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I bought something online last week and I was checking their tracking site and it said at Skynet that the item had arrived and I was, like, No, it has NOT arrived when the delivery man came just at that moment with it. *Quite* freaky.

Saw Fringe 4x01 last night and it felt so wrong that Peter wasn't there. And I was a bit confused with everything. So Peter had been erased? Then what was the Observer doing with that MIB-like gadget? To erase more memories/history? I just want Peter back! Thank goodness his name is still in the line-up. Alt!Olivia is still as annoying as ever. I was thawing toward her ( a bit ) when she had the baby but now that the baby is ( presumably ) no longer around, she's back to her usual ( for me ) irritating self.

Aahh, but I love Lincoln, both versions. And Astrid is still as adorable as ever!

Suits 2x05, 2x06. I'm not slashing them, no, no, no, I'm NOT. But Harvey bought the suit for Mike and he knew Mike's size and he must have done Mike's tie for him. The Harvey/Mike shippers must have had a field day lol.

As for Donna, omg poor girl. What a shitty thing, her finding that damning document. Like Joshua Jackson, her name is still in the line-up so I'm not unduly worried. I quite like her replacement and I'm hoping that they won't go the House or Bones way of getting a new intern/temp every week. It was nice on those shows but you know, been there done that.

And HARVEY. I'm more and more in love with him and I do so want to see him rumpled and without the slicked-back hair and the not-a-wrinkle-in-sight suit, so I googled him up and look at what I found.


*That* is how I want to see Harvey, at least once ( or thrice ). I don't care who got him to look that way - Donna or Jessica or Rachel, Mike!! - I just want to see him look like that!

Still haven't watched Downton Abbey yet. Must try to do that today now that I have the day off,except that I want to watch Fringe and Suits too! And Touch 1x13. And the Emmy awards. And there's Parade's End as well - Benedict Cumberbatch!! So many things to watch and not enough time to do it ...
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