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Marathoned the last five episodes of Dallas 2012 in one go on Friday night. And I certainly did NOT see the twist coming. It had never crossed my mind that Rebecca was actually Rebecca Barnes, Cliff's daughter. I thought she was some sort of a professional con or something, though I found that hard to believe even with the way Tommy's body was disposed off, and I was still like, Who *was* she? No wonder she couldn't answer when Christopher kept asking her on who she was.

But she's more believable as the daughter of the vengeful Cliff, still apparently hell-bent on continuing the Barnes-Ewing family feud, than *just* a con woman. And ... I could see Pam in her, now that I know she's a Barnes, though I guess that's where the similarites end.

I wish Elena continues to be John Ross's girl though *sighs*

And I shed a few tears here and there, especially when JR got maudlin and all.

There's one thing very wrong with it though and that's Bobby and Annie carving their names on that tree. That should be Bobby and Pam's name, she was there first, not Annie, no matter how much he loves her now. That is just so wrong.

But otherwise, I love the series. It'd never take the place of the original Dallas in my heart, but I love it all the same and I can't wait for season 2 to begin. Pity about Elena and John Ross though ...
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