Feb. 23rd, 2012

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The Amazing Race
It's really good to have Phil and The Amazing Race back. The teams cycling with Phil at the beginning of the show was awesome. That's new. And the first clue, and the wtf reactions that went with it, were priceless - Fly to Santa Barbara - when they were already *at* Santa Barbara lol. I'm ( for now ) rooting for the twins ( but of course, twins and brothers are my weakness, and that pair is HOT! ), the federal agents and of course, Team Brenchel. I'm happy to see that they're now engaged and they have a dog together!

Rachel is still as ditzy and shrieky and snarky as she was in Big Brother and Brendan is still cool and collected. Those two are totally polar opposites it's a wonder they're attracted to each other. But I think that underneath, Rachel is more like Brendan, that she's intelligent and cool and calm ( her BB personality is just a front, methinks ). I thought it great when she immediately got Brendan to do the easier empanadas ( cool, those are totally our karipap, eh [livejournal.com profile] rieyll? ) and I like it that she speaks Spanish. But then, a quiet Rachel is probably not so interesting, so the producers probably want her to be the way she was in BB, so *sighs* )

SPN 714.
This had me squeeing a little. nothing to do with clowns )

I couldn't believe that Diane Kruger went uncredited in that season 2 episode of Fringe. I thought the girl with those horrible lesions on her face was terribly familiar so I checked at IMDB. She was Diane Kruger, I saw her in Troy, Wicker Park and National Treasure so of course she looked familiar. But why no credit to an A-list star? I googled it up and Oh. My. God. Read more... )


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