Feb. 3rd, 2012

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Suits 1x12 - finale. That was happy-making good. And it's now official, Donna is my favourite character in the show, she and Harvey. I wish I know what her ritual with Harvey was. There will be a season 2, won't it? And hopefully there'll be more than 12 eps per season? But I'm so very afraid for Mike. spoilers )

Fringe 2x08 - "August". The one with the observers. That episode made me think of Castiel and Dean. Ahaha, Castiel would have made a good observer, except I really don't want to see him without his messy hair. Or his rumpled trenchcoat. But the looks the Observer was giving the girl, how he protected her, yup, my mind immediately flew to the angel and his charge.

House 810. House was quite the Sherlock there. Not that he wasn't Dr. Sherlock before, just that he was noticably more Sherlockian in that episode. I need Hugh Laurie and Benedict Cumberbatch to be reunited so bad I can feel it. Guh, I need to watch another episode of Fortysomething and imagine that Dr Paul Slippery was actually young House. And look here!

And random fannish thoughts. Apparenty there'll be a SPN Burbank con soon? Hee, will the Jeffster and Chuck and the rest of the gang be there? :D


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