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Anyone here watching CSI:NY? I thought 9x04 Unspoken was very cool. I didn't know about the episode beforehand so I was wondering why no one was talking. It turned out that there was no dialogue for the whole episode! Well, there was some at the end, but on the whole it was made up of songs ( Green Day's, which made my kid's day, he's such a fan ) - not a musical mind you, though I probably wouldn't mind seeing Mac and the gang singing and dancing through an episode, though I guess that has to be a dream-episode or something lol.

It was neatly done, Greenday's new songs that were featured in that episode were great, and everyone's acting was superb, all done through a myriad of body languages and facial expressions with some help from text messages and writings on the wall. Definitely a keeper, that episode.

I love it when my shows do "special" episodes ( there's probably a term for it? ), like the black-and-white Monster Movie episode from SPN, or when Sam and Dean were plunged into TV world in the brilliant Changing Channels ( that was one of my favourite episodes ever ), or when the Fringe folks were LSD'd and they appeared as animated characters, or when Olivia and the rest appeared as 1940s noir characters, that was a musical I think omg I LOVE that episode, having them singing was totally awesome.

Speaking of CSI, I got an email from a CS Team. A genuine email, not spam. Not the CS team though and not signed by Det Mac Taylor unfortunately. And speaking of Mac Taylor, I saw Forrest Gump again the other day and it tickled me that Gary Sinise's character was called Dan Taylor. I like to think that his name in CSI:NY is a shout-out to Second Lieutenant Dan Taylor. And also, Gary Sinise doesn't change all that much after all these years. Like Kristin Kreuk. Catherine Chandler looks exactly the same as Lana Lang and it has been, how many years? Ten?

On another note, heh, there's now a US version of Primeval? Caught the first few minutes of it this morning before I went to work and I was ridiculously pleased to see Andrew Le Potts as a guest star. Who would have thought that Connor ( and Abby of course ) would be the ones who survived until the end of the series? I have a soft spot for Connor, and googling him up, I was pleasantly suprised to find out that he and Abby have hooked up for real!

I miss those anomalies ... and the different haircuts the cast had with every new season.
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House 7.09 : I totally approve of ... )

V 203 : I probably should have seen that one coming but I didn't. ... )

Bones 610 : I'm so going to latch on to whoever takes a romantic interest in Brennan. In a way, it's somewhat a bit the way I took to Castiel.... )

CSI:NY Wot? No show last week? I was really looking forward to the new episode as I'm really into Jo now. ... )

And I've just seen the first episode of S1 NCIS. It was such a wonderful surprise seeing lots of people that I like there, other than Mark Harmon that is. I didn't know that Michael Weatherly's in it, or Sasha Alexander. Or David MacCallum. WIN!

SPN this Friday. Aargh, and I've been accidentally spoiled. I thought the episode that has everyone up in arms ( yes, that ) was going to be the next one, so I clicked on a link and it turned out that *that* ep is 615 so I was totally spoiled with a completely different ep *bangs head*

[ profile] chloe_amethyst, so that's the episode you had been hinting to me!! I thought it was the X-Files one. Eeeeeee, I'm so totally looking forward to that now ( which is not necessarily a good thing because I always seemed to be disappointed with the anticipated ones ) but still, it's *BLEEEEP* OMG! )
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I enjoyed that last episode of Chuck so very much. Omg Morgan!! I literally fell out of the chair laughing that was so funny! Read more... )

I'm enjoying Sela Ward's character in CSI:NY more and more, and dare I say it ... yes, I think I like Jo even better than Stella, and I like Stella a LOT. No wonder she was said to be the favourite Sister!

My favourite people from Survivor and The Amazing Race Asia had been voted out / eliminated. In a way, it's kind of good in the sense that it took the tension out of watching the shows. I can now watch them without my heart in my mouth and my toes all curled up, thinking, oh no, please please please don't vote her out, or oh boys, why on *earth* did you choose *that* detour????. So yeah, I'll be all relaxed and smiling and not be frustrated at all watching the remaining teams battle it out in TARA finale and the rest of the tribe trying to outplay outwit outlast each other.

But having said that, I'm so happy that my favourite team is still in the running for the top three in The Amazing Race. GO DOCTORS!!!


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