Jan. 7th, 2012

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I enjoyed Sherlock's Scandal In Belgravia very, very much. I would have enjoyed it more if there were subtitles. I don't have any problem following, say, Downton Abbey or Merlin but Sherlock's way of talking is way too rapid for me. Anyone here know where I can download the subtitles? It's not up yet at my usual place here

And oh, Revenge, how I love you so. It feels a bit odd rooting for two ... anti-heros but I really adore Emily and Nolan. My boy has some wild ideas of his own about them, that they're actually brother and sister. He's also saying that Emily is Victoria's daughter!

some spoilers )

Two more episodes of Suits to go and I'm loving every minute of it, even Jenny ( gosh I kept typing that as Jensen ) and Rachel. Oh okay, they're maybe a weeee bit annoying but they didn't spoil the show for me. And I'm kind of intrigued as to who Mike would choose. My money is on Rachel but at this point in time, I've quite forgotten whether Rachel knew that Mike wasn't a real lawyer. Jenny knew the real Mike and they had known each other longer so that's a plus for her. And Harvey! Love him even though I'm still slightly mystified as to why he's so protective of Mike. Haha, so obviously I'm not slashing those two though I do adore them together - platonically. Much the same way I saw Dean and Castiel in the early days. Maybe because Harvey is a lot older than Mike.

Speaking of slashing, it's funny how certain pairings set off your inner slashy thoughts while others do not, to me I mean, no matter how much the rest of fandom does. I adore (BBC) Sherlock and Watson but I don't slash them. I don't slash Merlin and Arthur either but Arthur and Lancelot together made my heart beat just a little faster.

But Robb/Jon of Game of Thrones? I slashed them almost immediately the minute I saw them together. And lol, it's not the brother thing because I don't slash the Prison Break brothers or Numb3rs or Vampire Diaries. Shhh, I do slash Elladan/Elrohir and book!Faramir/Boromir. And yeah, Sam/Dean *g*

Supernatural tonight! I've no idea what it's going to be about, I'm completely spoiler-free but I saw some excitement at one of the SPN comms which I wasn't expecting, not from that quarters anyway and because they seemed to be excited, I'm ... hopeful. We'll see.


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