] longsufferingly, J2, AU, a collection of stories, rating ranging from PG-13 to NC-17.
Summary: After their mother dies, Kyle and Natalie move in with their father, whom they haven't seen since their parents divorced six years ago, and his boyfriend, whom they've never seen.

This is such a sweet story, one I enjoyed reading very much. It reminded me a bit of [ profile] phaballa's Last Stop: Chicagoland, a story which even after all these years, I still consider one of the best J2s around. And like Chicagoland, Natalie is realistic and down-to-earth, the story of Jensen and Jared, mostly told from the POV of Jensen's daughter from a previous marriage. It was written 3 years ago and I'm guessing that it has been read by most but do go read if you haven't!

Fic rec

Mar. 30th, 2012 05:39 pm
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Stupid People by [ profile] maychorian. SPN, gen, PG-13, humour, 7000 words.

Summary: Some people are cat people. Some people are dog people. And then there are people like Dean ...

Omg you've just got to read this, if you hadn't already that is. It's clever and it's hilarious and it's absolutely sweet and adorable. You know those stories where Dean has to choose between Cas and Sam? Well, I haven't read any because because that's not my cup of tea, but this? This is that ( well, sort of ) but with absolutely no angst and very, very happy-making and I just want to smoosh all three of them. Go read!

Fic rec

Mar. 27th, 2012 05:13 pm
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I cried when I read this.

There's a hole in the fabric of my reality by [ profile] etrix. SPN, gen, rating PG-13, word count 27000.

It reminded me a little of Fringe and its alternate universes. Sam, at the point of being taken by Lucifer, begged Castiel to save Dean, and Cas did. He brought Dean to an alternate universe where Dean is a high school loser, Sam is his brainiac, nerdy little brother, and Mom and Dad are still alive. Cas thought Dean would be safe there but he thought wrong. The apocalyspe is still on its way and the yellow-eyed demon is still after Sam.

The story is told from Sam's POV and it begins when he opens the front door to a storm-wrecked Dean after Dean has gone missing for a week. Only this Dean is not his Dean, and this Dean is determined to save this Sam when he thought he has failed the other Sam.

My favourite part is the beginning of the story when John and Mary and Sam still do not know that this Dean is not their Dean ( that was a good read! ), and the heartbreaking part when Sam from this universe finally realizes that this Dean wants, needs to go back to his own universe to save his Sam.

Fic rec

Aug. 23rd, 2011 05:13 pm
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Ten In One by [ profile] smilla02, SPN gen, rating R, 36,000 words.

Summary: A hiker's body is found mauled in the Oregon woods. While investigating, Sam and Dean stumble onto an itinerant sideshow, whose members are the primary target of the same creature killing across the American west. The case alone would be difficult enough, even if Sam and Dean didn't have to deal with the strained consequences of a trip to Hell and back.

Written for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang 2008. This story was written a while back ( talk about being late to the party! ) but I've only just found it and what a gem it is. A casefic but not *just* a casefic, it's SamandDean the way it was before, a post season 3 AU where Sam was the one who brought Dean back from hell, broken and damaged and them trying to find their way back together again because Dean was not the only one who needed to be anchored back to reality as Sam with his terrifying powers that he used to save Dean needed to be saved, too. That plus a fantastic casefic made for a very compelling read.

Throughout September – Sam tells him later – he doesn't open his eyes. If someone asked him why he wouldn't know the answer. He is awake. He can assign voices and touches to the people they belong to without any effort: cool and soft – Ellen’s; callused and dry – Bobby’s. So big they entirely cover the expanse of his chest – Sam’s.

The mechanics of the rescue aren't clear, but he retains a clear image, a painted picture, of Sam as he stands tall and straight amid the flames.

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Mar. 9th, 2011 05:21 pm
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The American Dream by [ profile] tahirire. SPN, coda to The French Mistake, rating R, gen, 4164 words.

Summary : After switching worlds, Sam and Dean had a hard time adjusting. They were lucky. Jared and Jensen were screwed.

Fantastic coda to that episode, because Jared and Jensen had to have gone *somewhere*, right, while Sam and Dean were in their place in Vancouver driving everyone on set nuts. And they were screwed alright. But at least they had each other, and yes, they were indeed, talking.

Fic recs.

Nov. 13th, 2010 12:58 pm
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A couple of them, one SamandDean with BS4 Sam. Lol, yes, I have BS4 Sam ( my favourite! ) and AS4 Sam now, and the other, Dean/Cas.

I'm still not wholly shipping Dean/Cas ( yet! ), not sexually that is, though I platonically ship them ( big-time and whole-heartedly ) but I love this.

Full of Sparks by [ profile] glassyskies. SPN, Dean/Castiel, pg-13, 3950 words.
Summary : Castiel falls and Jimmy Novak’s body begins to reject him like a bad organ transplant.

It's Castiel wanting to be with Dean, and no price is too high for it. I cried so hard when I read this, from Castiel not realizing he's sick, because he used to be an angel, and angels don't get sick, to him accepting the inevitable. I love Sam and Bobby in this, how supportive they are of Dean, and Dean, oh Dean ... everybody leaves him *bawls*


It Doesn't Mean You Can Explain The Ocean by Glitterati. SPN, gen, 14,827 words.

The perfect antidote to the angst above, a feel-good SamandDean, pre-demon, pre-apocalypse, pre-heaven and hell. Sam and Dean encounter three absolutely delightful old ladies in Savannah who fuss over them like mother hens. But in the midst of all the warm, southern hospitality, there's a chilling element to it because the ladies are psychics, and they have things to tell the brothers. Very atmospheric, very well-written, it made me long for the good old days of brotherly banter and snark, full of love and affection and warmth.

"That brother of yours," Violet says quietly. "That brother of yours—quite a remarkable boy."
"That's Dean," Sam says.
"He took care of you when you were a baby," Violet says, musing. "He was your big brother and you were his baby."
"I was his baby brother," Sam corrects.
"No, Sam," Violet says gently. "You were his baby, he was always taking care of you."

Fic rec

Oct. 13th, 2010 01:52 pm
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Two Kinds of Light by [ profile] eighth_horizon. SPN, gen, PG-13, 4800 words.

Summary : Dean discovers that there’s light...and then there’s light.

Someone rec'd this to me, I think it was you, [ profile] rieyll? A wonderful, lovely story of how Dean gets to see Castiel in his true form. There's just something so incredibly amazing and exquisite in Dean's interaction with Castiel sans Jimmy. And that scene as written by the author here made me go OH!, clutching my heart at the simple power of it.

He didn’t see it, right away, and when he did, he thought it was his vision whiting out because he was dying. Colors refused to resolve, and the demons began to part as if pulled. They began to burn, wave after wave of them, screaming as they went, and he could hear the peculiar and mind-numbing sound of an angel using their True Voice. He slammed the sword into the ground blade-down as a barrier and clapped his hands over his ears as he slid down the wall, the pain in his guts second to the icepick in his brain, but he didn’t close his eyes. The light swept toward him and the closest demons vaporized in a visible wind.

When it hit him, it was gentle and warm.

I was so enchanted by it that I had to go read that part over and over again. There's more but I don't want to spoil it for you. Go read even if you're not a fan of Castiel because the rest of the story is just amazing!
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Four Horsemen Walk Into A Bar by [ profile] destina. SPN, gen PG, 4000 words.

Summary : Death has some unfinished business.

I love this. A reunion of sorts between the four horsemen and Dean with Castiel in the background, quietly looking after his charge. The voice of Death is quietly elegant and authentic, and I love what Death think of Dean, and War of Sam. And I like to think that's how Sam comes back.

A very good read and there's just something hypnotising in the way the author wrote it. Lovely!

ION, thank you [ profile] lisabellex for the peek at Le Touquet. You lucky girl, you! *SQUISHES*

And [ profile] xwacky, thank you so much for the absolutely adorable Yorkie ♥ Hee hee, I wonder whether it was the same one as the one in Yellow Fever :))

Fic rec

Sep. 28th, 2010 07:52 am
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Nil sine numine by [ profile] kalliel. SPN, gen, 3700 words.

Summary: You don't just drive away from the Apocalypse. But drive the Winchesters do, straight out toward the edge of the world.

One word. Brilliant.

Ending the Apocalypse is like losing a lover, and Sam hates that. It's a loosening of that same, steady pressure that's hot when you curl into it at night, is infallibly there the next morning. Giving you purpose. Giving you something to talk about. He and Dean talk about things they will never do and will never be. They go places they have already been. It's always cold. And Sam hates that. After everything he's lost, it should not be winning the Apocalypse that breaks him.


Fic rec

Sep. 1st, 2010 05:30 pm
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Promised Land. Author Anon, written for [ profile] spn_summergen. Gen, PG, 3800 words.

Summary : It's been fifteen years since Dean and Sam first settled in the lush pasturelands of Montana, and some days Dean is still amazed they ended up here.

I love this. Future fic, and while most of my favourite curtain!fics are of the Sam/Dean variety, this is them staying on together because they're brothers and they love each other and this story is just about them. No wives, no kids, no best friends. Just Sam and Dean and their horses and their farmhouse. It's quiet and peaceful and it makes me feel warm and happy and good.

On the last Thursday in October, with winter blowing its first cool breath over the land, Dean Winchester wakes with the sunrise, feeling the sort of peace he's only really begun to know during the last few years of his life. He stands for a while on the edge of his front porch, steaming cup of coffee in hand, watching the sunlight spill across the hilltop pastures. The land is changing its textures, its designs, and every morning Dean notices the new sharp, bold colors of the surrounding hills and valleys, thick with the reds, browns, and yellows of autumn.

ETA : And the author is ... ((((( [ profile] nyoka ))))) \o/

Fic rec

Jun. 29th, 2010 10:49 am
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Apocalypse Z by [ profile] baylorsr, [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang, gen, PG-13, 21,559 words.

Summary : It’s the zombie apocalypse, and Sam, Dean and Castiel are just trying to get to Bobby’s in one piece. And not undead.

Delightfully witty, clever, fun and funny, I enjoyed it tremendously. A fabulous read!

Fic rec

May. 11th, 2010 11:41 am
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Repo Men by [ profile] tahirire. SPN gen, R, 2021 words.

Written for [ profile] sharp_teeth horror meme, this is horor at its best. Dark and twisted, this story left me gasping as it unfolded. This story is read best with you not knowing where it's going to go. Suffice to say that it packs a punch and will make you scramble for a re-read it the minute the light dawns on you.

Fic rec

Mar. 9th, 2010 08:31 am
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The Cure For Anything by [ profile] concernedlily. SPN, gen - rated PG - 11,688 words.

Summary : The cure for anything is salt water -- sweat, tears, or the sea.

This story has been around for quite some time but I've only just found it. It's a lovely, poignant story, one that has them re-visiting an old friend and bringing back with it wonderful memories of Dean with Lucas, the child from Dead In The Water, the first person to give us a glimpse of who and what Dean really was.

Part case-fic, part SamandDean, this story had me riveted from start to finish. Quietly powerful, this story has a sereneness to it which I love very much. It's told from Sam's POV, how he looks upon his brother interacting with a woman he likes and respects, how good Dean is with a child. And it's interesting to see a scenario in which the shoe is on the other foot for a change, where Sam's worrying that he's the one getting left behind. Though he shouldn't have worried ( and you shouldn't either ).

Lovely story. And if there's one character I'd love to make a comeback on the show, it's Andrea!

Fic rec.

Feb. 11th, 2010 11:49 am
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‘So let it out and let it in’ by [ profile] ariadnes_string, gen, PG-13, ~1,450 words. Coda to 'The Song Remains The Same'.

Summary : Sam wakes up to Dean singing.

God, the title alone ... I can't even ... just. Read it.

ETA : Hey Jude.

Fic rec.

Feb. 7th, 2010 11:57 am
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She did it! [ profile] tigriswolf did it!!

Five times John danced with Dean, PG-13, gen, 1500 words.

From when Dean was five to adult!Dean, I'll never, ever tire of Dean's dance with his father. Beautifully written, it leaves this constricting ache in me, the good kind. And I swear I knew nothing about 5.13 when I did that picspam of Dean with his father the other day :))

Fic rec.

Jan. 1st, 2010 05:24 pm
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This story has been around forever and I've only just read it today and oh my, what an intense read that was. One that I recommend that you read if you hadn't already, and to my non-SPN flister, if you were a parent, you should read it, too.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell by [ profile] dodger_winslow. SPN, gen, pre-series, 7,850 words.

Summary : "If we got in a wreck, and Sammy and I were both unconscious, and the Impala caught on fire so you only had time to save one of us, who would you save?"

This story made me bawl, for John, for Sam, but mostly for Dean with all his insecurites and feelings of inadequacy. And oh, how I love John in this story. Have I said I want John to make a come-back in the show?

ION, [ profile] felisblanco has just posted another time-stamp for The Doors Of Time. It's here.

Fic rec

Dec. 31st, 2009 03:58 pm
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This is a must-read.

Angel Rebellion Inc. by [ profile] baylorsr. SPN, gen, PG rating, 4687 words.

Summary : After Rio, Skip said he was out. After Siberia, Skip said he was out. After Mozambique, Skip said he was out. After Vegas, Skip said he was out, he really means it this time, you guys, he’s really leaving now, until he was alone, shouting into the big dust storm that used to be his favorite city ever. “I thought you were out,” Castiel said when he caught up to them, and that almost-smile was at his lips. “Smite me,” Skip growled.

A totally hilarious read that will make you laugh and snicker and giggle from start to finish. This is the angels taking on Lucifer with the help of the Winchester brothers. There's Michael and Castiel and Azrael ( not to be confused with Izrail ) aka Skip aka The Trickster and the Winchester brothers of course with Gabriel making a late appearance.

When Castiel showed up with Michael in tow (or the other way around, in all likelihood), Azrael was so surprised that he hesitated mid-flight. Curiosity always was his downfall.

“Azrael,” Michael intoned (because really, Michael never just said something, he intoned), “important work is at hand.”

“You don’t say,” Azrael said to Michael, and then addressed Castiel. “What happened to Operation Winchester?”

“Michael is with us,” Castiel said gravely, and it was the most surprised Azrael had been since, well, since Lucifer. It actually rendered him speechless for several seconds, long enough for Michael to jump in and start intoning again.

“The Lord has not commanded these recent acts,” he said. “This is not the appointed time. We have been betrayed and deceived, and these events must be brought to rights.”

Read this for a really, really good time!

Fic rec.

Nov. 11th, 2009 03:29 pm
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All the Sweet Green Icing Flowing Down by [ profile] kimonkey7. SPN, gen.

Summary: What’s outside isn’t always what’s inside.

Dean met a ghost, a little girl ghost, who told him what she saw inside of Dean. And Sam.

This is an old story, posted more than a year ago, one that a lot of people have already read, but oh, it made me feel all ache-y and fuzzy and warm and good and I'm so going to read it again and again and again.

“You sure you’re grown up?”

Dean chuckled. Looked around again. “Pretty sure.” But the question gave him pause.

“You don’t feel like one."

Fic rec

Oct. 13th, 2009 05:28 pm
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The Angel Came By Night by [ profile] tabaqui. Gen, 2400+ words.

I've always had this desire to write something meta-ish on Castiel and what he is to Dean, what Dean is to him, but I'm not eloquent or articulate enough to express what I feel on that, and I fear that what I write will not do justice to what I feel is Castiel's huge affection for Dean. And also, because my love for SamandDean and what they are to each other is still very much there, reinforced by the last three episodes. So when I came across this fic by [ profile] tabaqui, I was like, my God, that is exactly what has been hovering at the back of my mind, Castiel's love for Dean, his charge, right from the moment he dragged Dean's soul out of hell.

"I am your Angel, Dean, and you are my charge."

That to me, is what Castiel and Dean are in a nutshell.

A tale on what it's like during and right after the war between Heaven and Hell, told mostly from Castiel's POV.

Home. Castiel felt nothing at the word. Wanted to stay in this newly minted world and.... And what? He had no place here. No more duties to perform. No more tasks to undertake. Dean had Sam and there was...nothing, now. The truth of that – the weight of it – suddenly came down upon Castiel like the weight of the world. He murmured something – he didn't know what – and then was gone, fleeing the palpable warmth and love, the joy, the SamandDean that was a rolling, roaring undercurrent to every bit of stray energy in the room. There was nothing that could deflect it, lessen it, or divide it again. Castiel could not be of it, and so could not bear to be near it. In the end, there was nothing he could do but stay away, and try to forget.

And he could feel a weary resignation from Dean, sorrow and affection and desire. And then nothing, because the wars were truly over, and Castiel was no one's angel now. No one's at all.


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