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I wasn't planning on rec'ing this, because not only it's a WIP, it also looks like the author won't be continuing with this but I can't stop thinking about this story, it's soooo good that it practically made me quiver and squirm with delight and anticipation and excitement when I read it.

The Cup of Silence by [ profile] janissa11. SPN gen.

It's Sam and Dean, and John, but it's not them the way we knew them. It's a bit like WIAWSNB, the boys thrown into an alternate reality with Sam and John still anchored to their real lives while Dean wasn't. The Dean in this story is not exactly Dean and yet is still so very much our Dean. A very interesting take on separated boys.

It's an old story. Has anybody here read it?

And this is how imagine Dean in this story looked like )

And for a totally different kind of quivering and squirming, read All Shades of Grey by [ profile] annella. J2 CWRPS, extremely NC17. And if you're familiar with [ profile] annella's works, you'd know what I mean! Seriously, and I mean seriously hot!

Now go forth and read and quiver and squirm if you hadn't already!
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Incriminating Evidence by [ profile] timewillbe.

J2 CWRPS, 34000 words NC17. It's yet another one of those fics that I've a hard time telling myself that This is just a fanfic because everything sounds like it really happened!

Jared gets Jensen to move in with him, and he finds out things about Jensen that he didn't know before. And in so doing he finds out things that he didn't know about himself. This story had me riveted from start to finish. Told from Jared's POV, I found myself rooting for Jared to just go and get his man!!

A wonderful read.
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OMGOMGOMG [ profile] phaballa has posted a sequel to the Chicagoland verse, one of my favourite J2 RPS, ever. And I've almost given up hope that she'd ever write in this verse again, since she seems to have moved on to bandom and all, but yay, she wrote Southland Tales (The More Things Change), and it's set about 10 years from when the last part ended, and it's SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!! God, I miss the Chicagoland J2 so very much!!!!!

And if you haven't read Chicagoland yet, you should, like, right now!! It's Jared and Jensen and their daughters Charlie and Lizzie, and no, this is not mpreg, but the kids are theirs, they used a surrogate Mum, and it's all so domestic and awesome *FLAILS*

Highly, highly rec'd.

*happy sighs*
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Trufax - Jared and Jensen text to each other all the time, and according to Jared they sometimes talk for hours on the phone. Is that gay or what? :D

And if you ever wondered what on earth they text/talk to each other about, as I did, wonder no more!

IDK, my BFF Jensen by [ profile] mediaville.

Btw, what does IDK mean?

J2 fic rec

Oct. 29th, 2008 12:34 pm
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Title :White Ladder, J2 CWRPS, written for [ profile] reel_spn, fic adapted from the movie 'Ghost'.
Author : [ profile] tru_faith_lost

Summary : Supernatural has ended, and the boys have moved to Manhattan to start a new life and new careers together. Set two years in the future.

I've had this bookmarked for almost a year, couldn't really bring myself to read this, because hey, it's Ghost. The movie that made me cry my heart out each time I saw it. And I'm not even a fan of either Swayze or Demi Moore. So I was hesitant to read this, because this is Jared and Jensen, and you know, I'm so invested in them than is probably healthy for me.

But I was talking to a friend last night about this author's fics ( which I love! ) and I realized I have yet to read this one. So I started on this, not without some trepidation, and with eyes wide open so to speak, and yeah, goes without saying, I cried. And cried and cried and cried. But it's a good cry, you know, the one that came from reading well-written fics. I don't really have issues with death-fics, I enjoyed them, though I guess "enjoyed" is not the proper word to use, not when you're bawling like a baby each and every time you finished one. And really, I'd much rather read about one of them dying than them going their separate ways, with or without the OMCs/OFCs. Same thing goes with Sam and Dean.

Read this is you haven't already. Needless to say, get ready with the box of Kleenex.
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Isn't it just awesome, the deluge of all those schmoopy, living-together J2 fics? I can't get enough of them, what with each one being better than the last! As someone from my flist said, they're simply asking for it, talking about cooking and dancing and doing laundry. Heh.

This fic is different in the sense that it was written more than a year ago, way back before Jared bought that Vancouver house of his. Read and loved it then, re-read and love it even more now. And I'm simply amazed to see how ... prophetic ... that fic seems to be. First the house, then the break-up, the living together ... I'm just waiting for the last thing to happen ( which might already have happened, of course. Hee! )

Home Steady by [ profile] pocketfullof, previously known as Jenadamson.

Talk about life imitating art ...


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