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I was reading this fic which had Cate Blanchett in it, this fic, if you're curious, and I had trouble picturing her in my mind because Olivia Dunham's face kept replacing hers. They look very, very similar they could be sisters. Anna Torv could easily play young Galadriel in The Hobbit!

I can hardly tell which one is Cate Blanchett and which one is Olivia Dunham!

And also, watching J Lo's Q'Viva, I know now who it was that John Ross Ewing III reminded me. Mark Anthony! They should probably cast Mark Anthony as Sue Ellen's long lost younger brother as he'd be awesome as John Ross's uncle.

As for SPN 8x01, this is what I think is horribly wrong with it.

Dean's hair. And his oveall prettiness. Because seriously? He looked like he just stepped out of a hair and beauty salon instead of purgatory. Do they have a clause or something with his agent that they can't mess up with his hair? Why can't they mess up his looks, WHY???? Give him scruff, give him long, straggly hair. Give him pimples, for goodness sake. It's not that he'd look any less pretty. God.

Still love him though. Hmmmm, I'm wondering whether he has turned a bit evil now, what with him saying that he was not the same person anymore. I'd *like* that, very much.
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