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My computer is driving me nuts with its rattling sound ( death rattle? ). I really, really must send it to the repair shop but I still need it to download Suits 103. Maybe tomorrow. So if you don't see me around it's because I don't have my computer with me. Hopefully not for long though.

Anyone here has seen Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures? Oh gosh, that scene where ... )

Saw the first episode of Dallas 2012 last night. I was actually prepared to not like it, because you know, I loved the original Dallas so very, very much. And also because Pam Ewing isn't in it and Bobby has a new wife *cries* but despite all that, I liked it, and yes, I want to watch the rest of it now. And it's good to see Delilah from The Faculty in it. I kind of like Elana even though she's nowhere as pretty as Rebecca. And omg, the twists and turns of it. I like!

Happy weekend everybody!
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1. I just got back my computer from the shop. Sent it there for de-bugging but I'm still not happy with it. They had, what's the term, re-formatted it, installed a new anti-virus and the techinician said it was good to go. But they had also replaced my Vista Home Premium with Windows 7 and I'm not familiar with the layout and I also find it a bit slow - slower than when my computer got infected. So if I went LJ-silent in the next few days, that would mean that I've sent my computer back to the shop again.

2. Almost two-third of reading Game of Thrones and the one thing that I really want to know is Who Was Jon Snow's Mother? speculation, might be spoilery as I don't think it was mentioned anywhere in the show )

3. Revenge - A question )

4. One thing that kind of bothers me a little in Terra Nova. The humans are on dinosaurial territory and sometimes they act as if they didn't know that the dinosaurs were dangerous. And, how to say this, they're the newcomers there and a lot of the time they made it seem like the dinousaurs were the intruders! Still watching the show though, just not that excited about it.
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I'm having problems with my internet connection and my computer. So if you don't see me around much, or not commenting on your posts, it's not I'm ignoring you, it's just that I can't. Hopefully things will be fixed soon. In the meantime, I'm printing stuff like crazy, you know, just in case the comp crashes, in which case I wouldn't be around at all :(

In other, happier, news, I've found my dream fic. At long last. Dream fic in the sense that I've been waiting so long for someone to write a good such fic. I waited and waited for it to happen to Orli/Elijah and Casey/Zeke. This type of fic is difficult to write, I think, without it coming out as cloyingly sweet or something.

With This Ring is just - right. It's well-written, it's funny and it's very believable, you can really hear the characters' voices in it. And it has all the stuff that characterize such fics - the ring, the preparation, the family squabble, the first dance squeeeeeeee! Plus there's an awesome manip that goes with the fic - the boys in tuxes!!

"Y'all know what comes next, right?" Chris says, and Jared's mind is racing. When he sees the deer-in-headlights look on Jensen's face, he knows it's the first dance. Shit. "Thought we weren't gonna do this," Jared mutters, and Jensen's jaw tightens as he nods. Chris laughs. "Can't get out of it, boys. Now here you go." He and Steve play through some song Jared can't remember even as he hears it, except that it's kinda slow and he feels everyone's eyes on him.

Yup, I love wedding-fics. I want more, and I wouldn't say no to an Orlijah or Zekasey!

I'll be watching the repeat for 'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things' tonight. Oh God, I don't think Dean could look anymore beautiful than he already is but seeing him angstying and crying omg. Darn, it's hard wacthing SPN together with the kids and hubby, because you know, I just want to drool at the boys *g*

And oh yes, Dean said something about Cedar Rapids!

Have a good weekend everyone ♥
I'm going to miss you all like crazy if I have to send my computer to the repair shop.


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