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The Descendents - enjoyed that movie very, very much. Heh, and I was with the daughter when they first saw Brian Speer. The wife cheated on GEORGE CLOONEY with him???!!?? Lol I kept expecting him to call out for Scooby.

One thing that Matt King said in the movie that I can't keep out of my head - I gave enough money to my children for them to do something but not enough for them to do nothing.. Huh, very profound, that.

And [ profile] munibunny, you live THERE??????

/is jealous.


Saw Suits season 2 finale last night. Omg this show is soooo fantastically GOOD I just want to roll around in it. Excellent dialogues, wonderful acting, brilliant everything. Go watch it if you hadn't already!

Pity there're only 10 eps per season but season 3 will be in January so that's not too long to wait.

Still not slashing them. No, no, no. But it's close. Very close. Hmmmm, I wonder why I'm having a bit of a problem slashing them. Maybe because Harvey's in a position of authority with that mentor-protege thing going on. Or maybe it's because I just want Harvey for myself. Yes, I think that's it. Such a complicated, amazing character with so many sides to him. I just ADORE that man.

Tess looked a lot like Donna that I initially thought she was Donna. Pity about ... )
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I bought something online last week and I was checking their tracking site and it said at Skynet that the item had arrived and I was, like, No, it has NOT arrived when the delivery man came just at that moment with it. *Quite* freaky.

Saw Fringe 4x01 last night and it felt so wrong that ... )

Suits 2x05, 2x06. I'm not slashing them, no, no, no, I'm NOT. But Harvey bought the suit for Mike and he knew Mike's size and he must have done Mike's tie for him. The Harvey/Mike shippers must have had a field day lol.

As for Donna... )

And HARVEY. I'm more and more in love with him and I do so want to see him rumpled and without the slicked-back hair and the not-a-wrinkle-in-sight suit, so I googled him up and look at what I found.

Ooooooooooooooooh my )

*That* is how I want to see Harvey, at least once ( or thrice ). I don't care who got him to look that way - Donna or Jessica or Rachel, Mike!! - I just want to see him look like that!

Still haven't watched Downton Abbey yet. Must try to do that today now that I have the day off,except that I want to watch Fringe and Suits too! And Touch 1x13. And the Emmy awards. And there's Parade's End as well - Benedict Cumberbatch!! So many things to watch and not enough time to do it ...
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Watched Wilfred season 2 premier last night and I was struck by how similar Jenna was to Jenny from Suits. What do you think?


I actually thought they were the same actress until I googled them up. Lol, and now I can't tell which one was Jenna and which one was Jenny from the pics above.

Speaking of Suits, 2x02 was another great episode. Gosh, I'm so in love with this show right now. Though I have to say that Mike's little triangle is a bit irritating, though not enough to spoil the show for me since Harvey and Donna and Jessica and Mike, even Louis, more than made up for the Rachel/Mike/Jenny kerfuffle.

Harvey reminds me a LOT of Jensen ( another Jen lol ) from It's A Terrible Life. Dean Smith would fit right into Harvey's world, all expensive dark suits and slicked back hair. Oh, if only Jensen would guest-star in an episode. I'll take him as anything, even a smarmy lawyer ala Louis, but preferably as Harvey's old buddy maybe? *dreams ...*

Also, did anyone else here see the movie Prometheus? I love it.
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Suits 1x12 - finale. That was happy-making good. And it's now official, Donna is my favourite character in the show, she and Harvey. I wish I know what her ritual with Harvey was. There will be a season 2, won't it? And hopefully there'll be more than 12 eps per season? But I'm so very afraid for Mike. spoilers )

Fringe 2x08 - "August". The one with the observers. That episode made me think of Castiel and Dean. Ahaha, Castiel would have made a good observer, except I really don't want to see him without his messy hair. Or his rumpled trenchcoat. But the looks the Observer was giving the girl, how he protected her, yup, my mind immediately flew to the angel and his charge.

House 810. House was quite the Sherlock there. Not that he wasn't Dr. Sherlock before, just that he was noticably more Sherlockian in that episode. I need Hugh Laurie and Benedict Cumberbatch to be reunited so bad I can feel it. Guh, I need to watch another episode of Fortysomething and imagine that Dr Paul Slippery was actually young House. And look here!

And random fannish thoughts. Apparenty there'll be a SPN Burbank con soon? Hee, will the Jeffster and Chuck and the rest of the gang be there? :D
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I enjoyed Sherlock's Scandal In Belgravia very, very much. I would have enjoyed it more if there were subtitles. I don't have any problem following, say, Downton Abbey or Merlin but Sherlock's way of talking is way too rapid for me. Anyone here know where I can download the subtitles? It's not up yet at my usual place here

And oh, Revenge, how I love you so. It feels a bit odd rooting for two ... anti-heros but I really adore Emily and Nolan. My boy has some wild ideas of his own about them, that they're actually brother and sister. He's also saying that Emily is Victoria's daughter!

some spoilers )

Two more episodes of Suits to go and I'm loving every minute of it, even Jenny ( gosh I kept typing that as Jensen ) and Rachel. Oh okay, they're maybe a weeee bit annoying but they didn't spoil the show for me. And I'm kind of intrigued as to who Mike would choose. My money is on Rachel but at this point in time, I've quite forgotten whether Rachel knew that Mike wasn't a real lawyer. Jenny knew the real Mike and they had known each other longer so that's a plus for her. And Harvey! Love him even though I'm still slightly mystified as to why he's so protective of Mike. Haha, so obviously I'm not slashing those two though I do adore them together - platonically. Much the same way I saw Dean and Castiel in the early days. Maybe because Harvey is a lot older than Mike.

Speaking of slashing, it's funny how certain pairings set off your inner slashy thoughts while others do not, to me I mean, no matter how much the rest of fandom does. I adore (BBC) Sherlock and Watson but I don't slash them. I don't slash Merlin and Arthur either but Arthur and Lancelot together made my heart beat just a little faster.

But Robb/Jon of Game of Thrones? I slashed them almost immediately the minute I saw them together. And lol, it's not the brother thing because I don't slash the Prison Break brothers or Numb3rs or Vampire Diaries. Shhh, I do slash Elladan/Elrohir and book!Faramir/Boromir. And yeah, Sam/Dean *g*

Supernatural tonight! I've no idea what it's going to be about, I'm completely spoiler-free but I saw some excitement at one of the SPN comms which I wasn't expecting, not from that quarters anyway and because they seemed to be excited, I'm ... hopeful. We'll see.


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