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For the J2 fanfic Restraint by Dark Emeralds.

With the exception of the two numbers by Cecilia Bartoli, all tracks are from the OST of Casanova.

Warning : Contains huge spoilers for the story!

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I'm all misty-eyed now. I started reading this story in April last year, it was at chapter 30 then and I stayed up all night reading it, followed by angst-filled days of waiting for the updates. Dark Emeralds never disappoint. Each subsequent chapter fulfills my expectations, and beyond.

And you know with the WIPs when you're dreading the day when the authors just give up on their stories? I never had any doubt that Dark Emeralds would finish this story, and finished it in a spectacular way too, if I may say so.

I just wish that more people would read this wonderful, amazing story, that it's not limited to just a certain group of readers. Non-J2 fans probably won't be reading this, or those who don't read slash, or those who're not into the Regency era.

But if you'd just see this as an original fiction, a fantastic love story that's written extraordinarily well by a truly amazing writer, trust me, you won't be disappointed. So yup, I'm urging you to read this if you hadn't already! And if you don't do wips and are waiting for this story to be completed, now is the time to start!

Now if only I had a smidgen of artistic talent, I'd have made vids and arts and banners for this story. I'm so envious of readers who're able to sing their praises in more ways than one, like this vid that someone created for the wonderful dragon!fic Queensguard. But alas, I would just have to settle for some inane gushings and not so articulate squees lol.

And lastly, many thanks to [ profile] janissa11 for rec'ing Restraint in her journal in the first place. This story is totally going to be in my Top Eleven of the Most Perfect Stories in the three fandoms that I read, heheh wouldn't you like to know what they are? ;DD

ETA : Spoilers in the comments.
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I absolutely adored it. And I was thrilled to see '1819' at the start of the movie. That was the year in which John Acklebury was supposed to paint the potrait of the baby Victoria. And I totally saw Viscount Penrith and John everywhere. And cravats and neck cloths and waistcoats had more more meaning than they ever had before!

I digress.

Emily Blunt was amazing as the young queen. She played the part with quiet intensity and subtle fiery that was really awesome. I loved her in The Wolfman ( another period piece ) and I can't wait to see her in The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon. And Rupert Friend! I didn't know who he was before this but I loved him as Albert. And I had no idea that Lord Melbourne was played by Paul Bettany *loves* until the end credits ran.

A very moving story of royal drama and intrigue with an amazing, lush backdrop and fantastic costumes, The Young Victoria is a definite keeper.

And because I'm in the mood for period pieces, Victoria and Albert is what I'm going to watch next. The actors in it are not familiar to me but I'm looking forward to comparing it with The Young Victoria. Also, I think [ profile] melyanna_65 will be pleased to know that I've started watching The Tudors. Yes, I saw Tristan and John there, too lol.
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Fellow Restraint readers may want to know that we'll be getting the next chapter soon, and the next and the next *squeees*

Read about it here. Omg I can't wait!

Link to podfic here. I'm not really a fan of podfics but I might make an exception with this!


Apr. 22nd, 2010 05:24 pm
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Everytime I see [ profile] emeraldsedai's name come up on my flist, my heart beats just a litlle bit faster, okay, a lot faster, but unfortunately, the next part of Restraint is not up yet though I believe DarkEmeralds is currently working hard on it. In the meantime, I'm simply dying to know what's going to happen next!

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