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I haven't been to the TWoP forums for quite a while. The last time I was there was for The Amazing Race season 4 which was a long time ago. I stopped going there pretty much because the comments there could be very hurtful. I certainly didn't go there for SPN ( which I heard was wanky most of the time? ) or any of the shows that I like. No point in getting upset and depressed and distressed when you could avoid it.

Anyyway, I was curious about what they were saying about American Idol Top 3 and rather to my surprise, I didn't find the discussion there particularly mean. Or maybe that was because I'm not invested in any of them, and in most cases, I agree with what they were saying.

Not really rooting for anyone in particular ( though at one point I was quite into Jessica when she sang that Whitney's song ), but if I had to choose, I'd choose Joshua. And please, no spoilers, I haven't seen the result show yet!

And also, I was reminded of another reason why I stopped going to TWoP. It was addictice! Before I knew it, I had spent almost the whole morning reading all the comments lol
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I think I'm now a fan. ... )
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American Idol Top 9.
Result show tonight, that's 8 hours away! Performances that made me sit up last night : Read more... )

The Amazing Race : Malaysian leg. You're Jason Bourne )

Survivor Read more... )
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The Amazing Race 16. Oh my gravy )

Survivor : Heroes v Villains. Manpile! )

The Biggest Loser : Asia. Flappy skin is ugly )

American Idol. Kara DioGuardi, down! )


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