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So, I've finished watching the finales of my regular shows and in the order of the ones which gave me the most joy and excitement and edge-of-the-seat suspense:

the usual suspects )

My finales.

Jun. 1st, 2010 05:26 pm
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It's been quiet on the TV fronts lately, all the finales of my shows aired, three of them never to be seen again. Bye-bye Jack and Dr Jack, and Mark Benford :(

All amazing, the finales. I shed tears in all of them, some more than the others.

1. The Amazing Race - my feel-good, all-time favourite show. It never, never fails to make me cry when they talked about what it meant to be on the race with their partner. And Daniel and Jordan deserved to win.

2. Supernatural - what can I say that haven't been said already. This show owns me and I'm so glad that we'll be having at least one more season with the brothers.

3. 24 - I'm going to miss the people of CTU! Jack looking up at the skies, saying his goodbye silently *cries*

4. Survivor - I cried when Rupert said that it gave him great honour to write Sandra's name for the second time. What can I say, I cried easily.

5. I couldn't decide in what order I should put these 3 shows in, so, tied for 5th place : Lost, Bones and House. I'm so glad that I decided to watch the final season of Lost. It was good, and to be able to finally get some sort of answer to the rigmarole that was Lost. And Bones and Booth going their separate ways *sniffles* And House amputating that girl's leg. Grand episodes, all three. Though I must say here that I thought the second last episodes of both House and Bones were better than the finales themselves.

8. CSI : NY. Another thrilling finale. Not as good as last season's finale but still thrilling nevertheless. spoilers )

7. The American Idol - I'm sorry to see Simon go. He was the life and breath of the show. I loved his acerbic remarks even though lately they sounded almost tame and repetitive. Yes, I guess it's time for him to go. And now if only they'd bring in NPH to replace him!

Btw, it must have been quite a bummer for the two finalists, Simon stealing the limelight from them. At least that's what it felt like to me!

8. Flash Forward - I'm sad to see this show go. And I was sad to see the one thing that I most hope would not happen, happened. spoilers )


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